A Furry Embrace

by Erik Litsenius


Part 4. How many roads must two cats walk down, before they're forever one?

/Seen from Sawyer's Eyes/

The answer is: just one.

But it's a very, very long one…

I checked my watch. 7:00 pm it said. I was walking along the streets with Danny. We were on our way to the local restaurant-square. I hadn't really made up my mind on which one we should eat at yet, but I figured it wouldn't really matter. As long as I got to spend the dinner with the one I love, I'll be fine.

He's holding my paw while we walk into the middle of the square. I was looking for the best place to eat.

 “Haven't decided where to go yet?” He said like if he read my mind.

“No. All these places are ok, but they are about the same in quality.” I admitted.

“In that case, close your eyes.” Danny said with a wise look on his face.

I weren't sure why, but I did like he said. Danny took my hand and started to spin me. (A pirouette, not a wild tornado spin.) I got a bit dizzy and wondered how long he was going to keep doing this.

“Say *stop*.” I heard him say from somewhere.

“1…2…3…Stop!” I called.

He stopped me and held me still so I wouldn't lose balance. When I could see correctly again, I found that I was staring on one of the main options I had in my choice of restaurant.

“Well, there's our dinner.” Danny stated.

“Couldn't you have just asked me to pick a number instead?” I asked.

“Yes, I could, but then I would have missed an opportunity to have a small dance with you.” Danny said with a smile.

I smiled at my orange lover… well, what should I call him then? He's too kind to be a friend, but it's not like I'm his fiancée. At least not yet…

We sat down at a two-person sized table at the corner of the porch. There were not many people there, but still enough to not feel lonely. I looked out over the square. There were about a dozen couples out there, trying to pick a restaurant. They all looked so cute together, animal or human. Then I got the feeling that I might look the same when I'm with Danny. People may be seeing us like girlfriend/boyfriend, not like dancing partners and actors. I could see the picture in my head: me and Danny kissing. Suddenly, I remembered our lunch. That might just come true. The photographer had taken a picture of us and said that it might reach the front-page. Back then, I thought that that couldn't be all too bad after all, but now that I think of it, what if media sees this as a scandal? That would be terrible! What if… no, that can't be. It can't be a scandal if it is something that everyone suspected without shame.

“Can I take your order, please?” A voice said.

“Oh, sure.” Danny answered.

I hadn't really thought about what I wanted to eat, so I was glad that he ordered first. I couldn't suddenly open the menu and begin to look for a proper meal now, so I decided that whatever Danny chose (as long as it was edible, of course), I would take as well.

“I'll take… yes, I think I'll take spaghetti carbonara.” Danny ordered.

“One spaghetti carbonara coming up, sir. And you miss... or Mrs.?” He quickly said.

“Miss. I think carbonara sounds great, too.” I said.

“You got it.” He said before calling out to the kitchen: “Two spaghetti carbonara's for the couple at table seven!”

“And I'll have a coke to drink this time.” Danny continued.

“And I'll take some sparkling mineral water.” I finished with a tiny smile, since we exchanged our drinks compared to lunch.

“Wonderful, I'll be back as soon as I can.” The waiter said smiling, before walking over to the next table.

We waited a few seconds, before turning over to each other again. Danny broke the silence first.

“Well, here we are. Man and woman, actor and actress, eating a romantic dinner in one of the central restaurant squares of Hollywood. What could be better?” He said ironically.

“If you really want to know, I would say the same thing… but with one change.” I said quietly with his eyes gazing into mine.

“And that is?” Danny asked sarcastically.

“Guess.” I said while slowly leaning over towards him.

“I really don't think I need to.” Was the final thing Danny said as before impact.

