A Furry Embrace

Erik Litsenius

From banished to film star in five minutes

/Seen from Danny's Eyes/



The spotlight turned onto us.  As we stood there, we all realized that we had done it. We had broken into the movie business. I could see that all the others began to celebrate, Francis kissed Cranston, and his look said that it was the first time for a very long time. Tilly was hugging Woolly and Pudge was electrifying T.W…

My thoughts were interrupted by Sawyers’ voice.

 “Well now, let's see… go to premiere… check.” She said.

She had somehow gotten hold of my schedule I had made on my way to Hollywood. I tried to take it from her but she just held it away from me.

Land a big part… check.” She continued.

Then she gave me a look I hadn't seen from her before. It was a mixture of made-up confusion and romance in her beautiful eyes. She then said the best thing I've heard her say so far…

“Get the girl… check!” Sawyer finished.

First I was surprised, then I realized what she had meant. I closed my eyes and held out my right paw. I felt her feathery Persian paw in mine as we leaned over to kiss and…

…Hit Flannigan right on the cheek! Both Sawyer and I turned away in disgust. We became a little happier when L.B. showed up in between us.

 “Get a picture boys, these kids will be making history!” L.B. said with his deep voice.

I just stood there, thinking about what the magazine would look like. Would it say: “Dimple busted, Animals confirmed” or “New stars in Hollywood” or maybe “Indiana-farm cat helps animals to stardom”? How about: “On-stage romance on shocking debut”? Once again I realized I was dreaming away, not that it was much I had missed, only a few angry words from L.B. to Darla, ending in the phrase she deserved:

                        “You are fired!” L.B. said with a lot of disappointment in his voice.


As I walked out of the Chinese Theatre I heard someone calling me from behind. That *someone* was still a little unknown to me, since her singing voice was still locked inside my brain. Sawyer came running up and hugged me.

“Thank you, Danny! You have done the impossible, not only for yourself. You did it for all of us.” She said overjoyed.

“I know. I'm an optimist, as you may have noticed.” I replied with as much confidence as I could.

 “Well, I've noticed that, alright.” She giggled.

“I said I would never give up, right?” I asked, smiling back.

“Yes, you did. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you in the first place, but I've seen so many others like you, all with high hopes and dreams so I didn't think you would make it either.” Sawyer answered, trying not to make it sound ill meant.

“Well, I guess you were wrong. Not that I blame you. I mean, what were the odds that I would be the one to make it? A farm-cat from Kokomo?” I said, trying to be convincing.

“You're probably right, Danny. I just…''
“You just made the obvious. By the way, would you like me to… eh, you know, just, walk you home?” I questioned nervously.

“You would do that? Well, of course! Thank you Danny.” She replied, smiling and relieved.

As we began our walk to her home, I started to think about something. What would it be like to grow up like she had? I’ve asked around a little about her, but I’ve not learned much; only that she is ‘’my total opposite’’, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Sawyer and I seemed so different. The only thing I’ve found in common with her is our desire for what we love: Singing and Dancing. Singing… I still can’t forget her voice. I have never heard her sing before. Woolly said that she had the voice of an angel. He was wrong, I thought. If Darla was the *Ark Angel* then what was Sawyer? A goddess? All the lessons in the world couldn’t have taught her to sing like that. I felt that I needed to talk to her about it sometime. Or maybe I should just ask her now?...

“Sawyer, I was just wondering, how did you learn to sing like you did? Your voice… I’ve never heard anything like that in my life!”

“Oh.” She began, obviously flattered. “I was taught by the best. My father had his contacts… I loved to sing and dance and he thought that with my talent and the best teachers, I might one day be what I… what I just might be now.”

“Wow… I took singing lessons too, but that was just by the local musicians and sopranos.”

“Well, I guess that means that you’ve got talent. I only got taught by the best.”

“I guess that means that you got both.” I corrected.

When we got to her house, I asked what I had been waiting for.

