Danny and L.B. stepped out of their limousine into the parking lot of Fields Supermarket. Danny, L.B, Sawyer, and the rest of the gang, would be signing autographs there that afternoon, and Danny and L.B. were going down to make sure everything was running smoothly. The signing wouldn't start for a couple of hours, but there were already a good 20 people waiting in line. They gasped and smiled when they saw Danny and L.B., and the two stars smiled back. Danny had only been in Hollywood for a year and a half, but 4 movies, and 3 Oscars, had made him pretty well known. Once they had checked that everything was in order, they were about to leave when, they heard a gunshot. Everyone had instinctively dived to the floor at the sound. Danny looked up and saw a dark brown tabby cat holding a gun.

    Two of the employees had run into the staff room and locked the door, but everyone else was trapped. The tabby cat locked the door.
    "O.K." he said, "Everyone to the back of the store." They obeyed and sat against the back wall. They sat in silence until they heard police cars pulling up outside.          
    "Listen," Danny said, "I'll write you a check and then you can let us all go."
The tabby snarled, "Do you think I am an idiot? You'll have the bank void it before I can ever get it cashed, and the cops will be waiting for me at the bank! Nah," the tabby grinned. "I'll get more off the police, for you two, than you could ever give me."

    Sawyer and the others were at Mammoth Studios preparing for the signing in the afternoon. They were drinking coffee when Flanigen burst in screaming. They weren't worried, as he would often go hysterical over the tiniest thing. "Heh," said Cranston, "a light-bulb probably burned out on the set." Flanigen was beyond words and finally started fumbling with the radio and it crackled to life. The voice on the radio said, "Twenty hostages have been taken inside Fields Super-market. We have just heard that two of the hostages are none other than LB Mammoth and Danny Kellian." They all sat in stunned silence and then, without exchanging a word they rose and headed out to the limousine.   

    Danny sat in between L.B. and a group of frightened looking children. He stood up and approached the gunman.
    "Please," Danny said, "I'll give you 20,000 dollars if you'll just let the kids go."
The cat smiled, "No, I wouldn't want the cops to think I'm weak now would I?"
    "But their just innocent little kids!" Danny yelled.
    The cat smiled slowly and pulled out his gun, and pointed it at him. "I'd sit down if I were you."
Danny sat down feeling angrier than he'd ever felt.
L.B. put his hand on Danny's shoulder and said, "Don't make him angry, Danny m'boy, we may be stuck with him for a long time."

    Sawyer and the others got out of the limousine and ran to a nearby officer, Flanigan was still screaming and Tillie was in floods of tears.
    "What's going on?" Sawyer said, "Is everyone alright in there?" Sawyer herself was quite upset and hoped to get some good news.
    "Don't worry ma'am, were waiting for him to make his demands."
Sawyer went over and told the others, "If that guy hurts Danny I'm gonna kill-"
Woolie covered her mouth and looked at Sawyer. "Don't worry dear, Danny will be fine, you heard the officer. Once the gunman makes his demands, they'll give him what he wants, and Danny will come out safe, and sound."
    "Yes, your right." She said, "Thanks, Woolie."

    Danny sat watching the tabby cat. He'd been going over his demands for at least 20 minutes before he'd finally demanded 5 million dollars wired to his account.
    "So what now?" Danny said, "Do you really think, when you let us go, their just gonna let you waltz outta here?"
    "Shut up!" The tabby cat said.
    "No," said Danny, "once you get outta here there gonna take you down."
The tabby snarled, "You're on thin ice pal!"
    "Oh! What are you gonna do?" Danny said, "Shoot me, well go ahead! The police won't pay for dead hostages."
The cat thought for a moment before saying, "Who needs you? I'll get enough for the old man!" He didn't notice L.B. grab a can off a nearby shelf. He pointed the gun at Danny, and at the same time L.B. threw the can.

    Everyone was waiting outside when the heard a loud BANG from a gun followed by several more. Tillie and Flanigan started screaming again, Sawyer and Pudge fell over, Woolie stumbled (knocking over a police car in the process), T.W went back into his shell, and Francis and Cranston looked shocked. Policemen burst through the doors and after what seemed like hours, Sawyer saw two policemen wrestling a brown cat with a black eye into a police car. Another police officer was leading several shocked looking men and women out the supermarket door. L.B. walked out looking dazed, and finally Danny walked out with a paramedic. He had a pretty bad gash down his left arm, but all in all he looked fine. He saw them and waved, before being put in an ambulance, and everyone (except Woolie and Tillie who couldn't fit in with them) piled in with Danny. Sawyer kissed his forehead and said, "We were all so worried." Cranston opened his mouth to say something, but never succeeded before Sawyer elbowed him in the stomach.
    "So what happened Danny," said Pudge, "did you beat that guy up?"
Danny laughed, "No, he was about to shoot me when L.B. threw a can at his head which made him lose his balance, so he dropped his gun. He fell over knocking over a jar that smashed on the ground. He went for his gun and I dived on him, getting this in the process." he said indicating his gash, "So we got into a fight. He grabbed his gun, but he was still sort of dazed so he shot up into the ceiling, and then the police burst in." L.B. raised his eyebrows at Danny but said nothing.

    They arrived at the hospital stitched Danny up and told him that he could go home in the morning. Everyone stayed with him, talking until they decided to go and let him rest, L.B. hung back and looked at Danny.
    "Nice spin you put on that story."
    "I don't know what you mean" said Danny.
    "You know what, I missed with the can, you dived on him, started to over-power him so he broke a jar and cut you with the glass, then when you over-powered him he grabbed his gun, tried to shoot you but you pulled back his hand so all the bullets went into the ceiling."
Danny ducked his head and said "Okay I did, but don't tell them."
    "My lips are sealed" said L.B. leaving the room. Danny lay back onto his pillow and looked out the window, life's never boring.

The End