After the Show

by 'Ssellur'



In front of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre after the show


“Hey Danny” says Sawyer from behind him, “You really gave everyone a chance to show their stuff in there, including me.”

“I’m just glad everything turned out ok.” He said, “I think that everyone’s dreams came true tonight.”

“Not everyone’s,” She said to him in a you forgot something voice. “One thing is missing from mine.”

“What is that?”

“This” She said as she grabbed his tie and pulled him closer and kissed him “Flanagan messed up the first try.”

There was a look of amazement on his face as it turned bright red from chin to ear tips.
As he regained his composure he said “I already forgot what that felt like”

“Then let me remind you.” Sawyer said as she kissed him again, they held the kiss till they were both out of breath.

“I don’t think we should hang around here if this is what we are going to do.” Danny said, “Let’s go some where private.”

“Your place or mine?” Sawyer said with a playful grin on her face.

“Lady’s choice.” He said with the same playful grin.

“Then your place it is!” She said to him as he took her hand in his.
After dinner, and many more kisses, Danny settled in on the couch as Sawyer took his bed. The next morning Sawyer woke up next to a note pinned to a set of her clothes that wasn’t there when she went to bed.
The note read: 


Dear Beautiful,
 I went to your house and picked out a nice outfit for you to wear. I didn’t grab any unmentionables. I am out getting food for breakfast. How does bacon and eggs sound? If I come back and your aren’t in bed I wont be able to treat you to breakfast in bed.  
Love Always 
 P.S. You look even more beautiful when you are asleep.


“You are so corny sometimes Danny, but I guess that’s why I love you.”
    “I love you too.” Said Danny from behind her, making her jump.
    “Don’t scare me like that!” she said with her claws still extended from being surprised.
    “Sorry, I didn’t mean too.” He said with a big goofy grin on his face. “Are you gonna get back in bed so you can eat or would you rather eat in the kitchen?” he asked.
Fully calmed she finally noticed that he was holding a tray full of food. “Let’s both eat in bed.” She suggested as she climbed back onto the bed.
    “Ok.” He said as he sat down next to her.
After they finished eating she went to the bathroom to take a shower. When she came out she was wearing only a towel. When Danny saw her wrapped tightly in the towel his eyes almost popped out of his head.

“Down, boy!” She said when she saw his reaction. After she got dressed she asked Danny how she looked.

“Beautiful, as always.”
As they kissed again, they knew it would be only the first of many to come.


After the Show pt.2



“And cut, great job” yelled the director.

“Hey Sawyer,” Danny called “you wanna go get some coffee or something?”

“Sure.” she replied, “Just let me change out of this leotard. You should change out of yours too”

”Yeah these things are uncomfortable.”

“I’ll meet you out side in a few, ok?”

“I’ll be missing you every second” Danny said with fake sadness that even a little kid could see through.

“You are such a ham.” Sawyer said as she pushed him towards the men’s changing room.

“Can’t I join you in the other changing room?”

“No!” She said with a blush, “Why do you have to act like such a goofball all the time?”

“Because you secretly love that about me” He said

"There is no secret about it,” she said right before she kissed him.

Twenty Minutes Later, out side of the stage



“Hey cutie” Danny said as Sawyer walked out the double doors. “You ready to go?”

“Almost” She said then she kissed him “Now I'm ready

“Man I love this woman,” Danny thought.
At the coffee shop, Danny was thinking about an idea he had.

“Sawyer?” He asked.

“Yes Danny?” She replied.

“I have been thinking that we should put on the show with all of our friends again.”

“Do you mean “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now”?”


“That’s a great idea.”

“You think so?”


“Because I was thinking that since Pudge is back in town we could all just ask L.B. to set us a stage.” Danny said with optimism. “What are you laughing about?” He said as Sawyer started to laugh.

“Me and Tilly were talking about the same thing yesterday.” She said giggling.

“Well then, it’s settled.” Can you get a hold of everyone? I don’t know all of there numbers. Plus I need to talk to L.B. about getting the stage.”

“Sure,” Then she kissed him “Let get to work.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Three days later 



“Is everyone ready?” Danny asked all his friends

“I am.” said Tilly.