 “Sawyer? L.B. said that we would have the weekend off so that the press would calm down, so I… I just wondered if you and I could... do… something tomorrow? I mean, we could just go around the town. This has been a busy week, so I haven’t really explored much of Hollywood.”

“Oh, Danny, I’d love to! By the way, I think you should have this’’. She said while handing me something. To my surprise I saw it was my boater. Sawyer must have found it on the bench at the bus stop that night.

“Thank you, Sawyer. I never thought I’d see it again. Anyway, eh, when should I come and get you, tomorrow?” I asked.

“Well, are you a morning person’’?

“Kind of, yes. After all, I grew up on a farm’’. I said while giving her a *I know where this is heading* look.
            “Then… if you want, you can come over for breakfast.” She said, slightly blushing. “Really? Wow, thanks again Sawyer. Just how early shall I come over then?”

''Is 8:00 a good time?”

''It sure is. Well, good night then!”

''Good night! See you tomorrow!”

 ''You too.”

As I walked on my way home, I thought about all that happened today. The epic fight with Max, the miraculous musical number, the photographers and media. Yet, my thoughts soon returned to Sawyer. I had loved her since the day Mr. Wink put us together as partners, but I never knew that she had the same feelings for me. I mean, I remember the sweet smile on her lips after our dance back in the alley, but that was about it. But now she has admitted it and I can only hope that this is the way our relation is heading. Romance at its fuzziest. Surely, two cats in love with each other could improve their relation ship over time, if they can go from banished to film stars in just five minutes. At least I hoped so as I walked my way back to the El Greco hotel.

When I got back to the hotel, however, I was in for a surprise. Everything looked as normal. People ate as usual in the hotel restaurant. But when I got inside, on my way to the stairs, someone shouted:

“There he is!”

I turned my head around and saw a human with not a single tooth in his mouth. Everybody had suddenly stopped talking and was looking in my direction. I guessed that he had been in the audience at “Little Ark Angel”. I nervously looked for something to say.

“Ehh, hi!” I said, somewhat confused.

“Is it true that poor Darla really was a naughty girl’’? I heard an old lady say.

“Did you really blast the roof off with a stage prop?” A little kid said, impressed.

“Do you think you will be the next big Hollywood film star?” An adorable little ferret asked.

“Wait, wait, wait, I will have plenty of time to answer questions in press conferences!”

I had to say something, didn't I? But the questions just hailed over me, so I slowly stepped back upwards, explaining that the time will come for me to tell them everything but it wasn't now. I finally got back to my room and locked the door. I got to the phone and called the Mammoth studio information desk.

“Mammoth studios.” A voice answered.

“Hello, ehm, my name is Daniel. Daniel Scott Williams. I'm one of the animals who where in the Chinese Theatre today, at the special show after “Little Ark Angel” was finished.”

“Oh, hello! How can I help you?”

“Well, I'm currently at the El Greco Hotel and I'm being utterly bombarded with people trying to ask me every possible question I can think about!”

“Oh, don't worry. You've just made your breakthrough. Things will settle down when they realize that you aren't answering anything yet.”

“Thank you. Speaking of giving answers, when am I going to do that?”

“Mr. Mammoth has arranged a press conference with you and the other animals on Tuesday at 13:30. I was going to announce that tomorrow but you can know it now since you felt you needed it.”

“Thank you. I'll remember that. Bye.”

And fortunately, she was right. At about 11:00 they had left me alone for the night. I put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth and spent a minute or so at the scratching post before turning in. Then I lay in bed, thinking about Sawyer. What would happen tomorrow? Would our relationship go the right way? I finally got to sleep.