For being an impact, it was extremely gentle. Even though I am getting used to this (the kissing, I mean.), it is something worth getting addicted to. It is completely safe and feels so perfect. It's natural to love someone and Danny is kind of cute. But it is not his looks that make me feel what I do for him; it's his emotional side. I have to admit, I have met other cats with greater looks, who have loved me, but they were just too… simple. Danny is much more complicated, which is why I didn't fall for him in the first place. It took time to know him, but when I finally did, I realized that he seemed almost perfect for me. He loves me as well, he is my dancing partner, he is emotional, but most of all; he has a heart. He is so optimistic and actually cares for people, even if they didn't deserve it. Like Darla. He said to me that she is just a spoiled kid who would be a kind little schoolgirl if she just had been given the chance. Deep down, I knew that he was right. Everyone has a chance. Everyone can change. Anything is possible, if you believe it.

The waiter arrived with our drinks. We thanked him and I instinctively opened my bottle. Danny gave me a mischievous look and said:

“Shouldn't you save it for the meal?”

“Well, yes, but I'm just going take a little sip.” I said with a lack of words.

“Didn't your parents tell you that it's best to just leave it so that you would have something left?” He asked playfully.

“But, I…oh, never mind.” I said sheepishly.

I left the bottle on the table. I have to admire Danny from time to time, because he is so versatile. He can be an optimistic singer, a passionate actor, a wise philosopher, a reasoning gentle cat (like now), you name it and he'll do it. The more I think of it, the more I wonder if this is a gene that might pass on from him. Maybe pass on from us? No, no, no. I immediately threw away the pictures that were starting to form in my head. I love Danny because he seems perfect for me, not because of *that*. He is simply so gentle and kind to me. Could he be my soul mate?

The same waiter as before arrived with the pasta. He surprised us a bit, by bringing one big bowl for both of us to share, which made me think of a cute childhood movie. (I think you can guess which one.) Danny shrugged and started eating. I did the same. We both ate the way you should eat spaghetti: twirling it around your fork with the help of a spoon. That is, until Danny took the end of a spaghetti straw in his mouth and slurped it up. I giggled a bit.

“Danny, your *inner child* seems to have awakened.” I said with a light laugh.

“It never fell asleep.” He replied.

“It must have slumbered from time to time, because I've seen you act more adult than that before.” I countered.

“Well it has to take a nap sometime, right? Go ahead, try it yourself. Awake your own *inner child*.”

I had my doubts of course, but he made it look fun. So I did as he said. I put the end of a spaghetti strand in my mouth and slowly slurped it up. Somehow, I knew what would happen next. The same time as me, Danny began slurping on his own strand, but a little more gently this time. As if I could tell the future, we had, by coincidence, picked the same strand! We both realized this and therefore slowed down a little bit. But then we made contact yet again. It was a little harder this time, since we had spaghetti in our mouths. So I bit it in two. Then we resumed where we were. I once again have to say that this is like a drug. You get easily addicted to it, and you feel a little bit drugged when you kiss the love of your life as well. When our lips broke apart, we spent a few seconds looking into each other's eyes. Then, Danny broke the deadlock.

“There is a beauty in every heart and soul, but when you really love someone, the beauty can fill your entire body… and that includes your lips… *your* lips.” He said with emphasis.

“That's my Danny, alright: a dancing, philosophical lover from Kokomo.” I said with a passionate look.

“You forgot hungry. We are eating dinner, remember?” He remembered.

 “Yes. But let's eat like civilized people this time. I mean for the looks, not for the feelings.” I answered.

“That's *my* Sawyer, alright: a smiling, beautiful, ex-secretary actress from Philadelphia.” Danny said with sarcasm.

I smiled at him, before we started eating again.

Food tastes so much better when you eat it with company than when you eat it alone, don't you think? Yes, of course, it would look stupid if I went to the restaurant alone, but I mean that it has the taste of… love. I don't know how to say it any better. You simply feel more confident, knowing that you have someone who cares for you on the other side of the table.

When we had finished and paid for our dinner, we left the restaurant.

“Would you like some company, Sawyer? On your way home, I mean.” Danny asked.

“Why, thank you, Danny. You don't need to ask me to do something that is my gain only.” I said relieved.

“It isn't your gain only. Your presence is enough for me to make it for free.” He countered

“You little Romeo.” I said smiling while giving him a comradely push.

