Sawyer reached into her pocket, and pulled out a piece of paper. Danny immediately recognized it as the schedule he had made before he came. "Well, now, let's see," Sawyer said, pulling out a pencil. "Go to premiere...check." Danny tried to take the list, but she pulled it away from him. "Land a big part...check." Sawyer then stared at the list, seemingly confused. "Get the...girl? Check."
Sawyer blushed, as Danny realized what she had meant. He held his hand out, and Sawyer placed her hand in his. They leaned in close, and...
...they found themselves kissing opposite sides of Flanigan, who had unknowingly stepped in between them. "Sweethearts! Celebrities! Darlings!" he exclaimed, as the two cats recoiled in disgust. Before they even had time to regain their wits, L.B. Mammoth pushed Flanigan out of the way. "Get a picture, boys! These kids will be making history!" he shouted to the crowd of photographers in the audience, as the other animals gathered around Danny, Sawyer, and L.B. to get in the picture. They all posed, as the flashbulbs went off.
After all the pictures had been taken, L.B. and Flanigan stepped out of the group, towards the trap door that Darla Dimple had fallen into. L.B. pulled the door open, and Flanigan reached inside, pulling Darla out.
L.B. faced the disheveled Darla in anger. "As for you, Miss Dimple, in light of your recent actions, I have decided to revoke your contract with the studio. In other words, you...are...fired!"
Darla tried to say something, anything, but all that came out was a scream. Hysterical, she turned, and ran straight out of the theater.
Danny turned to Sawyer, and smiled, trying not to laugh at what he had just seen. "Gee, who'd have thought that 'little angel' would turn out to be such a devil?" Sawyer looked at Danny, half amused and half sarcastic. "That's Hollywood, Danny."
"Aww, come here, Sawyer," Danny said, as he took her into his arms and hugged her. He would have liked to kiss her too, but he was nervous about being so forward so soon. Oh well, he thought, there's always later.
Danny walked to the side of the stage, picking up his jacket and tie. Putting them back on, he approached the reporters who were swarming the stage, eager to get a few words from him.
Danny and his friends spoke with the press for some time, but eventually, everyone acknowledged that it was getting late. The reporters and photographers filed out of the theater, as everyone on stage exchanged goodbyes.
"Sawyer?" Danny asked, nervously approaching her. "W-would it be okay if I took you home?" Sawyer knew that Danny wanted to be close to her for a little while longer, but could also tell that he was a little worried. "I'd love that," she said, taking his hand. Danny smiled back, relieved.
Hand in hand, the two cats walked out of the theater. When they got outside, Danny's gaze moved down to the sidewalk, and the numerous handprints enshrined in cement. Even when those people are all long gone, he thought, their handprints will be here to remember them by. "Sawyer, do you think people are going to remember us in the future?"
"I don't know," Sawyer said, obviously thinking of her future, "but I sure hope so."
"Then don't lose that hope," Danny said. "Sometimes, it's all you have." Sawyer's thoughts were brought back to the night before, when Danny almost did lose hope. And if he had...what then? Sawyer then decided not to wonder about that; it was all in the past.
Danny and Sawyer walked down Hollywood Boulevard, close together. As they walked, they gazed into each other's eyes, in a way that anyone who saw them would have been able to tell that they were in love.
As he looked at her, Danny couldn't take his mind off of how lovely Sawyer was. Every feature was perfect, and her radiant face seemed to glow. In fact, the day that he first met her, he nearly told her, "Wow, you're beautiful."
At the same time, Sawyer was thinking about Danny. Out of everyone she had ever known in her time in Hollywood, he was the most considerate. And out of all the ones she had been romantically involved with since she had arrived, only Danny seemed to truly, sincerely love her.
Eventually, the two boarded the trolley, realizing that it would take too long to get to Sawyer's house on foot. Even there, they snuggled close, arms around one another. It hadn't been very long since they left the theater, but already, Danny felt more comfortable about being romantic. He realized that all it took was to face his worries head-on.
When they got to their stop, Danny and Sawyer got off the trolley, and continued walking. Eventually, they released the apartment building in which Sawyer lived. They walked into the building, and up to her apartment.
Danny, realizing that he had not said a single word since they had left the theater, said, "Well, we're here." Sawyer then said, "Wait here. I'll be right back." She unlocked the door, and went inside. A few moments later, she returned, holding the hat Danny had left at the bus stop the evening before.
Danny was surprised that Sawyer had it, but it made sense; he had left his list in the hat, and she had taken out the list in the theater. The list. His thoughts returned to that list, and specifically to Sawyer's comment about "getting the girl." He realized that if he was going to make his move any time soon, it had to be now.
"Good night, Sawyer," Danny said. Then, he put his arms around Sawyer's waist, pulled her close, and kissed her. Immediately, a feeling rushed through him that words could not describe. It was a feeling of passion, elation, and satisfaction, all at once. He realized that he had stayed in the kiss for a long time, but he just could not bring himself to break off. But finally, he did.