I dreamt about being home in Kokomo. I dreamt that Sawyer was there with me. We were standing in the local church. It was our wedding! I heard priest Donovan asking the formal questions of a marriage:

“Sawyer Natalie Stone, do you take Daniel Scott Williams to be your…''
            I woke up. I did this on purpose as I realized that it was for the best. If I hadn't, I'd probably think it was so beautiful that I would rush things. This meant that our relationship would go forward more slowly, but it is probably safest to take it day by day. At least we have taken the first step on a long road…



Part 1. Guiding love with your guide-in-love

/Seen from Danny's Eyes/



I woke up before sunrise, as I always do. Back in Kokomo, I always had to start working early. I looked at my watch. 6:30 it said. I got out of bed and began my daily starting routine. Twenty minutes later, I stood in front of my closet, thinking. I wanted to wear something that looked nice, but not too nice. We were only eating breakfast together and walking around town. I decided to think of it in another way: What would Sawyer like me to wear? Not what I would like me to wear. She probably didn't want me to waste too much energy over her, I mean; we've only known each other for six days. A rushed romantic relation is never good. I finally chose a white shirt along with my best jeans. Then I spent a minute in front of the mirror, and was on my way.

As I stepped out of the hotel, I realized that it was still fifty minutes until I should meet Sawyer. It was only a twenty-minute walk to her house, so I might as well do something in the meantime. Maybe I could give her something… Hmmm, what do girls usually like? Flowers? Nah, the shops had not opened yet. Of course…there was a little meadow I’d seen not far from her house so maybe I could pick some wild ones. Now, that's a great idea! I set my new course.

When I arrived there, I realized just how beautiful the place was. The sun was just rising on the horizon, and I stood there, in the middle of a flower-filled meadow in the weak sunlight. It was very quiet, except for a few birds singing. I first thought that I could take Sawyer out to this very romantic place, but I’d said breakfast & tour, not romantic sunrise on the meadow. Besides, I will probably have plenty more chances to ask her to come here. I looked at my watch. Still 7:41. I had about a quarter hour to make a nice bouquet. That can't be so hard, I thought. Danny – the farm-cat who couldn't pick flowers! I erased the thought from my mind and started to pick flowers of as many kinds that I could see. After about ten minutes, I had a quite impressive bunch. With a bit of string that I happened to have in my hat, (I always have some string there, since I of some reason, always seems to need it.) I bound them together. She has to love this, I thought. (I am an optimist, after all) I checked my watch again: 7:54 it said. I started walking to her house.

Once I got there, I realized that it was a pretty big house. I never really noticed that yesterday, because I was so focused on Sawyer herself. Of course, she had spent a lot of time here, and her intelligence seemed very high, so she could probably buy something a little fancier, with some good investments. As I raised my hand to knock on her front door, I checked the time again. 7.59. I suppose it seems a little silly to wait for EXACTLY 8:00, but what the heck. I watched as the seconds slowly passed and when it stood at 8:00 precisely, I knocked on her front door. After about ten seconds, Sawyer opened the door. She was wearing a blue dress. She looked a little bit tired.

“Mornin', beauty.” I said with a slight English accent.

“Good morning, Danny. Wow, I know you said you are a morning person, but still; you don't look tired, not even a little bit.” She replied, trying to sound awake.

“Well, I grew up with this routine. May I come in?” I asked.

“Of course. That is why you are here, right?”

“Yup. By the way, these are for you; I collected them from the meadow on my way here.” I said while holding forth the bouquet.

“Oh, Danny! How sweet of you!” She said and gave me a light kiss on my cheek.

Even though it only lasted for half-a-second, it felt like forever. That simple contact… I blushed deeply. How could I not? I felt like butter in a frying pan. I turned away to lay my boater on the hat rack, mostly because I was blushing. When I had regained focus and felt a little bit more controlled, I followed her to the kitchen. She was making breakfast for two. I didn't want to be rude so I asked:

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

“No, no. You are the guest. I'm the one who's serving the meals here.”

I put my hand on her shoulder, smiling towards her and said:

“Where I come from, everybody helps each other. And even if this isn't Kokomo, I will still follow its routines. You might as well accept it, I'm helping you.”

She realized that it wasn't worth arguing and just smiled at me.

“Thank you, Danny.”

This was true. In Kokomo, everybody, in fact, did help each other. One of my schoolmates (A guinea pig named Hazel,) once helped me during a math test. Our teacher caught him, of course, but he still thought that it was worth it, since he wanted his friends to get good grades.

