Letter from Home 

    Danny sat at the kitchen table and picked up the letter sitting on it. He instantly recognised the handwriting on the front as his fathers and opened it.
It said:

Dear Danny

How are you? We're all fine back here. Your mother and I are well. Ben is great and Todd has started talking. Breezy has met a nice young man, and Josh is. Josh is his usual self. But anyway how are things in Hollywood? We all went to see your latest movie and thought it was wonderful. I think you've just bought yourself another Oscar. How is that lovely Sawyer? Ever since you introduced us to her your mother has been going on and on about her. Listen son you have a great girl there. You don't meet someone like her everyday. Trust me.


    Danny put the letter on the table and smiled. His dad was always looking out for him. He thought about his family. He thought of his parents on their farm, he thought of Ben with little Todd, he thought of Breezy and her 'nice young man', and he thought about Josh. He thought of him smoking and drinking himself to death, he thought of him getting into fights and he thought of him worrying mom and dad into an early grave. He wished Josh could see what he was doing to mom and dad. Danny was brought back to reality by his butler Leo shaking his shoulder.
    "Sir," Leo said, "are you alright?"
    "Yes I'm fine" said Danny, and he smiled. "Just daydreaming."
    "What's that," Leo said indicating the letter, "fan mail?"
    "No," said Danny, "just a letter from Dad."
    "Well he's probably your biggest fan," said Leo, "except for that girl who keeps sending you her toenail clippings."
Danny chuckled and stood up. "I'm going upstairs to write back to Dad."
    "Shall you be telling him of your plans with Ms. Sawyer tomorrow night?" Leo said, smiling.
    "If it goes well I'll have to tell them about it the day after." Danny said, grinning.

    Danny ran upstairs and went into his study. He looked around the room. The room was painted cream, and had mahogany floorboards. There was a mahogany desk by the window. There were pictures of his family and friends on the walls, and there was also a gigantic bookshelf, that took up most of the back wall, with at least 300 of Danny's favourite books. He sat at the desk and picked up a picture of Sawyer. He smiled and placed the picture back on his desk, and began to write.

Dear Dad

I'm fine. I can't believe Todd is talking! When I last saw him he could barely crawl. Tell Ben to send over more photos. And you had better warn Breezy's 'nice young man' about her extremely over protective brother. And don't worry too much about Josh, he's in a bad way right now but he'll find his way. Trust me. I didn't think the movie was that good. I'm going to be in another movie. Its called 'Citizen Kane'. I'm playing the main character when he was a young man. I don't think it'll be that big but I don't mind. Sawyer is great and was also crazy about both of you by the way, but then again who wouldn't be. And trust me I would never let Sawyer go.

Give my love to the family,


    Danny put the letter in an envelope and wrote his parents address on the front. He put it on the desk and opened his desk drawer. He reached inside and took out a small black box. He opened it and inside was the most beautiful engagement ring. In the centre there was a huge diamond and two small ones on either side. He stared at it for a few minutes and was interrupted by Leo coming in with a cup of coffee.
    "Here sir, I thought you might want this."
    "Thanks Leo," Danny said.
    "Is that the ring?" Leo asked Danny.
    "Yep," Danny said, "what do you think?" 
He handed the box to Leo. He gasped when he saw it, "I wow," was all he could say. He returned to normal after a few seconds and looked at Danny, "I would be absolutely shocked if she could say no to this."
Danny smiled, "I'd better post this letter," he said standing up. Leo picked it up.
    "I'll post this you should make sure Sawyers free tomorrow."
    "Yes, your right. Thanks." Leo walked out and Danny picked up the phone to call Sawyer.
    "Hello." Sawyer said.
    "Hi!" Danny said," it's me, Danny.".
    "Hi Danny." Sawyer said, "How are you?"
    "I'm great," said Danny, "I was wondering if you'd like to go out to dinner tomorrow?"
    "I'd love to," said Sawyer.
    "Great!" Said Danny. "How about The Brown Derby at Seven?"
    "Sounds great," said Sawyer. "Bye."
    "Bye." Danny put down the phone and looked at the ring. He smiled, closed the case, and put it in his pocket. He was looking forward to tomorrow.

    Two days later, in Kokomo, Danny's parents farmhouse was packed. Sean and Etta Mae, Danny's parents, were making breakfast for the family. Ben and his wife were playing with Todd, Breezy was talking to her boyfriend, Michael, and Josh was outside smoking his first cigarette of the morning. Sean was born in Ireland, and had lived there until he was 7, and he still had a deep Irish accent. The mailman came to the door and gave Sean Danny's letter. He opened it up and started to read it.
    "Is it from Danny?" Ben asked.
    "Yes" said Sean, "it sounds like he's doing pretty well."
    "Yeah," said Josh, "Mr. Song and Dance cat with his perfect little life."
Ben glared at Josh, "Danny has worked really hard to get to were he is and all you ever do is put him down."
Josh just lit another cigarette and said nothing. They were halfway through breakfast when the phone started to ring; Sean got up and answered it.
    "Hello." He said.
    "Hi dad, its me."
    "Hi Danny," he said, "What's going on?"
    "I'm getting married!"
    "Oh my gosh! Everyone, Danny's getting married!" Everyone got up and started asking Danny endless questions. Everyone; but Josh. They continued to ask Danny endless questions, and after an hour they let him put the phone down. It had been a great day for everyone. Everyone; but Josh.

The End