Sawyer, who was obviously as floored as Danny was, placed her hand on Danny's cheek, gently stroking it. "Good night, Danny." Then, she walked into her house, closing the door behind her.
As Danny went home, he felt like he was walking on air. He had changed the public perception of animals in Hollywood, landed a contract with a major motion picture studio, and "gotten the girl," all in one night. As he went into his room at the El Greco Hotel, he could only wonder what the next day would bring...

The Day After

By Jeffrey Gray

The alarm clock went off. Danny's hand reached out to turn it off, as he sat up to look at it. Eight o'clock. He wondered what was going on today. He remembered L.B. saying they didn't have to report to the studio today, so he had the day off. He thought he'd maybe take a look around Hollywood; he hadn't really gotten to see it in the past week, which he had spent nearly all of trying to break into the movies. Maybe he'd do something with Sawyer; it was her day off, after all.
Danny got out of bed, got showered, and got dressed. He felt it was too early to call Sawyer, so he decided to go look for some place to get breakfast. He went down to the lobby, and as he was heading for the exit, eyes turned toward him. Danny understood why.
As he passed the front desk, he heard the clerk say, "Hey, you. You look familiar. Aren't you that cat who put on that show at the Chinese Theatre last night?" Danny turned toward him, and said "Why, yes I am." The clerk said, "I read all about it in the paper. It sounded like it was great! I didn't know you animals even had it in you!"
Danny wanted to explain that humans hadn't previously let others know that animals "had it in them," but he decided not to, out of courtesy. Instead, he simply said "Thank you," turned, and walked out the door.
Danny found a good place to eat, and as he sat there eating, many things crossed his mind. First of all, he thought about his up-and-coming career. He had made it into the movies, but what next? Danny imagined a long and illustrious career, full of fame, fortune, and great roles. But then he decided not to think about the future too much; the present was more important.
Next, his mind turned to Hollywood itself. He had still not really gotten to know this place yet. He had been here for a week, but he still felt a little like a stranger in a strange land. He decided he would try to get more acquainted with Hollywood as much as possible. Maybe Sawyer could show him around today...if she had the time.
Sawyer. He still could not stop thinking about Sawyer. He had been smitten with her since the moment he first saw her, and he was still reeling from the night before, when he learned that she had the same feelings for him. He didn't know what it was about her: whether it was her beauty, or her personality, or the way she danced with him, but he was drawn to her more and more as time went on.
As soon as he was finished eating, Danny looked for a phone booth. When he found one, he searched through the phone book for Sawyer's number. Then, he put money into the phone, dialed the number, and stood there, hoping that she'd pick it up. Finally, he heard a voice:
"Yes, is this Sawyer?"
"Yes, and may I ask who is calling?"
"It's Danny."
"Oh! Danny! How are you?"
"I'm fine. I was just calling to ask...well...are you busy today?"
"Actually, no, I'm not."
"Well, could I...well, would it be okay if...well, what I'm asking you want to do something with me today?"
"I'd love to, Danny."
"So can I come pick you up at your house?"
"That'd be fine. Do you need the address?"
"No, I still remember it from last night."
"Oh, okay...well, when will you be here?"
"In about an hour, I guess."
"All right, I'll be waiting for you."
"Thanks. Goodbye, Sawyer."
"Goodbye, Danny."
Danny put down the receiver, and went back to the hotel as fast as he could. When he got into his hotel room, he rummaged around for something to wear. Finally, he chose a brown jacket and brown pants. It was something casual, but not too fancy. Danny then left the hotel, and got ready to board the trolley. But before he did, he decided to get a bouquet of flowers for Sawyer.
When Danny got to Sawyer's apartment, he knocked on the door. Immediately, he heard a voice from inside say, "Who is it?" Danny responded, "It's Danny." Sawyer, as surprised as she was on the phone, said "Danny! I didn't think you'd be here this early! Come in, I'm still getting ready." She unlocked the door, and Danny opened it and came in.
Danny looked around the room. Suddenly, a picture caught his eye. It was a photograph of Sawyer, with an older male cat next to her. He figured out that it was her father. He continued to walk through the room, and saw more photos of Sawyer with her father. Then, he realized that, except for a few obviously older ones, none of the pictures had Sawyer's mother in them. Suddenly, Danny was overcome with an uneasy feeling. There were many possibilities, but he knew what had probably happened, and it made him feel even more sorry for Sawyer.
Danny sat down on the sofa, thinking about Sawyer. She must have been through a lot of hard stuff; why else would she have been so bitter when he first arrived? Never being able to break it into the movies, landing in a dead-end job, her mother... However, Danny felt relieved that, since he arrived, he had been able to make her happy again.