The main reason that I wanted to help Sawyer was because I had something of my own to share with her. I took out a little lunch box, which held my ingredients and set it on the counter. Sawyer noticed and eyed it curiously.

            “Danny, what's that?” She asked.

“You'll see''. I confidently answered.

When all was done, we sat down to eat. It was an ordinary breakfast. The only difference between this and a human breakfast is that we drink milk instead of juice. We are cats, after all. I put my specialty on the table.

“Do you want to try it?” I asked hopefully.

“What is it?” She replied eagerly.

“Well, if you really want to know, it's my family’s special farm omelet.”

She wasn't sure what to think. But Sawyer is a Persian. (Doesn't mean a person from Asia-Minor when talking about cats.) And a Persian does not want to be unfair, rude or embarrassed. Therefore she tried it. I hoped that she would like it, but I didn't need to worry. I’ve let many other cats taste it before, and believe me there is hardly as much as a crumb left afterwards. Luckily, Sawyer had a similar reaction.

“Mmm, that was great!” She said impressed.

“I wouldn't serve it if it wasn't.” I simply answered.

“Can you give me the recipe for it Danny? Please?” She asked while making the *Bambi-Eyes*

“Sorry. As much as I'd want to, if I did, I'm a dead man.” I said sadly.

“Huh?” She asked worriedly.

“I've sworn to my father to never reveal it to anyone outside the family. That's the way it has been… for eight generations.”. I quoted a little bit over dramatically.

“Oh, sorry, I didn't know.”

“That's alright. How could you? Now, let's forget about that. We got a breakfast to eat!”

When we were finished with the eating and dishing, we headed for the front door. I tried to act like a gentleman when I helped her into her jacket.

“Danny!” She called out giggling.

“Just another habit I grew up with, so you can't do much about this either.”

She didn't have any good answer for that, but I noticed that she enjoyed me doing it, even if she didn't want to admit it. We stepped out the front door and I waited for her to lock it. When she had, I held out my hand and said:

“Let's go then, shall we?”

She took my hand and we were off.

During the morning, Sawyer showed me a lot of new things. All the local squares and streets and every shop and building on them. I saw many people I read about in the newspapers back home.

At about 11:00, I was about to ask Sawyer for a place to eat, when I remembered that I had eaten breakfast more than an hour later than usual, so I waited. Sawyer was talking on and on about everything we passed. I enjoyed listening to her, not only because I was interested in the subject, but it also seemed to make her more relaxed. She kept this up, until we got to a place named Pinky's Diner. 

“Say, this looks like a good place to stop for lunch, don’t you think so, Sawyer?”

            She suddenly stopped and looked unhappy.

“I'd rather not.” She said sadly.

“Why?” I asked.

“Are you sure you want to know? It might hurt your feelings.”

“I’m the optimist, I can probably take it. As long as it isn't hurting you, it's okay.”

She sighed. Then she said:

“After the ark disaster, we were sitting here, -Tillie, the others and I. T.W. got into the subject that… that it was your fault that we were fired. I just thought that it was so unfair to say that. How could you know? So I just walked away from them.”

“Well, they were proven wrong, right? It was Darla's fault, and they apologized to me after our show yesterday. Well, it was a little difficult to get Cranston to do it, but even he did finally. Try to remove those memories. I hate it when you look so sad.” I said honestly.

“I guess you're right. Thank you Danny.” She replied, relieved.

“Now then, how about lunch? It's almost 1:30. It might make you think of something else as well.”

She gave a little smile, before signing me to follow her.

We sat down at a nice cafe, not too far from there. From there, I could see out over the square. A limousine drove past us with a bunch of people following, trying to get an autograph, I presumed. My thoughts were, as many times before, interrupted by Sawyer.

“Danny, I… I just wanted to say; before you showed up, everything was so different. In five days, you made miracles! I mean it; we had all given up hope until you showed up and… At the beginning, I thought that you were just like everyone else with high hopes, coming to Hollywood… I was wrong, and I don't feel like I ever really apologized to you.”

I smiled back at her, as a sudden hope formed my reply.

