A Trip to the Beach

By Nothere89

Danny was a cat on a mission. The sun was out, the weather channel said it was going to be a nice warm day in Hollywood, and Danny had the best woman of all. This was going to be their day, a day to remember and he wasn’t going to let anything stop them from enjoying it.

Albeit, the last time he had wanted a perfect day was last year when one thing after another prevented them from having it. The car had over-heated to start with, then a flat tire stopped them, then it rained on their picnic! If that wasn’t enough, while trying to leave the car got stuck in the mud. To top it all of, as Sawyer tried to assist Danny with extricating the car from the mud, she over revved the engine and crashed it into a tree. As disastrous as it was, Sawyer had insisted she had had a good time.

But none of that mattered now, it was in the past and Danny just KNEW this was going to be the best day ever. Danny was never one to stay down for long. Soon after their accident Danny was able to purchase a brand new car and have his driving mechanism professionally installed. “A blessing in disguise.” as he called it.

Danny drove down the highway towards Sawyer’s penthouse. He had been planning this latest idea for over a week now, and today was the best day to set it into motion. Since he was a kid he had wanted to go to the beach, but living in Indiana put a kink in that dream. But now he lived in sunny California with a plethora of cash to support himself. Now there were no obstacles to prevent him from going.

Sawyer being a Persian, didn’t really like getting wet unless absolutely necessary; a fact he was well acquainted with. So he knew if he was going to get her to come, he’d have to play his cards flawlessly. Not to mention have to pull a few favors, as Sawyer would be most reluctant to go even to appease him.

Still, Danny was ever the optimist had no doubt he could charm her enough to go with him. Plus, she had nothing better to do that day! Nothing was going on that day at all, so it was the perfect time for an outing. She'd have no choice other than to say yes, or lie, both of which he was certain she wouldn’t do.

It wasn’t too long before he reached her penthouse and walked up the steps to her door to ring the bell. While he waits, he hears a sound behind him. Turning around, Danny sees a convertible pull into the driveway. To his astonishment, Sawyer is behind the wheel of the convertible and seeing his car in the drive way waves to him.

Running to her car Danny asks, “When did you get a car!?”

“The other day, isn’t it great? I’ve been taking driving lessons for the last month in preparation. I passed both my tests last week, so I did some shopping and found myself a car.” She said with obvious pride.

Danny had to admit she had got a nice car. It was much sportier that his and quite a bit smaller. Danny had always had the taste for the ostentatious. His car was a large luxury car, something he liked because it showed his status. Sawyer's new car was no less flashy than his, but was by far more practical. The new Corvette had been in the talk of many a star recently, now Sawyer would be the first to own one.

“Looks expensive, how much did it cost?” inquired Danny

“That’s a secret.” replied Sawyer mischievously.

“You’re a cruel woman to deny your man such information.”

“Then why don’t you go to car lot and look at the sticker price?”

“Why, when I have the cars model right in front of me? Tell me Miss. Corvette, how much does it go for, and do you come with the car or do I have to pay extra?”

“You’ll have neither me nor the car with an attitude like that!” says Sawyer trying (unsuccessfully) to hide the smile spreading across her face.

“In that case I would settle with just a kiss, cutie.” states Danny, starting to lean into the car. The two sit there for a moment before breaking apart.

“I think that earned you an hour or two of my time, but you’ll have to do more than just that to keep both me and the car.” says Sawyer in a coy voice.

“So how much more for just the car?”

“Oh you-!” cries Sawyer laughing while playfully swatting at Danny.” If you expect THAT to woo me then you’re sadly mistaken!”

“That’s true, which is why I rely on my charm instead. You cannot deny that I’m quite the charmer.”

“You’d be surprised.” says Sawyer in mock seriousness.

Chuckling, Danny opens the door to Sawyer’s car and helps her out. As they walk inside Danny continues to talk to Sawyer about her car and how she likes it. Sawyer had been taking a few weeks off recently so the two had a bit to catch up on. Even the stars need a few weeks to unwind!

“So Danny, what brings you out here today? Thought you had a commercial or something to do?”

“Oh that? It was just a thought, decided against it. Farley was being a bit too pushy about it if you ask me.” Farley was Danny’s agent. He was a short man with an ego too big for such a small person. He could be a bit overbearing at times, but for the most part was ok.

