Danny's Sister
by Roderick Sloan

It was a sunny morning in Hollywood and an orange female cat was getting off the bus. She had green eyes and a red dress on, and she had come to Hollywood to act in the movies just as her brother did. She was amazed at the sight of the Chinese Theatre where a group of animals first broke into show business.

"Wow this place is beautiful," she said looking at the town as the sun rose over it. The first thing she would do was to find a hotel to stay at and then she would try to find her brother. She checked into a room at the El Greco hotel and then she looked in a phone book for her brother's name and address in the phone book and she found his apartment in it. She left the hotel and started walking to the apartment building where her brother lived. As she walked, she bumped into a white female Persian cat.

"Oh, excuse me," said the Persian cat.

"I'm sorry," said the orange cat.

"I've never seen you before. I'm Sawyer," said the Persian.

"I'm Alice, and I'm new here," said the orange cat.

"What brings you to Hollywood?" asked Sawyer.

"I came to act in the movies like my brother and I'm going to see him," said Alice.

"What's your brother's name?" asked Sawyer.

"His name is Danny," said Alice.

"Danny? I know your brother!" said Sawyer.

"Can you take me to his apartment?" asked Alice.

"Sure," said Sawyer.

The two cats walked to Danny's apartment and when Danny answered the door he was surprised to see Sawyer with his little sister.

"Alice!" said Danny.

"Hi Danny," said Alice.

"What are you doing here in Hollywood?" asked Danny.

"I came to be in the movies with you," she said.

"It's nice to meet your sister Danny," said Sawyer.

"Thanks, Sawyer. Would you two like to come in?" asked Danny.

"Sure," they said. They walked inside and Alice looked around Danny's apartment.

"You have a very nice apartment Danny," said Alice.

"Thanks," he said.

Danny brought out some tea and the three of them sat down and started to chat.

"So Alice, how do you like Hollywood so far?" asked Danny.

It's a really beautiful town, it's not at all like Kokomo," said Alice.

"So what were you and Danny like when you were kids?" asked Sawyer.

"I don't remember very much about when we were kids, but I do remember that Danny was a spirited little kitten full of hopes and dreams," said Alice.

"Wow, it sounds like you really looked up to him then," said Sawyer.

"I did. So, when did you two first meet?" asked Alice.

"Well, I met Sawyer on the day that I arrived in Hollywood. We were to be partners in an ark movie and that's when I found out that animals didn't get to sing or dance in the movies. All they got to do was make animal noises in them," said Danny.

"But your brother came up with an idea for me and all the other animals to perform for LB Mammoth, but it was sabotaged by a child star named Darla Dimple who didn't want us to become stars. She flooded the set and that's when they fired us from Mammoth studios and Danny almost went home. I tried to stop him," said Sawyer.

"She was to late for I had already gotten on the bus. I had left my hat with my list behind on the bench where Sawyer found it. Then I saw Pudge and the other animals. I felt sorry for them and when I saw the poster for the premier of Little Ark Angel I got the idea to perform at the theatre. I sent out the invitations and everybody came. When the movie was almost over Darla's butler Max came backstage and tried to stop us, but he failed. We put on a good show that everybody loved and when it was over Darla said that she flooded the stage over the loudspeaker."

"We became big stars and Danny got the girl," said Sawyer, and she kissed Danny on the cheek.

Alice gave out a giggle and said, "You two must really like each other."

"You can say that again," said Sawyer.

"Well, I hope that happens to me," said Alice.

"I'm sure it will happen to you," said Danny.

The next day Danny and Sawyer brought Alice down to Mammoth Studios so she could try out for the studio and meet the others. The first person Danny introduced Alice to was Tillie, who introduced Alice to everybody else the same way she did Danny when he first came to Hollywood. When Tillie was done Alice felt very dizzy.

"So you're trying out for Mammoth Studios," said Tillie.

"Yeah," said Alice after she was no longer dizzy.