“Good to go, Danny.” replied Pudge.

“Ready and willing, Darling.” Said Frances.

“As ready as ill ever be.” Cranston said being his grumpy self.

“I think so.” Said T.W. nervous as ever.

I’m ready for my part. ” said Woolie, sitting at his piano.

“Well, it looks like were all ready Danny.”

“Then its my time to start things up!” As he stepped up on stage he started to sing…


Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen,
if you would be so kind.
I've got someone very special here
and she's about to speak her mind

That’s when Sawyer blew through the curtains and started to sing…

I've got a song to sing
and if you don't like my song
I’m gonna sing it anyhow
I’ve got a song in my heart...
And nothin's gonna stop us now!
You take 4 and 20 blackbirds
and bake them in a pie...
Before you put 'em in the oven
man you know they're gonna fly (and they'll get you)
They say curiosity killed the cat
I’m living proof that that's a lie
and now I’m gonna tell you why
nothin's gonna stop us
nothin's gonna stop us
        nothin's gonna stop us now
nothin's gonna stop us
 nothin's gonna stop us
           nothin's gonna stop us now.
If I wanna dance, I’ll dance (she'll dance)
just as long as the law will allow
dance and sing all night long
'cause nothin's gonna stop us now
nothin's gonna stop us
   nothin's gonna stop us   
 nothin's gonna stop us
 nothin's gonna stop us
          nothin's gonna stop us, now


Then T.W. got into his part…

Look for me where there's a smell of danger.
The smell of danger is my middle name
I've been very quiet, but I’ve got a lot to say
believe me.


Cranston and Frances started their part…

And if you're not goin' with us
then get out of our way

Then Tillie…

Been knocked down, cut down
locked down, shut down
held down, fell down ev'rytime
been pushed back, bushwhacked
denied a contract
when you got yours, you musta got mine
  nothin's gonna stop us
   nothin's gonna stop us 
   nothin's gonna stop us
   nothin's gonna stop us
I got a feeling inside
    and it's love without a doubt
 I’ve got someone I’m crazy about (He’s simply mad about her)
    and nothin's gonna stop us now
   nothin's gonna stop us
   nothin's gonna stop us   
  nothin's gonna stop us
   nothin's gonna stop us
   nothin's gonna stop us, now!

Back stage they were all talking about how much fun it was to do the song that made them famous again.

“That was so much fun!” Cranston cheered “I haven’t felt this young in ages!”

“You all were great!” Danny yelled down from the catwalk above them all “We did it even better tonight then we did the first time. I’m proud to call you all my friends.”

“Get down here and celebrate with… DANNY, LOOK OUT!” Sawyer screamed as Max and Darla came crashing down on the catwalk. As the catwalk fell out from beneath him, Danny stuck his claws into the curtain and slid down, tearing the curtain down in the process. By the time he reached the bottom Darla and Max had already hit the stage and gone through it. 

“Are you ok?” Sawyer said as she ran over to Danny and held him tight “I thought you were going to die. If you had I don’t knows what I would have done!”

“I’m sorry I scared you Sawyer, but now that all of that is over I want to ask you something.” Danny reached into his pocket and pulled out a little box. He then dropped to one knee and took her hand as he opened it.

“Sawyer Cat, with all my heart I ask you this. Will you marry me?”
With little hesitation she jumped at Danny and started to kiss him “Yes, yes I will!”
As there friends started cheering they noticed that the cheers were a little louder that they should be, when they realized that they entire audience had seen him propose.

“It about time.” said all of their friends at the same time.

“You have just made me the happiest cat alive.” Danny said Ass he kissed his fiancé

“No, the second happiest.” Sawyer said as she kissed him back.

Two months later


“I do.” Danny said. Then he kissed his wife “I love you,” he told her

“I love you, too.” Sawyer said back to him.

“This is they best day of my life,” Danny said “and I can’t think of anyone else I would want to spend it with that with you.”

“I feel the same way.” Sawyer said to him.

“It looks a Happily Ever After!” They said at the same time.


The End


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