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Welcome to the 'Crew' section of the Back Lot, a place where you can wander thru a little CDD history in pictures of the people who made it all happen. To all of you who rode the ark for better or worse I just have one thing to say:

Click the graphic above to see the big  picture. If anyone else has some ‘graduate photos’ from any other dept…we’d be happy to see em!

Turner Clean Up Crew

Hi Joe, Sharon,  and the rest of ya!

The Cats Don't Dance Wrap Party!
These photos were part of Mark Tengs CDD site back in 99. They were from some gala event at the end of production. Many thanks to Mark and Mitch W. who provided these.

photo_cake.jpg  Photo of a CDD themed sheet cake. 'See You in the Movies!"
photo_dindal.jpg  Director Mark Dindal looking very happy.
photo_harried.jpg  Pudge's voice talent Matthew Harried and a couple of friends.
photo_john.jpg  Woolies voice talent John Rhys-Davies, Jill Culton (pretty sure) and friend.
photo_poster.jpg  Some happy people with the CDD movie poster.


The Kitty Letter was the 'underground' in-house newsletter at Turner Features .What made it great for the production crew was that it was a venue of self expression. What makes it great find for a fan, is that it has some really sweet bits of  production art scattered throughout the pages of cartoons and commentary
A few months after we began this site I had the marvelous fortune to acquire some Kitty Letters. Many of the images in the Production Art section were gleaned from them, plus they provided an offbeat  look into the working environment of an animation studio.
Update 10/08 More fortune smiled on me and thanks to another CDD artist,  there's a lot more Kitty Letter artistic mischief to add. These images were not actual production art, but they are proof of what creative people will do when left alone with a pencil....
DannyBo.gif WereDanny.gif BebeDanny.gif
TurnerAlive.gif 4FtdSawyer.gif JumboDarla.gif
HDTKittyGo.gif DarlaAnimeEyes.gif AstroDanny.gif
S_Catwoman.gif PRiddler.gif SawyerLuv.gif
DTrickorTreat.gif DHerald.gif Dannywrap.gif