"Come on Alice, we'll show you where to audition," said Sawyer.

Danny and Sawyer brought Alice to a stage where they were having auditions for all kinds of animals and people.

"Danny, I'm nervous," said Alice.

"Don't worry, you'll do good," said Danny.

"Were right behind ya Alice, 100%," said Sawyer.

"Thanks guys," said Alice.

When it was Alice's turn she walked onto the stage and she was ready to dance as soon the music started playing. LB Mammoth and Flanigan found Alice's dancing and singing to be very good, she was a very talented cat like Danny.

"Good. Very good Miss…?"


"Very good Alice," said LB.

"Thank you Mr. Mammoth," she said.

"She's my little sister," said Danny.

"We'll call you if you make the part," said LB.

"Thank you," said Alice.

"I hope she makes the part Danny," said Sawyer.

"I'm sure she will," said Danny

After work Danny, Sawyer, and Alice went to Pinky's cafe for some coffee and they chatted for a while.

"Is acting going to be hard as it sounds?" asked Alice.

"Well, it is a little bit hard. There's rehearsing and stuff," said Danny.

When they were done Danny and Sawyer walked Alice back to the hotel. On the way Alice watched as they walked together arm in arm, and she wished that she would meet someone that would love her as much as Danny loved Sawyer. Alice walked to her room and went to bed and looked forward to the next day.

The next morning Alice woke up bright and early, she got dressed and decided to go out for breakfast and as she walked to a nice looking restaurant she bumped into a red tabby.

"Oh excuse me," said the tabby.

"Oh that's okay," said Alice as the tabby helped her up.

"I'm Alvin," said the Tabby.

"I'm Alice."

"Nice to meet you," said Alvin.

"Likewise I'm sure," said Alice.

"Would you like to join me for breakfast?" asked Alvin.

"Sure," said Alice.

The two sat down at a table and ordered breakfast and chatted as they ate.

"So your brother is Danny Cat," said Alvin.

"Yeah, I'm hoping to make it in the movies with him," said Alice.

"Wow that's what I'm planning to do get into the movies, said Alvin, I'm gonna go to Mammoths studios today would you like to come and watch me try out?"

"Sure," said Alice.

After they ate Alvin paid the bill and they got up and left for Mammoth Studios so Alvin could try out. Alice couldn't resist but to look at Alvin and she noticed that he had clear blue eyes. On their way to the studio they met Danny and Sawyer.

"Good morning Alice who's this?" asked Sawyer.

"Good morning Sawyer, this is Alvin he's gonna be trying out at Mammoth studios", said Alice.

"Nice to meet you," said Danny extending his hand.

"Nice to meet you," said Alvin shaking his hand.

When they got to Mammoth studios they went to the auditions where LB told Alice that she got the part and then he watched Alvin perform. Danny and Sawyer looked at Alice and noticed that she was looking dreamily at Alvin and they could tell that she was in love with him. After Alvin was done LB said that they would call him if he gets the part.

A few days later Alice was working at Mammoth Studios with Danny and the others and she smiled when she saw Alvin walk into the studio where they were working on the first movie they were both going to be in.

"Okay here are your parts everyone," said Flanigan.

"I'm going to be working with Sawyer, who are you going to be working with, Alice?" asked Danny.

"I'm going to be working with..." when Alice saw who she was going to working with her smile grew wide. "I'm going to be working with Alvin," said Alice. Alice looked over at Alvin and noticed that he was smiling too.

Alice and Alvin watched Danny and Sawyer dance together and then when they got to dance together everybody in the studio thought that they were amazing together. After the workday was over Alvin went to ask Alice something.

"Excuse me Alice?" said Alvin.

"Yes Alvin," said Alice.

"Would you like to join for dinner tonight?" asked Alvin.

"I would love to," said Alice and that's when she kissed Alvin on the cheek. A few inches away, Danny and Sawyer watched, and both laughed at the two young lovers.

The End