“Sounds about right, you really should think about getting a new and better agent Danny.”

“Well, he may be a bit annoying, but he does a good job other than those few times.”

“He was good for us when we were just starting, but you really should try to find another better agent. Farley is a bit too greedy if you ask me.”

“Are any agents NOT greedy?”

“No, not all of are.”

“So tell me, how is your agent any better than Farley? The last time we talked he seemed to be quite a pain.”

“He’s not all that bad; at least the parts he gets me aren’t as generic and boring as Farley’s gigs are. And he asks for the same amount of money no matter what you’re earning!”

“Ah, 10% isn’t that much.”

“I still say you’ve out grown him and should consider a new agent.”

Sawyer had recently found herself a new agent. She had found dealing with Farley too stressing and decided it was high time to get herself a better one. Her searching had lead her to a new and rising entrepreneur who had just recently came to Hollywood, but had already made himself known with several talented actors and actresses, all of which were animals. But that wasn’t the most surprising detail about him, no; the fact that he was an animal himself is what really attracted Sawyers attention.

Danny knew he had to direct the conversation elsewhere if he was to convince Sawyer to set aside her intense dislike of water and go with him to the beach.

“So, what are your plans for today Sawyer?”

“Nothing, I already took care of everything.”

“Great, I have nothing planned myself. So, do you want to do something today?”

“Like what?”

“Oh I don’t know, I had an idea that we could have little outing.”

“Like a picnic, -you know that there are no good parks near here and that the park that is closest isn’t that great. Need I remind you of our last little adventure?”

“No, no, I was thinking of something a bit different. Like, oh I don’t know... maybe a trip to the beach?”

Sawyer had been grabbing a couple of glasses for something to drink. He listened for her answer, but all he heard stone silence. Not a good sign for Danny at all. It was that pause we all fear our significant others might do when we put out an idea.

“The beach?” came her response a moment or two later

“Yeah, the beach. I mean we are in California, and I’ve never gone myself. Plus, who in California can call themselves a true resident and never have gone to the beach?”

"Plenty of people I should think. Not everyone lives close enough to the beach for it to be an easy transit.”

“It’s the perfect day for it too. Not a cloud in sight! It would be a nice day Sawyer. I even found a pretty secluded place we could go. Not too far from the main area, mind you. In case we have to make a speedy exit.”

"You're so thoughtful.” was Sawyers dry response.

Danny turns as he hears the tinkle of glass and sees Sawyer re-entering the room carrying a tray with two glasses and a bottle of wine. He can tell just by looking at her she is unconvinced. He knew that his work was cut out for him, but he had to keep at it if he were to get her to agree to go.

“Aww, come on Sawyer. You know you’ve always wanted to at least GO to the beach.” says Danny in his most winning voice.

“Oh sure, to purposely get my fur wet, get sand in it, spend a week trying to comb it out. Yeah Danny, that really sounds like a swell time.”

“Must you always rain on my parade? It’s downright depressing too when your such a wet blanket.”

Sawyer sips at her wine giving Danny a critical look. Danny in return smiles broadly at her. The two hold their stare till Sawyer sighs and looks away. Seizing the chance Danny puts his glass down and grabs Sawyers paw and says:

“Please Sawyer? I would love to spend a day at the beach with you. I know you don’t like getting wet, but couldn’t you just this once go the beach with me?”

Sawyer fixes Danny with a stare but cannot hold it for long with Danny looking so pleadingly at her. Groaning Sawyer pulls away from him and looks away. The two again sit there for a moment or two before Sawyer says, “You know I really dislike getting wet, but I was planning on getting a good wash soon. So I guess I could go.”

Beaming Danny jumps up and hugs her tightly. Straightening up he says, “I promise you you’ll love it!”

“I’ll have to take you word for it.”

“Now, all we have to do is get some food together or something.”

“Or we could just pack a few snacks and drinks then hit a small restaurant on the beach on our way back.” suggests Sawyer.

“That’s a good idea Sawyer, it certainly will save us some time.”

“I have a cooler in the back and some ice in the freezer.”

Danny starts to say something before Sawyer exclaims, “OH!”

Turning towards her he asks, “What? What is it?”

“I don’t have a bathing suit.”

“Heh, truth be told neither do I.” says Danny sheepishly.

