Danny’s Wish Gone Amiss

by Alycat

Author’s note: this is based on Family’s/Disney Channel’s “Wish Gone Amiss”


Danny smiled at the night sky telling Pudge some constellations he saw. After all, all farm cats knew them.

“Hey look! A shooting star!” Pudge shouted.

“You know, they say if you wish on a star, it could come true.” Said Danny. Pudge thought about his wish. “I wish I could fly!” Danny chuckled a bit; no way a penguin could fly! Danny wondered what to wish for too. He achieved his dream, had great friends and had the girl of his dreams. But what if it had never happened? What if he'd never left Kokomo? What would his life be like? Not like wishes are important, they don’t come true, but he knew dreams do.

“I wish that I could live life like I never left Kokomo. That would be a very different life than what I have now.”

Of course he went to bed knowing that kind of wish would never happen. But he forgot what T.W. always said, “be careful what you wish for!”

The Next Day

Danny wakes up to the sound of his alarm clock. He gets up; it’s 6:00 in the morning! He groans and goes back to sleep, but then he notices… this isn’t the room he slept in yesterday! Was he kidnapped? No, this is the same room he slept in, in Kokomo! Just then his brother, Jack opened the door.

“Come on Danny! Get dressed or you’ll be late!” Then he left.

“Oh no. It can’t be.” Said Danny to himself.

“Oh yes, it can be.” Said a voice, then Pudge appeared, with wings!

“Pudge?” Danny asked. He must be DREAMING!

“I’m not ‘Pudge’ I’m an angel! I only took the shape of Pudge to make you more comfortable. And let me tell you. It’s not fun being short!

“Um… what’s going on here?”

“You got your wish and now you live back in Kokomo.”

“What’s with the wings?” Danny reached to touch, then the Pudge flew away from him. He FLEW!

“Hey! Be careful with those, I just got them this morning!” He patted them like they were his best friends.

“This can not be happening!” Danny said as he looked into his closet, obviously his nice clothes weren’t there.

“Yup.It happened!”

“Okay,why are you here?”

“Well,actually I was told to help you through this wish thing. Answer some questions, you know?”

“Yeah. That would be great. I thought that Cranston would be here if an angel were to come and give me this advice.” Danny said laughing a little at his own joke.

“Hey, what happened to Cranston? And Francis? And Woolie? And Sawyer?”

“Oh.I can show you that.”

Angel Pudge clapped twice and then they arrived onboard a ship.

“Whoa! What are we here for?” Danny asked.

“Look at the captain’s window.” Danny looked closer. He could see the captain but not his face… until he turned around! There was Cranston with a Captain hat and a smile on his face! “What happened? Shouldn’t he be performing at Mammoth Studios with Francis?”

“You see Danny, Cranston moved to Florida with T.W. after the turtle his new job—“

“What job?” Danny was so confused! Angel Pudge pointed behind him. Then he saw behind him was a poster of T.W. He read it out loud.

“TW the greatest magician turtle the world has ever seen. Live on the magical boat -what?”

“Darla found his superstitions a bit frustrating so she put him on this cruise ship with Cranston and they sailed to see the world. T.W. found magic more exciting then singing and so did Cranston. But really what Darla wanted was to get rid of them.

“Oh? But they’re so talented! You saw their talent! Didn’t you?”

“How couldn’t I? It was disturbing my rest. And it almost threw me off of my wish granting.” Danny kept looking at the poster then at Cranston.

“What happened to Woolie?” Once again, Angel Pudge clapped twice and they arrived in a place familiar to Danny. He looked around and saw a piano. It was Woolie's place! At least, he thought it was Woolie's place. There were hearts everywhere and little pink dresses. No, it was not Woolie's place. It was Darla’s.

“Why are we here? I asked what happened to –“

Then in came Woolie saying, “Oh my! Ms. Dimple is going to kill me if I don’t hurry!” He ran around the room preparing breakfast. Darla’s breakfast.

“Let me guess.” Said Danny, just as Angel Pudge was about to explain. “Max quit because he was tired of being pushed around, so Darla hired Woolie.”

“Almost. Darla fired him because he asked for a day off. So Woolie took the job. Still, he’s happy because he gets to teach Darla piano.”

“Since when was Darla into piano?”

“Since she became the biggest piano star ever.” Said Angel Pudge showing him a poster.

“I bet Sawyer would laugh if she saw this… oh no! What happened to—“ Danny started to say.

“Well, if you really want to know prepare to be heart broken.” This was a bit more confusing to Danny than expected. Once more Pudge clapped his flippers and they arrived in Farley Wink’s animal agency. Of course, Tillie was sitting down with Francis. Still in the movie business, he guessed.

“What’s so heart breaking about this? She still works here?”

“Not only that.” They opened the door to Sawyer’s office, where she was busy typing something. She still looked the same, but there was something different about her. There, was a ring on her left hand. Danny’s heart practically stopped.

“She’s…. she’s…. engaged?” Danny was so stunned that he could hardly get the words out.

“No, actually, married.” Pudge said. Now Danny couldn’t breath.

“Don’t worry, that’s not the worst part.” Said Pudge, but Danny couldn’t see what was worse than having her be married. Then another black and white cat came through the door.

“Hello, shweety pie.” Said the cat… or rather spat.

“Oh, hi Sylvester.” Sawyer said back. Danny laughed at Sylvester… and his voice.

“That’s her husband?”

“Yeah, she had an arranged marriage so she really had no choice. But if you hadn’t made the wish, she would’ve been perfectly happy with the one she loved!”

Danny knew Angel Pudge was right. This mix up was all his fault. If he hadn’t made that foolish wish, his friends wouldn’t be here. They would be performing, with him! The only problem was, everyone seemed happy, except for he and Sawyer. He and the one he loved, but now she’s with some Looney Toon! Danny fainted.

When Danny woke up, he hoped he would be on his porch with the real Pudge, who would tell him it was only a dream. But no, this was real life! He woke up where he started, his room in Kokomo. Pudge was there, but there’s always a catch, he still had wings.

“I didn’t want this! I didn’t want any of this!” Danny protested. “Can’t you take me back to the way I was?”

“I’m sorry. Only one wish per customer. No refunds or exchanges!”

"I don’t want this! I want my friends back!” It was more than Danny could handle. Then he got an idea! He got dressed and ran out. When he came back he had an envelope with his tickets to Hollywood in his hand. As he opened it a beam of light shone upon him so brightly that he had to close his eyes. When he opened them, he was back on the porch where he and Pudge(without the wings) were talking.

“Hey look! A shooting star!” Said Pudge.

“You know, they say if you wish on a star, it’ll come true.” Danny said. Pudge was about to wish then Danny covered his mouth. “But you better be careful what you wish for. Trust me, I’ve had some experience.”

The End

I do not own any of the characters in this story, Danny, Sawyer, Pudge and any other chanters belong to Warner brothers and the idea belongs to Disney.

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