“Maybe you're right. But you did kind of apologize by your action after the show yesterday.” I said, hoping that she got the point. It is the male who most often pushes things forward, right?

“But I never really got to do so, right? Flannigan interrupted us. And when you gave me flowers this morning, it wasn't the real thing.''

I liked the way this was heading. She probably meant that when she kissed me on the cheek this morning, it was just a bit off target. She continued:

“But you know what they say about ‘the third time's a charm?’”

She leaned over towards me, I leaned over towards her. Her sweet lips were only inches away. Closer and closer we came, until our lips finally met.


…I’m going to short-circuit…


Now this is what life is worth living for! Time itself stopped around us. I felt nothing else than her. I know that ''hot'' is usually a phrase used for someone pretty, but I never knew it really meant that you would vaporize on contact. At least, that’s how it felt. Unfortunately, even the unstoppable time stopped. I saw a flash through my eyelid and opened my eyes. Sawyer had apparently done the same thing. We both looked across the aisle in surprise at the photographer who’d just taken a picture of us,

“Geez! I can see the front page headline now!” he cried “True Love, Day After Debut’. I might even get a raise for this. Whoohoo!”

Then he ran off with his camera. We were both probably thinking the same thing: was this really that bad? It was bound to happen sooner or later, but it's probably better sooner. Once again, our thoughts were separated. This time it was by a young man who looked like he was the visitor on ‘Bring your child to work day’. He nervously asked:

“Um, may I take your order, please?”

“Yes, you most certainly can''. I quickly answered. ''I would like a ham-and-cheese sandwich and a water, please.”

“Ham & cheese sandwich and water… check.”

Sawyer and I looked at each other, both thinking on the ‘get the girl’ moment.

“And I would like a... let's see now… I would like an egg & shrimp sandwich… and a coke, please.” Sawyer continued.

“Egg & shrimp sandwich and a coke… check. I'll return as soon I can.”

As he ran off, I wondered why we were even going to order something that didn't have to be prepared, but it didn't matter. It got me some more time with Sawyer, anyway.

After lunch, I asked what I never had time to do yesterday.

“Sawyer?” I began.

“Yes, Danny?”

“Something that I have always wondered: What was your story? What happened when you grew up? How did you come here?” I asked, curious.

“It's… it's a long story. I can tell you when we get back.”

“Back to your house?” I said hopefully.

“Yes… I meant for tea. All photographs I've got are in there. There is so much about my family history, at least about my father. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll tell you in an hour or two.”

During the afternoon we spent more time in the not-so-public streets. There were many cute shops there, which I tried to remember, since I might have use for them to buy things. Well, mostly gifts for Sawyer, as you might have guessed. I enjoyed myself anyway until we got to her house, about an hour later. Sawyer unlocked the front door and started to move aside.

“Oh, no. Ladies first.!” I said with a slight bow.

She couldn't find any argument against it and stepped inside with me behind her.

“Oh, drat! I forgot to check the mail. I'll go and get it. Can you begin preparing the tea?”

“Sure.” I answered.

In reality, I wanted to go and get the mail for her, but I had my own recipe for Indiana-County-Tea as well. Since she liked my omelet, I could only hope she liked my tea as well.

“Danny! “Sawyer yelled to me from the porch..” L.B. has planned a press-conference with all the other animals on Tuesday at…''

“1:30, I know. “ I finished. ''I was informed yesterday. Sorry, I didn't tell you. I forgot.”

“Have you planned any speech?”

“Nope. I live in the present. My experience says that you are happiest that way.”

“But then how will you know what to say?”

“I don't. But does it really matter? I don't know what they'll ask me either! Besides, if I have to tell them all, I just will. There is nothing I need to be ashamed of. Except for the ark disaster, of course, but they know that wasn't my fault.”

“Yes… I suppose…''

“Don't worry about that. You've got your own story to tell me first!”