“Well, we’ll have to change that now wont we? Oh and Danny? Next time you have a great idea like this try to give me a day or so notice? Part of the reason why our little outing went so wrong last time was because it was done so suddenly.”

About half an hour later Danny and Sawyer were on their way to the beach in Sawyers car. They had considered driving Danny’s but Sawyer had insisted on taking her car. After all, she was going to the beach! Why should she not drive her new car? It was really a beautiful day out, - perfect weather to have the convertible's roof down. The plan was to go to the beach and buy swimming gear there instead of in the city. Then go to the beach.


The trip wasn’t long and soon they were in a local shop looking through the selection for bathing suits. While Danny is looking through the various mens suits, a particular ladies suit catches Sawyers eye. Checking over her shoulder making sure Danny isn’t looking she walks over to the display to get a closer look at it.

Well, if Danny is so insistent on me going with him to the beach, why don’t I put on a little show for him? She thinks to herself.

Taking one that is especially flashy she goes off to the dressing room to try it on. About 15 minutes later the two cats leave the store and continue on to the beach. Danny having already put on his suit looks at Sawyer and asks. “So what did you buy? I kept seeing you walking back and forth to the dressing room, but never really saw what you got.”

Giggling, Sawyer answers, “That’s a surprise Danny darling. You’ll have to wait till we get to the beach to see what it is I bought.”

Danny eyes the bag that contains her “secret” then looks back at the road smiling. In no time at all they arrive at the beach. Sawyer despite herself is pleasantly surprised by the sight. Everything from the rolling waves, endless sandy beach to the clouds look perfect. Suppressing a shiver of excitement she exits the car and grabs her bag.

“Danny, be a dear and roll up the cover to the car and lock the doors would you? There should be towels in the trunk next to the cooler.”

Danny dutifully salutes her and says, “As you wish ma’am! Your wish is my command!”

Rolling her eyes Sawyer makes her way over to the ladies room. At first she picks her way carefully along the path trying her best to avoid the patches of wet sand but soon gives up realizing it was a futile attempt. Danny would surely coerce her into entering the water or walking across the wet sand close to the waves crashing onto the beach.

Entering into the restroom Sawyer nearly fell over from both the combination of wet sand and standing water, and by how dirty the place was. Never had she seen so much dirt on the ground before! The floor was cold to the touch as she padded tentatively across the floor to the nearest stall. Luckily it wasn’t nearly as dirty as the rest of the place and had a wooden bench to set her clothes on.

After putting on her new bathing suit Sawyer felt a little too exposed and, frankly a bit naked. She had never worn anything so revealing in her life. Growing up in the family she did have left her with an extremely refined taste. This was a bit much. It was too late to take it back now, and besides, she was in Hollywood! It was only a matter of time before her part would call for something a bit risqué.

Before her upbringing stopped her, she grabbed her clothes and exited the changing rooms. When Sawyer left the building she took a few steps before she has to stop. The sun’s rays warmed her fur comfortably and the wind from the sea blew just hard enough to keep the sun from making her feel overly hot. The wind blew gently through her fur, caressing her body. All she could do was stand there and enjoy the feeling.

Danny at this time had finished locking up the car and taking the stuff towards the changing rooms to wait for Sawyer. As he rounded the bend that lead to the buildings he was confronted by a breath taking sight. From his vantage point Sawyer was framed just off to the side of the sun which illuminated the edges of her fur making it seem like she was glowing. The wind ruffled the edges of her fur tantalizingly in gentle waves and the fact she wore a two piece bikini only added to her radiance.

It took Sawyer a moment to realize that she was being watched and she turned to see Danny staring at her. Danny himself had opted to go topless and was without meaning to, flexing. Sawyer’s original feelings of discomfort had been practically blown away with the wind and now she wanted nothing more than to tease Danny.

Sawyer turned slightly affording Danny a better view. “Whatcha’ looking at, honey?”

Despite his orange fur Sawyer could see that he blushed deeply before shaking his head and replying, “Uh uh, n-nothing, nothing. I just g-got some sand in my eye or something.”

Giving his head another shake he jogs the rest of the way up the path. After giving her another glance he walks by her muttering that the place he was talking about is on the other side of the hill, stuttering all the time.

Silently laughing to herself she follows Danny, who all the while makes sure he stays in front of her, which only adds to her mirth. It’s only a few more minutes before they reach the place and Danny lets the stuff tumble out of his hands. Sawyer and Danny then set about setting everything up and are soon finished.

