The Story Of Jen
by 'Jenalla'
(From the view point of Danny Cat)

Night. Why was it always at night? Not that I am not fond of the dark mind you, evenings have always given me a sense of peace in the world. I have even spent many a late hour out with Sawyer, dancing under the starry sky. But that night was different.

Much different.

It was Halloween this night. And since the people of this town were not fond of "dressed-up whelps coming and knocking on the door, begging for candy", not a soul was on the streets. Well, except for odd ball me. I had just finished up a regular visit to Sawyer's place, like I usually do on a Friday, and was on my usual walk back to the hotel. But that's when things got strange. Strange thoughts raced through my head at every little sound. For some reason, I was suddenly aware, that the night sky was black. Pure black. The stars were hardly visible and the moon was nowhere to be seen. I also had a crazy observation that it was Friday the 31st, Friday the 13th backwards. Surely this wasn't the reason for my racked mind. Was it? Taking a more secluded route back to my residence, I passed by a whole row of other hotels and such. I've never liked this alley much; all of the buildings looked the same from the back, as if to do that to confuse you until you screamed like a loon trying to find the right back door. No lights gracing the road, no backlights, and a perfect hollow for wind to whistle in. I wonder why I did such a stupid thing as to go back that way. I had, and still have, no answer. Maybe I just needed time away from the world, to gather the rest of my courage just to make it "home".


They drug me harshly from my thoughts, sending my stomach to my throat and my heart to the ground. Not just because it was the sound of another's feet, but because these were terribly silent, showing that they weren't meant to be heard by anyone. Only the sharpness of an animal's hearing could pick them up.

I could feel my ears flatten to my head.

Now, more than ever, I just wanted out of that alley. But the darkness of the night made that almost impossible, and mixing with my panicked mind make me insane. I raced about, desperately trying to find my way to a main street, or a trashcan or something to get away from the feet. I then stopped at a realization. Looking around, I found no one to be following me, at least to my eyes, and the footsteps sounded much higher off of the ground. The full moon finally broke over the top of the buildings, giving me the sort of comfort to the situation I needed to calm down, illuminating the alley and rooftops. But yet something was added. Something out of place....

I don't know why the sight was neutral, why it didn't freak the bajeezers out of me. Somehow I wished it did. There, on the peak of one of the clone hotel buildings, stood a silhouette. It seemed cat-like, although it's head did not sit right with a cat's. It looked canine. But everything else fit a cat. Even the tail, which was somewhat like mine but fluffier. Something was definately different. My ears resigning their place on the top of my head stood on end out of curiosity, as I eyed this strange wonder for quite a while, the rational side of me wanting to scream and run, but, being the more childish cat that I am, I just wanted to look at this creature.

Until it's eyes turned their star filled gaze to mine.

The sight of them and the sudden movement made me jump slightly, but yet I was still glued to the alley. Only this wasn't out of fear that the being might harm me. Those eyes... They weren't green, or brown, or blue, or even silver for that matter. They were clear. Not, "I can see all of the way to your brain" clear, and not milky white either. More of like a diamond would show if you looked through it when it was in a glass of snow. Sparkling, shining, reflecting the image of dumbfounded me staring right back. Clearly a pair of girl's eyes from the extended lashes draping into view, and they didn't blink. Not once in what seemed an eternity that they had me under their spell. I was helpless to move, somehow entranced by the beauty of them. But alas, a few minuets after I had caught sight of this truly unique creature, it was gone, having dashed from my view. I didn't even have time to react to the extreme change. I hadn't even a clue which way this being went. Just the thought of those diamond eyes, gazing without one blink...

Somehow I ended up at the hotel, shaking like a leaf out of both excitement and adrenaline still running through my veins, trying to tell Sawyer what had happened over the brown hotel phone.

"Sawyer!" She yawned; obviously I had caught her sleeping. "Huh wha?" Realizing who it was she got annoyed. "What is it Danny? I should skin you alive for calling at this hour!"

I rushed my sentence alone, as if those eyes were still on me. "I'm sorry but I had to tell you about the feet and the eyes and moon and-"

"Slow down!" Taking in that this was serious, Sawyer softened. "Now, as calm as you can, tell me. What happened?"

So I told her, as calmly as I could. First starting with going back to the hotel, right down to way the figure seemed to just disappear.

"And now I'm here, at the hotel, talking to you." I laughed inside at the obviousness of my last statement.

Sawyer was now just a rattled as me. "Hold on, I'll come over. Put on your helmet, 'cause I'm bringing Cranston too." She hung up.

Putting down the phone, I walked backwards towards the couch, sitting down in a heap, not able to get the sight of those eyes from my head...

Eyes of a devil, under a spell
Unable to speak the stories to tell
Should one fall into the gaze of this being
An adventure waits upon the scene


To Be Continued.... (And I swear I will finish it...)

(And now, the boring part.... *deep breath* Danny Cat, Sawyer Cat, and Cranston all Warner Bros; Jen/story me; none of this was taken from any other story on the site, and...yeah.)
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