She smiled at me. Then she began her story…


Part 2. Born on the dance-floor

/Seen from Sawyer's Eyes/




''I was born in Philadelphia. We lived in an apartment, my family and me. I had no other siblings. My mother (Jane) was a very kind woman, but I never really got to know her. She died when I was very little. My father, (Henry) on the other hand, was a great man. He didn't have the most brilliant of jobs, but he was rich anyway. That's because he were lucky. Three months before I was born, he won a grand lottery in the city. The prize was money equal to a ten-year payment. But all the money in the world couldn't have replaced what he lost. My mother died. Dad was completely devastated. I never saw him smile for four years''.

 ''Then one day he said that he wished to focus all his energies on me. He said that I was the only person left in his life and that he wanted me to be happy. So I said what I really wanted to do. I wanted to sing and dance. My father was a bit surprised at first, but then swore that I one day would go to Hollywood to fulfill my dream''.

 ''I was a little skeptical at first. But I soon realized that he had been completely honest. He spent every second of his spare time on me. He paid for private lessons for me. He got me the best possible teachers he could find and after what felt like an eternity, I felt like I was ready. I entered a talent show in Philadelphia.. It was there I sang a song that I will never forget. Dad had tipped that I should sing it, saying that one day I might find a use for it. I wondered what he meant. It was a little bit strange, since the song included someone that I didn't know.”

 ''Today, I still cannot figure out how he knew? I know what the song was about us, yet there is no way he could have known all this would happen.  When the local talent show was over, I felt like I was ready to take a step out in the world.

My father gave me enough money to be able to travel to Hollywood, plus a little extra so that I could have someplace to live before I earned enough to buy something bigger''.

''The thing that really creeps me out Danny, is that the song… (even if I didn't know it back then)… was about you…''

He just sat there quietly. He was thinking, I could tell. I tried to get him back into focus.

''Danny. It… it wasn't like I named you in the song, but… everything made sense. It happened that day when the others and I were talking about the ark disaster at Pinky's Diner. When I walked out of there, I suddenly realized what dad had meant, and I started singing it for myself. At least, so I thought. until I then realized that Tillie had been listening all the time. I was embarrassed at first, - something Persians don't like to be, but then she said that I might still catch you by the bus stop. I came running to find you, but it was too late. You know what happened from there''.

''Yes, I do''. He answered a bit absentmindedly.

He silently stood up and began looking at the pictures hanging on the walls. I made a short summary of each one he walked by.

  ''That one is taken from my parents wedding. They seemed so happy together. I feel sad every time I look at that picture because they never really got to spend enough time with each other, since my… since my mother past away''. I said with burden.

  ''I'm sorry. But like I said before, if there is something that makes you feel sad, then you don't need to tell me.” He kindly replied.

''I know. But I also need to share my thoughts and feelings with someone and you are the closest thing I've had for a friend for a long time now.”  I said.

''But a friends job is to make sure that his friends feel just as happy as himself, in other words, the closer I get to you, the less you need to tell. Besides, if I get closer to you, I might as well understand more without you saying it.” Danny countered.

''That might just be true. But then we need to fix that *if* problem.” I said smiling.

Danny smiled back at me. I think he got my point.

''Yes Sawyer, we really need to''. He gently said while wrapping his tail around mine.

''And according to you, this is the way to fix it. I think I can accept those terms.” I said with a slight purr.

''So can I. “ Danny quickly replied before our lips made contact.

I can feel his paws around my waist while I put mine around his neck. It's far more romantic like that then just holding paws. Besides, an orange Tabby holding paws with a white Persian looks a little strange, since my paws are so small. Danny's grip around my tail suddenly seems to freeze for a moment, as if time itself had frozen. And to be honest, it felt like it had. I felt warm but still frozen. For me it was okay if time did stop right now because everything felt so perfect. But all things must end in good time. The spotlight disappeared from us and everything was back to normal. For a minute or so, we just stood there, looking at each other. Then Danny said with passion:

''Even if this is just another step, you can't argue with that we at least are standing closer physically.”

''No, I cannot.” I replied while stroking his cheek with my left paw.