“Anything for you, Juliet.” Danny replied.

I giggled a bit, and then we continued our walk back to my place.

When we got to my porch, I unlocked the door and said my goodbyes. Danny thanked me for the wonderful day and began his walk home. I smiled to myself. What if we really are destined to be together? At the moment, it seems like that. But it's a long way yet to the top. On the other hand, if Danny ever chooses to take the big step… he might just take me with him.

/Seen from Danny's Eyes/

As I walked my way back to the El Greco, I thought about all that had happened today. How far is this relation really going to go? At this pace, it might even be going TOO fast. But I can't just say to Sawyer that I'm not willing to go any further because it's going too fast. Then she might think that I don't truly love her, which I, of course, do.

As I lay down in my bed, I thought about Sawyer and our future. I knew how I want it to be, but I'm not sure I will ever be able to find the courage needed to do it. Oh well, I have to do it sometime in my life and I want it be with my true love rather than anyone else.

I think that I'll slow down the pace for the following months. We could still go out to dinner now and then, but we can also go dancing, see a movie, and watch the sunset. I still haven't showed her the meadow in the morning light, but shall all in good time.

When the time is right,… I'll take the biggest step in my lifetime…

Part 5. A furry embrace

/Seen from Danny's Eyes/

June 2nd – 1939.

It's been almost three months since I came to Hollywood. This really is a dream come true. I and my friends are getting many interesting roles in movies. Along with Sawyer and T.W., I'm currently making a movie called 'Beetlejuice'. Cranston and Francis are busy with their roles in 'Casablanca'. Pudge and Woolie are producing Batman & Robin, and Tillie is, oddly enough, making the film 'Free Tilly'. Pudge is in that movie too, so he has a pretty tight schedule at the moment.

As for me and Sawyer, I've not yet taken that big step yet, but it's finally time, I think. We've done many nice things during our time together. We've gone out to dinner, gone dancing, watching the sunset, been at the cinema and two days ago, I was able to take her to the meadow, as I had sworn to myself that I should do at least once. It had been a success, so I hope that it will be today as well.

I've been a little bit troubled about how to do it. Should I ask her out to a super expensive dinner, wait for her birthday or just ask her during a movie? That second part sounds tricky even if it would be a good way to ask (since we might play the in-love couple). It is a little bit hard to do during Beetlejuice, since I literally lose my head.

I figured that I don't have to take the big step today, but it cannot wait much longer. Just in case that I come up with something, I took the black box that sat on the table and put it in my pocket. Then I went to the kitchen and started making a small breakfast of my own.

I've bought an apartment now, you see. It's not very big, but I used to have a small room from back in Kokomo. It is very peaceful, because the walls are sound absorbing. However, that can make me feel rather lonely sometimes. Sawyer hasn't been here that many times. Of course, I moved in just two weeks ago, but it's mostly I who visit her, not the opposite. I thrive in here, anyway.

As I walked out the door, I saw a letter on the floor. It stood my name on it, so I opened it. It said:

Daniel Scott Williams

The next scenes of 'Beetlejuice' has been delayed until 15:00 this afternoon. You were supposed to do the first three scenes, but you will not be able to because we have a small role for you and Sawyer in another film we are currently making. I would like you to do the few scenes that you two are involved in, before heading back to the *Beetlejuice* set. I've sent a letter to Sawyer too. Be at studio 9 at 9:30.

L.B. Mammoth

This is interesting. If he only wants me and Sawyer that usually means that we have a minor love scene. If I'm lucky, it might even be romantic enough to get my chance. I smiled for myself. The same day that I'm going to take the biggest decision in my life, I get an unsuspected love role… with Sawyer! Fate, it has to be fate. I took a deep breath, locked the front door and went to get a taxi.

At 9:17, I arrived at studio 9. There was no sign of Sawyer yet. A thought suddenly struck my mind: what if she is sick? What if I won't get my chance after all this hard work? No, no, no, I'm the big optimist; I probably just arrived a bit earlier than she did. I walked into the studio. What a sight!

