Welcome to the comics page! I originally intended to do a series of comics following the exploits of Danny and Sawyer a few months after the time the movie ends.  I estimate this to be about 1940.  I would then continue thru 1952 when Singin in the Rain debuted.  This has changed a bit.  I am now working on some of the earlier exploits of the characters.  Their childhoods and the experiences that make them into the characters we see in the movie.  I have also received a few one shot gag comics that I just had to display.  Do not expect this page to be updated to regularly.  I have been doing a lot of research into the 1940s' and earlier.  I have some stuff about Kokomo as well as Hollywood (If you want to send me stuff feel free). I have also been working on my inking skills.  The newer comics will be more traditional in style.  Expect some stuff on Danny's mentor in Kokomo, and why Sawyer is so disillusioned when Danny meets her.  Also I may go into what ever happened to Darla's parents?
See ya in the movies!   
Shelley Pleger

Yes They Will

A little historical commentary drawn during of Obama's election night.
by Shelley Pleger 08

Type OutCast

Caught in a Cat'ch -22

by Bitsy and Shelley Pleger

Thee Egg and I
Eggscruciating circumstances
for Danny and Sawyer
Courtesy of Shelley Pleger
(2 pages)

Valentine Vendetta
Feel the Love

Courtesy of Shelley Pleger

Christmas Quandary
The gang tries to figure out
what makes an elephant smile...
Story: Clay  Art: S. Pleger
(2 pages)

Sawyer has second thoughts about auditioning for "Splash"

Courtesy of Al Fishbeck

Danny as "Dr. Evil"
from "Austin Powers"

Courtesy of G. Gentile

Little Danny & the General
Courtesy of Steve Gallacci

(2 pages)

What teens will wear

Courtesy of Candy Palmer

On the set of "Mercy"

Courtesy of Shelley Pleger

Up all night

Courtesy of "Speck"

Carmen Miranda
need not worry..

Courtesy of Al Fishbeck

CDD + Xena?

Courtesy of "Speck"

One Night on Stage 13
... Wicked

Courtesy of Shelley Pleger


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Down Memory Lane
A bit of Dannys Childhood

Courtesy of Shelley Pleger
(4 pages)

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