This got him to purr quite a bit. It was kind of charming in a way. He's cute when he blushes, like now. Slowly, but surely, we loosened our grip around each other. At first, Danny seemed unhappy to let me go, but then his eyes fixed on something across the room. He went to check it out.

''When was this photo taken?” He asked with a stunned look on his face.

''Oh, that one!...” I replied with a giggle. ''That was taken at my eighth birthday. My dad had given me a new dress that he had special-ordered. I loved it, because, as you can see, it was so perfect for a cat. It even had a tail-warmer, not that I used that part very often, but I was so happy that dad had gone through all this just for me. “

''It's just…'' He said with tears starting to form in his eyes, even if he didn't want me to notice. ''I've tried to imagine how you looked as a kitten and I've always imagined you to be as beautiful as you are now, but… I never would have guessed you were THIS cute. Wow…''

I ruffled his hair and turned away from him, too flattered to look back. Danny's emerald green eyes seem to gaze right through mine, from time to time. As I look up again, still blushing from his flattery, I find it's definitely one of those times. I tried to change the subject.

''So, Danny; would you like to stay for dinner?” I asked.

''Really, I can? Well, of course! Thank you, Sawyer.” He gladly accepted.

''Wonderful. Any plans? For food, I mean?”

''Well,” He reminded me. ''Wasn't it you who said that I'm the guest and you're the one who is serving the meals?”

''Well, yes, but…'' I started.

“But what?'' He simply said.

''I just… oh, never mind. In that case, if you let me choose, I'll say that we go out to dinner.” I said.

''You do?” He said surprised. ''Splendid! Just splendid! When shall we go? Did you have any special place in mind? How about…''

''IF you will tell me your story as well.” I said with dominance.


And all he said was *oh*.  He didn't exactly look sad, mostly surprised. But he seemed to brighten a bit as he said.

      ''Well then Sawyer, I think I can say that my life was harder than yours, but still happy. I don't know how to say it in any other way.” Danny said with a confused look on his face.

''Then that means you have to tell me everything from the very beginning.” I said curiously.

 ''Okay then. Here goes!”


Part 3. Like a needle in a haystack
/Seen from Danny's Eyes/




''About fifty miles north of Indianapolis lies the town of Kokomo. It's a peace loving little town filled with not so rich, but happy inhabitants. In a farmhouse on the outskirts of the town, we find an orange tabby cat. His name is Daniel Scott Williams.”

''That cat is me. I grew up in that very same farmhouse with my family. My family… they consist of: my father, Tim, my mother, Claire, my big brother, Brian and my little sister Patricia. We were not very rich at all. My dad had used up his last coins in order to buy this property. Since then I was a farm cat''.

'' My mother always said that someday, at least one of us would somehow make us a fortune and we would be able to move to someplace nicer. But I seemed to be the only one of the kids who truly believed her. Brian was similar to dad, and always said that he would be a farm cat too, just like Tim. My little sister Patricia was simply too shy. She was very cute and cuddly. She used to purr when you stroked her on her chin. But she wasn't brave enough to take the step into the world.”

“I then realized that since my parents were too old, my brother was too home loving and my sister too shy; I had to be the one. But how? I wasn't that great in school, even if I was good enough. I did not have any real sport talents either. But then, on my sixth birthday, my family gave me a small radio with their last savings. And I'm so happy they did. The first time I listened to the radio, there was a musical being broadcast. I was so impressed by the singing they did I tried to mimic them. I surprised myself by being very good at it. I then made the decision that I would sing and dance in my life''.

''During the following years, I used all my spare time to try and learn how to dance like a professional. I took singing lessons with the local musicians with my weekly earnings. When I was fifteen, I traveled to the neighboring town of Logansport. There, I was able to get a job at the local grocery. The grocer soon understood that my talent really was to sing and dance. He asked me to talk to the talent agency''.

''And so I did. The owner of the place called *Billy Grimsby* I think, was mightily impressed with me and recommended I try my fortune in Indianapolis. I didn't have enough money to get there, and it was a fifty-mile walk. Instead, I was in for a surprise''.