Everywhere I looked, there were animals. None of them were Pudge, Tillie, or any of the others. I did, however recognize many of them from that day back in the alley. Suddenly, someone said:

“There he is!”

A lion was pointing at me. I thought he was one of those animals in the alley, but I wasn't sure. Everyone turned their heads towards me. I didn't know if they were angry with me because of the *Ark Disaster*, or proud of me because of my breakthrough. Luckily, it seemed to be the latter option.

“How did you muster up the courage to do this?” A cow asked.

“Well…” I said with a smile before I started singing on my arrival song.

“Since I was a little kitten, I had a dream. My name in lights: 'Danny the song and dance cat'. Got on a bus and came to the town where dreams can come true. It has happened for me. It could happen for you. You can do anything if you try. The most impossible dream can come true.”

I stopped quite suddenly, since I had spotted Sawyer in the door. She was smiling at me.

“Eh, hi.” I said sheepishly.

“Danny, Danny, Danny… I will never forget the first time when you did this. I thought you were wasting your time. You proved me wrong and therefore: keep it up.” She said.

“Well, I hope that was enough to rouse everyone's spirit yet again.” I said to the audience.

“Do you need to ask, Danny? Doesn't their faces say yes all over the place.” Sawyer said sarcastically.

“Yes, but I feel more certain if I heard them say it.” I countered.

“Quiet on the set please, Quiet!” A familiar voice said.

Yep, it was Flannigan alright. The clock said 9:30 so he was right, we needed to get to work. All the animals started to form a line, so I and Sawyer did the same.

A small man came running past us handing a script to everyone he passed. It reminded me of the day I came to Hollywood. Everything looked fine up to that moment, but from thereon things went downwards. I could only hope that it would go the opposite this time. The script was, as I suspected, for an in-love cat. And it seemed that Sawyer was the other one. I caught Sawyer's look and smiled back at her.

“On-screen or off-screen, the outcome is always the same, don't you think?” I asked.

“You can only hope.” She replied.

I smiled. It has to be today, it just has to be. I'm a little bit surprised that I remained so calm. I had thought that I would sweat like a polar bear in Sahara today. Well, it made sure I didn't got busted… at least, for now. I had to make this a surprise. I've had her hand in mine, but I've never really gotten her hand. Hopefully, that is going to change…

The role I had was a poor cat from downtown who had fallen in love with one of the rich ladies of the city. That lady was, of course, Sawyer, who was playing the sister of the main character. I had managed to sneak my box into the pocket of my new set of clothing. I hoped that I would be able to ruin a scene in order to take the step with as much surprise as possible.

“Lights! Cameras! Action!” Flannigan shouted.

And so the movie started with a scene with only the main persons, who were made up of a tiger, two crocodiles, and an older cat. (This was supposed to be Sawyer's sick older brother.) They were quite skilled, even if they were a class lower than my friends.

In scene four, Sawyer made her entry. She was walking through the streets, when I showed up from an alley, giving her flowers.

“Thank you, peasant. Now, be gone.” She shouted.

Was she in for a surprise... On one of the flowers lay a sparkling diamond ring. At first, she thought it was something they had forgot to mention in her script. But then she looked at me and I just smiled at her and slowly nodded. Her mouth dropped open in surprise. Neither of us seemed to notice that Flannigan was shouting “Cut!” in the background. She took the ring, letting the red roses drop on the floor. She was surprised, I could tell, - not that I could blame her. She just held the ring in her hand, gasping. I realized it was time for me to take the big step. I knelt in front of her and said:

“Sawyer Natalie Stone… will you marry me?”

At first, she gave me a funny look, the kind that says, "Am I dreaming?". Then her eyes began to tear as she smiled at me.

 “Yes, Danny. I do.” Sawyer answered crying.

I couldn't really control my emotions at this time. But I had to. I put the ring on her finger and rose to my feet. Now I couldn't hold the tears back any longer and I started crying as well.