"Well, Danny, I'm ready," Sawyer said as she entered the room. She was wearing a red dress, and had her headfur done up like it was the night before. "Wow, Sawyer, you look beautiful," Danny said. Then, he held out the flowers he had bought. "I bought these for you." Sawyer took them, and said, "Aww, thanks, Danny. That's very sweet of you." Danny blushed, flattered by Sawyer's comment.
"So, what do you want to do today?" Sawyer asked. Danny replied, "Well, I was wondering if you could maybe show me around Hollywood or something. I haven't really had time to get to know this place." Sawyer smiled, and said, "That would be wonderful." Then, she took Danny's hand, as he stood up. "Shall we go, then?" Sawyer asked. Danny simply nodded.
Danny walked out of the building, holding Sawyer's hand, and feeling happier than he'd felt all morning. Not only was he going to be able to get to know Hollywood better, but he was also going to do it with the one he loved. What a day this is going to be, Danny thought.
Danny and Sawyer got on the trolley. After they had settled in, Danny decided to strike up a conversation. "So, Sawyer, what brought you here, anyway?" he asked, eager to know. "Well, Danny," she said, "it's a long story."
"I'm from Boston, originally. I came here always seemed like it'd be fun to be in the movies, especially the musicals. I wanted to sing and dance, and I wanted everyone to see me up there on the screen. I'd been singing and dancing since I was a kitten. My father always found the best people to teach me, because he knew I was good at it, and wanted me to do the things I loved to do, as well as I could do them. He understood that I wanted to go to Hollywood, so he gave me what I needed to get there. I thought it was going to be easy: get an agent, get discovered, and land a big part. How was I to know it was going to take three years? And if you hadn't come along, who knows how long it would have been?"
Danny decided to tell his story next. "I loved the movies. No, more than loved. I was obsessed with the movies. I knew from the first time I saw one that I wanted to be in the movies when I grew up. And when I was introduced to the musicals, I realized that I had truly found something I wanted to do. I got singing lessons, but I taught myself to dance, just from what I saw in the movies. And finally, when I thought I was old enough, I made enough money to get me to Hollywood, and I went. I thought it was going to be easy."
"So did everyone who came here before you," Sawyer said. "But now, maybe it will be easier for all those that have yet to come." Danny could only hope that this would turn out to be true. He didn't want anyone else to have to face the defeat he had nearly faced mere days ago.
Danny tried to take his mind off of what had happened that evening, realizing it wasn't good to think "what if..." His gazed turned to Sawyer. When he had come here, the last thing on his mind was love. And now, it occupied his thoughts almost as much as the career he had come here for. He placed his arm around Sawyer. "Well, whatever happens next," he said, "at least I know that you're here with me."
The trolley then reached Danny and Sawyer's stop. The two cats got off the trolley, and walked down the sidewalk. "This is going to be great," Danny said enthusiastically. "I haven't had much time to actually take a good look around this town." Sawyer smirked. "Well, then, it's a good thing you've got me to show you around," she said.
Sawyer spent the next hour or so giving Danny a guided tour of the area. Whenever they passed a celebrity hot-spot, Danny took a look at the massive gatherings of stars, reporters, and adoring fans, and wondered what it would like to be there. Still, that was not his main concern; acting came first, and fame came later. Besides, it would probably take a long time to get famous, anyway...
Suddenly, Danny's stomach interrupted his train of thought. "Say, Sawyer," Danny said. "I'm getting kind of hungry. Do you know of any good places to eat?" Sawyer didn't even need to think one moment about that question. "Of course," she replied almost immediately. "I know a great place just down the way."
A few minutes later, Danny and Sawyer arrived at their destination: Pinky's Diner. Danny had never even heard of the place, so he couldn't fathom why Sawyer suddenly had a sad look on her face. "Sawyer, what's the matter?" he asked. "I was here with the others on Friday night," she replied. "After the ark incident. They were all angry about that; they said that they didn't want to see you ever again."
Danny was surprised. He knew that the animals had been unhappy about what had happened, but didn't realize that they had expressed hostility towards him. A painful thought suddenly entered his mind. "And you?" he asked. Sawyer sighed. "Of course not, Danny. Well, I guess I was a little mad, at first...but as I was sitting there, I got really worried. I realized that you were right, and that I had to talk to you again. So I went to the bus stop...but I was too late. The bus was leaving. I tried to call to you, but you probably didn't even notice me. Then I found your hat on the bench...with the list in it." She paused. "Oh, Danny, I can't even tell you how sad I was. I thought that I'd lost you forever...that was when I realized that I was in love with you."
Danny felt awful. "Aw, cheer up, Sawyer," he said, putting his arms around her. "I'm back, aren't I? We got what we were after, didn't we?" Sawyer sighed happily. "You're right, Danny. It's in the past. I'm just glad you're here now." She playfully brushed her finger across Danny's nose. "Now what do you say we get some lunch?" she asked. "Absolutely," Danny said, loosening his grip around Sawyer, and taking her hand.