All my friends and family in Kokomo said that they believed in me and would help me get to the one and only place where I could fulfill my dream: Hollywood.”

Two weeks ago, I was awakened by Brian. He said that spotlight had turned to me and that I should show the world what I could do. He led me outside and there it was: the bus to Hollywood. Everyone in town had gathered to say his/her goodbyes. I was reluctant to leave everybody, but I knew my time had come. I got on the bus and went off''.

“It was a long trip. All the way from Indiana takes quite a while to drive, but when I finally got here, I just felt like singing. I felt so happy, knowing that my dream would come true within five days. I made a schedule on what I should do during the five most important days of my life and then I went over to the Hollywood talent agency, where I accidentally knocked you into a fountain.”

“I met Tillie, T.W, Frances and Cranston up there in the agency waiting room They seemed very nice, but when I showed them my schedule, they were just shocked. Back then, I still didn't know why. Anyway, I walked into Mr. Wink's office and got a role in Little Ark Angel. Then he put us together as partners. From there and on; you know what happened.”

Sawyer looked at me with a lot of forgiveness. She had listened carefully while I was telling her my story. Now she just sat there and looked for the correct words.

''I'm sorry, Danny.” She said while shaking her head. ''I know that you were a farm cat and that you weren't very rich, butI never realized you were so poor that your family had to spare and unite their money in order to buy a radio. Compared to my life… I think I understand what you meant now: Your life was a lot harder than mine, but still not as sad''.

 “As long as your sadness is a thing of the past; I'm all ears.” I said with a friendly tone.

Sawyer just nodded. It was like she wanted to know more than I could tell her; like if she wanted my story to replace hers. I could understand what she meant. I would rather grow up with difficulty, than grow up without a mother to love you. Suddenly, Sawyer put her head in her hands and said:

“Danny… with all the troubles you've been through… why am I envying you?”

I came over and sat down beside her. I laid my arms around her and answered:

''It's because that no pain in the world is greater than the pain you get when you lose someone. I know I'm asking for a lot here, Sawyer, but try to think of how happy Jane was while she was alive. She loved you. And that love stays in your heart. So she has never really left you… she's in here''. I whispered in her ear and moved my paw to her heart.

''The heart always have room for another one'' Sawyer quoted.

''Exactly.” I said with a sad smile.

''Then that includes you too!”

She threw her arms around me and hugged me tightly while sniffing softly. I hugged her too (Not as tight as she did though. I didn't want to choke someone pretty as her) and stroked her shoulders, trying to make her feel more comfortable.

''There, there. It'll be alright. I'm here for you.” I said in a fatherly tone.

''I know.”

Then I quietly began to sing a song I used to sing for Patricia:

'Hush, little girl; please don't cry. I'm gonna sing you a lullaby. No big scary monster shall be coming for you….and gobble you up like chunky beef stew!”

This caused her to laugh quite a bit, which meant that I had at least succeeded in making her happy again.

(Note: As some of you may have noticed; this IS indeed a modified version of the *Animaniacs-goodnight-song* in their version of *The Three Musketeers*. I am a fan of them too. This is, of course, MY opinion, not Danny's)Then she let go of me. She was still holding my hands though. Then she said what I had only heard her say in my dreams before:

''Danny? I think I love you.” She admitted.

''Sawyer, I KNOW I love you.” I happily said.

“But then, why are we sitting here?” Sawyer asked with a smile.

''Sitting or standing doesn't matter, as long as we do the same thing.” I answered with an even bigger smile.

''Good point.”

Then we both slowly leaned over towards each other. I knew how I was going to feel even before we met, but even if it wasn't any surprise any longer, the sensations were simply too big to avoid. Our lips met.

Once again, the spotlight turned on us. This time, I didn't feel the same romantic shock I felt before. This time I more or less felt simply happy. I realized that this was the next step on the long road ahead. Hopefully, we would reach the top of it someday. Someday…

For now, it will have to do… with a romantic date with the most beautiful cat ever, at a nice restaurant in Hollywood.

That isn't too bad, after all…



To be continued...


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