 “Sawyer… I will never stop loving you.” I said with tears streaming down my cheeks.

 “Oh, Danny.” Sawyer said before throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me.

I took her soft form in my arms as well and I couldn't help feeling that this kiss felt different than previous ones. It was more… happiness and love than the plain enjoyment as it usually was. It probably was because now that we're engaged, we have an even stronger relation to each other.

As we broke off from the kiss, we gazed through each other's eyes, before turning our heads over towards the other animals. I then realized that Pudge, Cranston and the others were still there as well. Then, out from nowhere, L.B. showed up and said:

“Hahaha! I knew this would work! There really was no other movie, I just made it up. You see, your friends have always known that you two were made for each other so we set up this trap. We have been hiding in here all the time. You see, we only wanted to help you, Danny, to build up the courage to do what you had to do.  Besides, it will make you two even more fit for each other so you can bring in even more money for the studio.”

I and Sawyer just looked at each other. Neither of us had a clue about this, but after a few seconds, we both began laughing. For being a *trap*, it was unusually positive. I mean, it's not every day someone unknowingly helps you to propose to the woman of your dreams and she accepts. I thanked L.B. (who said that we would have the day off), and walked away with Sawyer to the best café I could find in the vicinity.

We sat down and just stared at each other. Sawyer then smiled at me and said:

“So, Danny, I guess we need to start planning our wedding, soon enough.”

“Yes, I guess so, my sweet.” I said with a sigh.

“My sweet? Danny, you don't need to charm me anymore, we're engaged!” Sawyer said while rolling her eyes.

“I'm not trying to charm you, but I can't be together with you without admitting what you are, my sweet.” I said with a grin.

“Very well, lover boy. Gimme' your best shot.” Sawyer said challenging.

“I wouldn't recommend challenging me for that, dear. I have endless words for you, angel. And you will be able to hear them all in the years to come, my princess.” I countered.

Sawyer understood that I could go on and on so she surrendered the challenge. We ordered our food and sat down. I didn't know what she was thinking about, but I was thinking about my parents. Would they show up for the wedding? They had never even seen Sawyer, even if I had told them about her during my home calls now and then. I realized that as soon as I got home, I would send them money to get here and back, plus a little extra that they could have use for back in Kokomo. I also needed to call them and say that I'm getting married. Even if they knew that Sawyer and I were dancing partners, I've never told them what I felt for her.

Once again, my thoughts were interrupted by Sawyers.

“Danny, what should we name the kittens?” She asked out of the blue.

“The kittens? Do you start thinking of that now?” I said surprised.

“Why not? We can at least think out their names.” She replied.

“Ok, ok. Eh… how about… Ryan?” If it's a boy, I mean.” I suggested.

“Yeah, that sounds good. If it's a girl, than?” Sawyer continued.

“Eh…” I started.

“Is Sarah a good one?” She questioned.

“Sounds good to me. And if we get twins? We might get another boy or girl, so we should make up two more names, just in case.” I said with a smile.

“I like *Angelica*. It's a cute name.” She continued.

“Agreed. As for the final one, what do you think of Kyle?” I asked.

“Great! Ryan, Sarah, Angelica and Kyle. A nice litter of four.” Sawyer said dreaming.

“One big, happy family.” I finished.

We ate quietly. I guessed that we both were thinking about our future. What was ahead of us? It was so much to think about, that we were still thinking about it when we were finished eating. I suddenly realized that we were absent-mindedly were heading back to the studio. I alerted Sawyer.

“Eh, sweetheart? We have our day off, remember?” I asked.

“What was that, Danny? Oh, yeah, sorry.” She said sheepishly.

“Hey, no worries. Shall we go dancing instead?” I said hopefully.

“Well, of course, Dan'. I'd love to.” Sawyer accepted with a smile.

We went to the best dance hall that I could find. It was ridiculously expensive, but it was worth it. It had class, and Sawyer deserved it and since we're engaged, you could say that I deserved it as well. We walked to the center of the dance floor and waited for the musicians to begin.

