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Putting It All Together

During the animation on "Cats Don't Dance," Randy Newman was creating songs that gently poked fun at the idealism of the `30s movie hopeful while capturing the melodic, danceable sound that has made so many of those songs into classics.

Production PhotoMuses Mark Dindal, "One of the things that stuck in my mind after we spoke with people who'd been part of Hollywood's Golden Age was the number of times they described an effect or stunt that they had never done before. They said, `We just DID it, and if it worked, we left it.'

"We're more analytical about film today -- we have more history to look back on, and the cost of making movies is so high that it leaves less room for experimentation. But we're still trying to push the boundaries of the possible, and some of that pioneering, risk-taking outlook is still what makes today's movies great.

"I like to think that we've kind of tipped our hats to the best of both worlds with `Cats Don't Dance' -- it's an homage to the past, but created with the talents of the present and the technology of the future. And the message -- giving everyone a chance to be his or her best by pursuing what they truly love -- is timeless."

Turner Feature Animation Presents A David Kirschner Production: "Cats Don't Dance," starring Scott Bakula and Jasmine Guy. The songs are by Randy Newman and the music is by Steve Goldstein, featuring songs performed by Natalie Cole. The art direction is by Brian McEntee; Jim Katz and Barry Weiss are the co-producers. The executive producers are David Steinberg, Charles L. Richardson and Sandy Russell Gartin. The screenplay is by Roberts Gannaway, Cliff Ruby & Elana Lesser and Theresa Pettengill. The film is produced by David Kirschner and Paul Gertz; "Cats Don't Dance" is directed by Mark Dindal and distributed by Warner Bros., A Time Warner Entertainment Company.

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