Danny's day in Kokomo
By: Nikki

    Danny, the orange tabby from the great city of Hollywood, looks at a picture of his mother, Josh and Ben. He pulls it towards his chest, hugs it tight, and says, "Some day, I'll come visit y'all, someday". He lies down on his bed, and starts to cry because he been there over a year, and can only talk to his family by long distance phone calls or letters. As he tries to go to sleep, he hears a knock on the door. He gets up, and opens the door. Sawyer, a white Persian looks at him, and asks, "Danny, what's wrong?"
    "I've been here for a year, and I really miss my family. I'm an uncle now, and have never seen my niece". Sawyer grabs his hands, and while she is holding them, she starts to get an idea.
    "Danny, why don't you go visit your family!" Sawyer said cheerfully
    "That takes money, it took two years to get me here to Hollywood!" Danny said
    "We're rich now, we can afford two round trip bus tickets."
    "Two?" asks Danny, confused.
    "Yes, I'd like to meet your family too! I'm your girlfriend right?"
    "Okay, so let's buy those tickets." Sawyer said. Danny grabbed his suitcase and his hat, and then they went to Sawyer's apartment. Sawyer couldn't go to Kokomo with only the dress she's wearing, so she got her clothes. Then they were on their way to the bus station.
    When they got there, Sawyer put her and Danny's money together to pay for bus tickets. They got on the bus, and Sawyer started to laugh.
    "Sawyer, what's so funny?" Danny asked.
    "Three years ago, I rode this same bus, and sat in this very seat!" Sawyer said.
    Danny smiles at her as he takes out the magazine that he read on first his bus ride to Hollywood.

    Three days later, they saw the "WELCOME TO KOKOMO" sign. Danny jumps out of his seat and starts to wave at his friends he sees. He sees Salli Bunny and her husband, Johnny Bunny getting produce so he waves at her. She waves back and blows kisses at him. Danny has a light blush on his cheeks, and Sawyer said,
    "I haven't seen you blush like that!"
    "She kissed me on the Fourth of July a long time ago" Danny said
    "Did you like it?" Sawyer asked
    "Not as much as kissing you!" their lips came close, when the bus driver yelled "KOKOMO!!"
    Danny grabbed his and Sawyer's luggage, and they started to head off the bus. Every one of his friends ran to him. When they saw Sawyer they all said, "OOOO!! DANNY'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND!"
    Salli walked up to Danny, carrying something in her arms. Danny hugged her, and said, "Salli, this is Sawyer Cat, Sawyer, this is Salli Bunny."
    "Nice to meet you Salli, Danny talks about you. What do you have here?"
    Salli handed the blanket to Sawyer. Sawyer opened the blanket, and there was a baby bunny. It had brown fur with bright brown eyes.
    "What it's name?" Sawyer asked.
    "His name is Daniel Scott Bunny."
    "Danny, she named him after you!" Sawyer said. Danny grabbed the little babe, and said,
    "Just hope he won't be as wild as I was when I was younger". Salli just laughed, and walked off with little Daniel in her arms.
    Sawyer took Danny's hand and said, "Let's meet your family and your niece". Danny grabbed the luggage and together they walked to the end of town until they came to a hillside. At the top of the hill was a little house.
    "I feel funny."
    "Why?" Sawyer asks.
    "I haven't been here for a year". Danny got the luggage and went up to the house, where he knocks on the door. An orange tabby cat, in her mid fifties, answers it and begins to cry.
    "Hello Mama. I'm here to see you, but for only a little while because we have to be back to Hollywood in four days."           Danny's mom hugs him tightly. Then she asks, "Who is this charming young lady, my Daughter-in-law?"
    "No, she's my girlfriend, Sawyer Cat".
    Sawyer waved at Danny's mom nervously. His mother just smiles and says, "Come on in! Josh is here too, with little Kellie."
    "Can I see them?" asks Danny.
    "Sure! You all visit while I finish my cooking."
    Danny and Sawyer went inside, and Josh and Kellie were sitting on the couch. Josh went up and said, "Hi Dan!"
    "Hi Josh, is this my niece?"
    "Yes, she looks like you in a way"
    "Quit that!"
    Josh gave Kellie to Danny and as he held her, he started to cry. Josh looked so surprised and said, "I haven't seen you cry like that in years!"
    "SUPPER TIME!!!" yelled Danny's mother. The young cats ate like they hadn't eaten in years.

    After dinner, Sawyer and Danny looked at each other, because it was time to go. Danny hugged and kissed his mother good-bye. He hugged Josh and lightly hugged Kellie too. Sawyer called a cab. They waved good-bye to Danny's family out the cab window as it started to drive away. Danny looked at Sawyer and said,
    "Thanks, Sawyer."
    "For what?" she asked
    "For this."
    "You're welcome." They kissed in the moonlight in the Kokomo air, and they Lived Happily Ever After....

The End

Danny and Sawyer © W.B. 
Other characters © S.Pleger