During the afternoon they played many different songs: from salsa to slow fox to paso doble to cha-cha to jive and ended with some country dance. Sawyer and I were the best couple, in my opinion, but there were many other talented romantic ones too. When we left, we were applauded in the background.

It was pretty obvious for me to ask her out to dinner. Imagine an engaged couple spending their first night eating alone in separate homes. Now, that's just stupid. I booked a table in one of the most expensive restaurants in town. At first, I had the idea that I could invite all my friends as well, but that wouldn't be as romantic, so I quickly ditched the idea. Money is not the issue here, all the money in the world couldn't buy Sawyer.

The evening passed on just like planned. We had a romantic dinner together, kissed a few times and just expressed our love for each other. Not that we really needed to, but it feels obvious to do it, nonetheless.

Walking Sawyer home was also pretty obvious as I was following the standard engagement courtesy. All the things that we had done after my proposal were quite traditional, but wonderful. I stopped when we arrived at her door.

“Well then, goodnight, honey pie.” I said with a smile.

“Honey pie? I like that.” She said and gave me a good night kiss.

I made a slight bow and left without words.

I danced a little for myself on my way home. I had overcome the greatest challenge in my life. I've gotten my reward: Sawyer. It's still hard for me to understand that she actually was willing to spend the rest of her life with me off-stage as well as on-stage. But then, that was exactly what I wanted.

As I went to bed, I remembered my parents. I had forgotten about it, even though I told myself I wouldn’t. Oh, well. I got up of bed and got dressed again. I put a few hundred dollars in an envelope, wrote the address and laid it in the postbox. Then I called dad, hoping that he was still awake. Luckily, a sleepy, but familiar voice answered:

 “Timmy Williams here….”

 “Hi, dad. It's me, Danny.”

 “Oh, hello, son. Why are you calling this late?”

“Well, I came home rather recently.”

 “And why didn't you wait until tomorrow morning?”

“Because this is very important.”

 “Aha? What is it then?”

 “Oh, nothing special. I'm only… getting married!”

“YOU WHAT? Everybody, come here quickly! Danny's getting married!”

 “Was that important enough?”

“Sure, was. Everybody gather round. Now, Danny, tell us: who are you marrying?”

“The only girl that I've ever told you about before.”

“Wait a minute, weren't you two dancing partners?”

“Well, it's gone a bit further now.”

“I can hear that. What was her name, again? S-a-something.”

 “Sawyer Natalie Stone.”

 “Yeah, that's it. And how on earth did you muster up the courage to propose?”

“Well, I got a little help from the boss, but that was still without me knowing it. So I did it myself, yes. I knew I had to do it someday and everything seemed so perfect this morning, plus that I had already bought the engagement ring.”

“That's my boy. Now, tell us everything from the beginning.”

And so I repeated the last three months in three hours time for them.

When I finally got to bed, it was almost 1:30. I still wasn't very tired, because my head was filled with happiness more than tiredness. I eventually fell asleep with a big smile in my heart.

Part 6. True love's kiss

/Seen from Sawyer's Eyes/

There he stood, at the end of the aisle. Danny looked so cool, calm and collected as he stood there, dressed in black, waiting for me. I was so excited. In a matter of minutes we would be declared as a couple, for eternity. And with that I really mean eternity, you see, cats don't really have nine lives. They only have one, but their love for each other goes on for nine generations. A shame it can't go on any longer. Because if it could, it would.

I took my father's paw and began walking slowly up along the aisle. I had never been so happy in my life, maybe with an exception of Danny's proposal. But I had to control my emotions, since I wanted people to see Danny and me as a dignified couple.

Slowly but surely, we arrived in front of priest Donovan. We held our wedding in Kokomo. I thought it was better there than in Philadelphia, because my dad could afford the trip better than Danny's parents. I knew that Danny had sent money to his parents, so that they could afford the trip, but I thought that we could come to them instead. I stopped beside Danny and took his paw. Than we waited for the ceremony to begin. After a few seconds of quiet, Donovan began.

