In every production there are some elements that just don’t make the final cut, due to time constraints, story continuity issues, etc. And there are those things that are just part of a movies evolution. In this little section of The Backlot , we have some samples of production work and even a little info to go along with them.
Sawyer's Scrapbook Tyler, Bird of Mystery Stephanie Gladdens Posters


Sawyer's Scrapbook

Every actress has an image to perfect and Sawyer is no exception. This early version that was used when Skip Jones was her lead animator, is quite different than the one we see on screen. The design favors the wide shouldered, narrow hipped look that was popular in the forties and her face has a more ‘human’ look to it. It’s quite an opposite of the final design, which is more ‘catty’ with less articulated paws and softer, more rounded form. Still, in these expressive poses I find the Skip Jones Sawyers quite charming in their own right.

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Tyler, Bird of Mystery!
“Tyler was a little guy who accompanied Danny to Hollywood from Kokomo.  I'm not sure if he wanted to be a star along with him.  They dropped Tyler pretty fast, thinking Danny was a strong enough character to stand on his own without a sidekick to have to explain things to the audience through.  Ironically, Pudge ended up filling Tyler's role.  Pudge was originally only supposed to be the little ice boy in the first song sequence, but he was so darn cute, and the voice actor was so great, they decided to extend his part.” – CDD animator

However it was done, I’m sure we’re all happy that Pudge made the cut. I personally love the first version of Tyler ---- TylerMS2.gif, as he seems much more expressive. His second, ‘Pudgier’ version was one that did make a pencil test appearance in the rough cuts of the film (at least in the tape I watched). There was a scene where Tyler, instead of Pudge is tied to the control panel of the ark set as Darla gloats “ Sorry Parrot, but in every life a little rain must fall”..

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Stephanie Gladden's Poster Designs

“Here is some history about my involvement with the CDD poster:

I was contacted by a graphics house to draw some tight pencils of the poster in January of 1996. This graphics studio, based in Los Angeles, specialized in poster- mostly for animation studios like Disney, Warner Bros., etc.

I was provided with various visual references. I was also expected to follow the rough concept sketches made by the art director. I didn’t have as much ‘practice time’  for drawing the CDD characters as I would have liked, due to a tight deadline.  Regardless, I completed three finished drawings for the poster, well within the scheduled time.

Mind you, these drawings were produced when the movie was still a Turner Studios film. Shortly after the Turner-Warner merger, all of the original concepts for the poster were thrown out and the final poster was completely redesigned.  Hope you enjoy!

 -    Stephanie Gladden

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