Standing back up Sawyer moves in front of Danny and says, “Why are you being so quiet all of the sudden? You seemed very interested in what I was wearing in the car, but you haven’t said a thing about my suit.”

Smiling slyly he replies, “Oh, yes, that. I was trying to avoid this topic because…. sorry, but I must be frank, it’s awful! I mean all that flab hanging out, it’s just terrible.”

“Why you!” cries Sawyer laughing. And to think I thought you to be a gentleman! You’re a cowardly pig, that's what you are!”

“At least I’m not built like one!” says Danny as he neatly sidesteps a well aimed shoe. Sawyer at this throws her other shoe which this times hits its mark. Danny shaking off the blow looks at her with mock distain and says, “Why that’s not at all a way that a lady should behave herself! I think a punishment is in order! And what better way to punish you than to give you a bath.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh wouldn’t I?” And with this Danny charges at Sawyer who runs away laughing. Unfortunately for Sawyer he is too quick for her and catches hold of her paw. Triumphant, he then makes his way down the beach with Sawyer in tow, who all the while is pleading with him not to dump her into the water.

He doesn’t stop till he is waist deep in the water. Sawyer quickly pulls in her tail in an attempt to keep herself as dry as possible. “Please Danny, not now.”

“Nay foul lady, you shall be cleansed of all your sin.” And with this, plunges into a wave with Sawyer still in his grasp.

Breaking the surface of the water Danny quickly swims away laughing as Sawyer breaks the surface as well. Spluttering, she pulls her bangs from her eyes. Turning around she glares at Danny who is still giggling like a school kid. Finally Sawyer laughs too and splashes Danny in the face.

Sometime later, the two are sitting under an umbrella sipping at their drinks looking off into the distance. Sawyer lay back against Danny, his arms wrapped around her. Moving to get more comfortable Sawyer says, “Is it just me, or do I get drenched every time you and I do something together?”

Chuckling, Danny replies, “Never really thought about it, but now that you point it out, you’re right. I guess it’s just our MO.”

“May be your MO, not mine; if memory serves me correctly, it’s YOUR thing to dump me into any kind of body of water. Our first meeting you manage to dump me into that dirty fountain outside Farley’s office. Next you soaked me on stage inadvertently by listening to Darla, then last year. Those are just SOME of them to mention.”

“Well, I hardly think today counts because you WILLINGLY came along. I doubt you thought you’d manage to make it home without at least one dunking.”

“Is that so? What makes you think I willing was dunked by today?”

“Well, you didn’t exactly put up much of a fight.”

“I thought it would be futile to try to stop you.”

“Oh, did you?”

Stretching, Sawyer stands up and looks down the beach. Danny getting up as well says to her, “You know we still have plenty of time, let’s take a walk down the beach.”

Wrapping a free arm around his waist Sawyer says, “Sounds like a plan to me.”

Together the two strolled down the beach together paw in paw. The wind blew lightly keeping the heat of the sand and beach at bay. Whenever they came across odd shells or something they would stop and inspect them. A few they kept because of how nice they looked. For the next hour they strolled along the beach watching the sun getting lower and lower in the sky.

Arriving back at the picnic area Danny turns to the sky and says, “We should be going now. We stayed a little bit longer than we should have.”

The sun was nearing the horizon; it must have been close to 5:00. Sawyer nodded and started packing up. Next, Danny and Sawyer changed back into their normal clothes before leaving, knowing that they were going to have to eat on the way back. When they arrive back at Sawyers house it was past 7:00. Pulling up the two cats unpack the stuff and take it inside.

Danny walks outside and then looks at Sawyer standing in the doorway. “Well, did you have fun or didn’t you?”

“I have to admit, that was pretty fun. Maybe we can do it again some time.”

“Sounds good to me.” Danny turns to go but then stops and turns back to Sawyer with a gleam in his eye. “So, did I earn the car yet?”

Sawyer takes the swimsuit that she wore to the beach wraps it around Danny pulling him inside and says, “Oh, I think you’ve earned more than just the car.”

The day had gone as planned. Danny got to see the beach with the love of his life and she had a good time too. With nothing left to do but unwind Danny and Sawyer did just that. Just like the last time, it was a day to remember.

The End

Hope you enjoyed it! Danny & Sawyer © W.B.

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