“Dear ladies and gentlemen; we have gathered here today, to see the union of Daniel Scott Williams and Sawyer Natalie Stone.” He quoted.

During his speech, I didn't really pay 100% attention. Sure, I was listening enough to notice when he came to a phrase that I needed to hear, but my mind was mostly focused on Danny. He looked so handsome in a tuxedo. I understood that I had more money than him and therefore he might gain more of our union then me. But neither of us cared one bit about money. We wanted to marriage of love, not of cash! And so we were about to do. My ear caught the crucial words…

“Sawyer Natalie Stone, do you take Daniel Scott Williams…”

I was too excited to hear the final words, but I knew what they were anyway. And when I saw that priest Donovan's mouth had stopped moving, I answered.

“I do.”

Then he asked the same question (name's vice-versa) to my soon-to-be husband:

“Daniel Scott Williams, do you take Sawyer Natalie Stoner to be your true wife, for better, for worse?” Donavan continued.

“I do.” Danny replied.

“Then, I hereby name you Mr. and Mrs. Williams. You may kiss the bride.”

And so he did.

He placed me in a dip (as usual), before kissing me. I could only hope it would never end, but finally he brought us back upright. Our lips still connected for a few seconds, than we parted, smiling to better hold the tears back. I knew I wouldn't be able to do so much longer, and I could hear most of the ladies in the audience crying too. I was still holding hands with Danny, as we looked down the aisle. Everyone had started to applaud to us. Tillie, was clapping loudest of them all, but also crying the most of them all. However, Claire (Danny's mom), wasn't too far behind. Tim was a much tougher person and still hadn't begun to cry, but I could see that his eyes were filled with pride over his son. MY father, on the other hand, was the one with the biggest smile of them all. I felt so glad, seeing him smile like that. I had only seen him this happy in a photograph before. He was, of course, crying as well. But all tears aren't from sadness.

I realized that it was time for me to do what I was supposed to do at the moment. I stepped back and tossed my bridal bouquet. The one who caught them, was none other than… Darla Dimple.

It hadn't been easy, but Danny took a weekend with her to try to talk some sense into her. I was shocked when I found out what he had done. In two days, he had been able to get her to excuse for her mistakes in a press conference. Because of her cuteness, she had her dignity restored, even if her job was long-gone. She had turned into the girl everyone believed her to be off-screen and now she was a guest at our wedding. I can't help but wonder who she would fall in love with.

My focus returned to my love, Danny. We began our walk down the aisle. At the far end, a limousine waited. Dan' had made sure that we received the best: a classic honeymoon. We were about to spend a month together… in Mexico.

I'm not one of those spicy-food-freaks, but I sure don't mind eating it. Danny, on the other hand, had never really eaten anything truly spicy. He said that back in Kokomo, he never really got the chance. During his time in Hollywood, he tried more and more spicy things, but never those dishes that literally burned. But he was about to…

We were eating dinner on our eleventh day on our tour of Mexico. We were currently in the charming town of Vera Cruz on the banks of the Gulf of Mexico. Danny was about to try a habañero. I had tried one a few years ago. I wouldn't recommend it; it's an experience you'll never forget.

Danny tried it anyhow and sure enough, he immediately reached for his glass of water. The Mexican waiter gave him a glass of milk instead. Danny gladly accepted it, because cats are very fond of milk and because it's known as the best cure for a burning tongue. When he regained his ability to breath, he turned towards the waiter.

“Gracias, señor.” He said in Spanish.

The waiter made a slight bow, than he walked on to take a new order. Danny turned his head against me, his breathing still strained. I began to laugh a bit.

“Don't you ever listen? I told you that you'd regret eating one of those.” I asked.

“What's the fun in that?” Danny replied.

“To be able to feel the taste of the food?” I said somewhat sarcastically.

He didn't have any proper answer for that, so we began eating our tortilla instead. The rest of our trip went wonderfully and was completely habañero free.

