Danny's Trip to Hollywood

written by Patricia


(A view from Danny's eyes when he got on the bus and came to the town where dreams can come true!)


I woke up. It was 6:00a.m. The bus would come in a half hour!

I hurried up, and got dressed in a turtleneck, a bowtie, a vest and tan pants.

A half hour later I jumped on the bus and I was off to Hollywood.

A few days later I twirled off the bus and I could not believe my eyes. Hollywood, where the streets are paved with gold!!!

I helped a penguin, which I later found out is named  Pudge, and accidentally knocked a lady cat, named Sawyer, into a water fountain.

Without notice, I scurried in to Farley Wink's Animal Actor Agency where I made friends with a hippo, a fish, a goat and a turtle who thinks he has bad luck.

Later on, I met a spoiled little girl brat named Darla Dimple. Ever since I ruined the Noah's Ark scene, she hasn't liked animals-especially me!  She also had a butler Max, who now, doesn't work for her because now she's a janitor for Mammoth Studios, but I'll talk about that later.

Anyway, Farley Wink wanted me to do a part in Noah's Ark, which I talked about a few minutes ago, and after I signed up as the male cat, Farley wanted Sawyer to be the female but she didn't want to do it because I knocked her in the fountain but she did want a raise, so she did it.

When I saw that the only word in the script that I could say was "MEOW", I was shocked. I wanted to do it with more feeling. Sawyer warned me that I was doing it the hard way but I didn't listen. All I did was go "Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, mow, mow, mow on the sea!!!" and Darla got all mean and bratty. She even got Max after me. I was OK.

When everyone laughed at me, I got upset. I went out in a dark studio alone. My friends came a few minutes later. Cranston the goat tried to imitate me. Sawyer decided to go and talk to me. "All I want to do is sing and dance." I said.

"Danny! They don't care!! Don't you get it? Why are you trying to make such a fool of yourself?" Sawyer asked me.

"It wasn't this way in Kokomo." I said.

"Then maybe that's where you should have stayed." said Sawyer.

We talked some more.

After Sawyer left, Pudge came along and tried to dance the way I did but almost stumbled. Then I got up and showed him how to dance.

After awhile, I noticed some music. We followed the sound to an elephant called Woolies house. When he noticed us, he asked us if we wanted any peanut tea. We told him that he didn't have to go to any trouble, but he insisted. When Woolie walked, the house shook and me and Pudge's tea went flying. I caught mine in the cup but poor Pudge's spilled.

I then told Woolie that I wanted to get good roles in Hollywood, but to my displeasure, he told me that people get the good roles in Hollywood, not animals. He told me that all the animals at Mammoth Picture's tried, but couldn't make the bright lights. And even when he thought Sawyer would be in bright lights, she didn't.

The next morning they had an audition, in an alley, for animal parts.  They only chose one animal and told the rest of them to go home.  The animals started to leave, but I stopped them. We made our own music using trashcan lids and other things to show what talent we have. We didn't know it, but Darla watched us and got very mad, but her butler Max joined in the fun with maracas. When he stopped, she told him to invite me to tea.

The next day, I went to Miss Dimples mansion for animal crackers and tea. Darla offered me some animal cracker bodies and she ate the heads. I didn't like that. She started to tell me that she would talk to Mr. Mammoth and tell him to give us animals the whole stage. She even sang a song about being big and loud. What I didn't realize was that she was planning to flood the studio!!!

When I told everyone that we were going to use the whole stage to audition for Mr. Mammoth, they were very excited. We got our costumes on and read the script while Mr. Mammoth talked outside. What we didn't know was that Darla and Max were flooding the stage as we spoke. When the stage was really flooding badly, I had to steer the boat.

We broke through buildings and even got costumes on when we went through a costume shop. Tillie the hippo, Cranston the goat, Mr. Mammoth and the director were hooked on a line in the back. Sawyer got a little upset but got over it. When we finally stopped, Mr. Mammoth fired all of us animals and told us never to come in Mammoth Studios again.

I sadly packed and got on a bus to Kokomo.

I left my straw hat and my checklist I followed when I first came to Hollywood, on a bench. Sawyer rushed to find me but it was too late, the bus had taken off.

When I wasn't even out of Hollywood yet, I told the bus driver to stop the bus because I saw Pudge walking on the sidewalk, looking very sad.

A big poster gave me an idea. I wrote to all my friends telling them that they were invited to the theater to see the Noah's Ark film.

They all got on their best suits and dresses and came to see it.

While I was talking with Pudge, Max came in and got Pudge and used him as a head scratcher. When he was finished, Pudge had a static electricity hairdo.

Max chased me out to the roof and I would have been trapped if it weren't for a Darla Dimple balloon.

I said to Max " How does the kitty cat go?"

Max responded, "Meow?"

I set him flying on the balloon. He was out of my way.

When I came back in, my suit was in rags. The movie was over. It was time for the show I had planned!

"Don't leave yet! Darla Dimple has been so kind, that she let us do a little show. And it wouldn't have been possible without my frien-!" I paused. My friends weren't there!

"We're right behind ya Danny." said Sawyer.

"Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, if you would be so kind, there's someone very special here, she's bound to speak her mind. " I announced.

Sawyer sang a song and then all our friends made a big smash!

Darla tried to ruin it, but by doing that, she helped make the show a success.

Darla said "I should have drowned you all when I flooded the stage!!!" and by accident, she spoke through a microphone and everyone in the theater heard it, including Mr. Mammoth!

She then became a janitor and we animals became stars.

We made lots of movies and still are!


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