The car stopped. After countless hours of traveling during the last month, we were home. Danny exited the limousine and held the car door open for me. He had become quite the gentle cat. That's my Danny.

We went into our new house and began unpacking our things. Danny asked, of course, if he could unpack my things as well as his, but I wouldn't let him do all the work. We were married, we should think like one.

Now this was a little bit confusing, with all the numbers, I mean. First we were one each. Than we got together, so we were two. Than we got married, so we became one, but even that number might not last very long…


Ten years later

/Seen from Danny's Eyes/

I was sitting in our living room, reading my latest contract. I was going to accept it, of course, although I wondered what I should do with all the money. What more could I possibly wish for? I already had a beautiful wife, an entire mansion, three kittens and all the money you could dream of. Oh well, I could always give the extra money to Kyle. At least, then it would be for a good cause.

Kyle was the youngest of our three children. He's still only five years old, but he wants to work for the Red Cross he says. He's already sending almost his entire weekly earnings to them. He's very understanding of others, humans or animals.

As for Ryan, he is very similar to me in many ways, except for the singing and dancing. He is the oldest of the three siblings with his nine years and wants to be an actor, just like me and Sawyer. But Ryan doesn't want to sing and dance, just act. He's so talented that we think that he will make his breakthrough as a child star soon enough.

His sister Angelica has already done that. She's eight years old and has the one and only thing I didn't believe was possible: an even more beautiful voice than her mother. She really is the little goddess of the stage. Two years ago, she performed at the American Nationals Youth Talent Competition. She was in the final round against a dancing ferret from Oklahoma who was very skilled as well. Angelica won with 68%-32% votes from the entire country.

Now, she's going to a special school where animals with certain talents can have private lessons to do what they love. This was a little tricky for us, since no one could teach her how to sing any better. We finally found her a teacher in the form of Darla Dimple.

Darla is the chief of the new organization in Hollywood. It proves to everyone that they should follow their dreams. It's hard to believe that Darla once was that selfish brat from New York, huh?

As for me and Sawyer, life has never been better. Since the day of our wedding, I've been happy. We are the most known acting, singing and dancing couple in Hollywood and have been so for the last seven years. We've made dozens of movies together. She's still as beautiful as the day we first met, both on-stage and off-stage. However, even beauty can be dangerous.

On August 28th 1942 I almost got myself killed by love. I was eating dinner with Sawyer and our two kittens (Ryan and Angelica). My heart was beating so fast for Sawyer at that when we shared a kiss, something much unexpected happened to me. My heart started to beat so fast that I got a heart attack. I was dying, but I was able to say the words “too much love” to Sawyer. I'm not sure how she could understand everything, but she saved my life by grabbing me and saying “I want a divorce”. I was so shocked my heart attack stopped. When I was okay again, Sawyer explained that she was only kidding in order to save me. I smiled back at her, realizing that she had just saved my life. Still, it proved something bad can bring some good with it. I got a kiss from her, right? I could sacrifice one of my nine lives for each one of those.

Cranston, T.W. and the others are nearly as famous as me and Sawyer. Tilly found a ehm,  handsome fellow named Jimmy. They are engaged at the moment and will marry in about three weeks. Cranston and Francis are still singles. They only seem to care for each other but a marriage between a goat and a fish just seems too absurd. Woolie is writing music for L.B.'s musicals. He has become really good at it. Even though he still hasn't found that special someone, he seems happy and that's what matters. T.W. is also single, but I don't think that it will stay that way for very long. He has found a lady named Colette. Her eyes are even greener than her shell. As for Pudge… what can I say? He's a professional drummer now and he has started his own musical band. He is well known throughout the country and is currently on a tour across it. His current location is somewhere in Florida. Miami, I think.

Well, I better go to work. I don't want to be late to sign my new contract with Mammoth Studios. If I don't, I might become jobless. That would be bad, because that would mean a break in my dream: Danny the song and dance cat.

If anything, my ten year old adventure has proven one thing: Cats Do Dance

The End

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