The two cats walked into the diner, found a table, and ordered their lunch. As they were waiting for their food, Danny chuckled. "You know, it's pretty funny. Before I got here, I thought that by this time, I'd be eating with the stars at the Brown Derby! But here I am, at Pinky's Diner!" Sawyer smirked. "I guess stardom doesn't come in a week, does it, Danny?" she said in her usual sarcastic tone. Danny smiled back, and said, "No, it sure doesn't."
As the two ate, Sawyer became curious. "Danny, what was it like in Kokomo?" she asked. Danny cleared his throat, and began to speak. "Well, Sawyer, there's a lot to tell. My parents owned a farm, and my family and I lived on the farm. There was a lot of work to be done, but there was still time for us to relax and enjoy ourselves. You know, I went to the movies almost every weekend. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I dragged my brothers into town to see the double feature. Well, until I was old enough to go by myself."
Sawyer snickered. "I take it your brothers didn't enjoy it." Danny smiled back. "Well, they did, but...well...they probably did get tired of it sometimes." Sawyer smirked. "And you never got tired of it?" Danny, expecting this, said "Of course not. The movies were practically my life, remember?"
As Danny continued on about his life in Kokomo, Sawyer began to wonder what it would have been like to have grown up there. It seemed like such an easy life, at least compared to what she had gone through. It wasn't that she didn't like Boston, but sometimes, life had just felt too complicated, with all the singing lessons, and dancing lessons, and expensive schools, not to mention her father having to take the role of both parents.
After Danny and Sawyer finished their lunch, they walked out of the diner, and strolled down the sidewalk. "So, where to next?" Danny asked. "I'm not sure," Sawyer replied. "How about the park?" Danny thought for a moment, and then replied, "Sounds good to me. Just lead me there."
As they walked to the park, Danny asked a question that Sawyer had been expecting him to ask since they had left the diner: "So, Sawyer, I've been wondering...what was it like for you, growing up?" As he asked, Danny saw Sawyer's expression change to a look that seemed to suggest the reawakening of some painful the expression on her face when they came to Pinky's Diner. "It's another long story," she said sadly. "I don't know if you'd want to hear it."
"It's something unhappy, isn't it?" Danny asked. "Something you don't want to talk about." Danny could already guess one of the things that was troubling Sawyer, remembering the photographs he had seen of her with her father...but not her mother. "Well," he said, "If you don't want to talk about it, that's all right with me."
"No, that's okay," she said quickly. "I mean, I'll talk about it." Sawyer was actually somewhat glad that he had asked. She felt she had to share her story with someone, and it might as well be him; after all, he would probably understand.
"Well, Danny, I guess I'll start at the beginning. I was born in Boston. My father was a doctor, and very respected in the community. I was the only child in my family, so my parents gave me as much attention as they could give. Especially my mother..." Sawyer paused, feeling almost like she couldn't go on. "Danny...when I was a little kitten, my mother started getting sick...and she got worse and worse. She had to be put in the was that serious. My father and I were so worried, but deep down, we knew she'd make it through. We thought she'd make it...but she didn't. My mother died. I was only a little kitten, and my mother was dead. It was awful, Danny. I felt like I never got to know her...and I never got to say goodbye..."
Sawyer tried to hold back her tears, but she eventually gave up. Almost immediately, she began to cry. "Oh, Danny," she said, barely able to get any words out. "I can't tell you any more right now. I just can't." Danny felt a hundred times worse than he had felt outside Pinky's Diner; he could not bear to see Sawyer this unhappy.
"Come on, Sawyer," Danny said, leading her to a bench and sitting down with her. "Please don't cry. I just can't stand seeing you like this." He put his arm around Sawyer, trying to comfort her.
" don't know what it's like, having to grow up without a mother." Danny looked at Sawyer. "You're right. I don't. But I understand how awful it must be. It's all right for you to be sad about it...I just wish that I could make you feel better."
Sawyer sniffled. "Hold me," she said, resting her head on Danny's chest. Danny put his other arm around Sawyer, and pulled her close. They remained this way for what seemed like a long time; they did not want to let go. Finally, Sawyer started to wriggle loose, so Danny let go of her. She gazed into his eyes, a few tears still visible. "Thank you, Danny," she said softly. "I really needed that."
Danny smiled warmly. "Well, Sawyer," he said, "if you ever need someone to cheer you up, I'll be there for you." He paused for a second. "Sawyer...I love you." Sawyer smiled back, starting to tear up again. Danny could tell that these were not tears of sadness, though, but of happiness. "And I love you, Danny," she said in reply.
The two cats sat on the bench for a few minutes longer, each with an arm around the other, and each saying nothing. But finally, Danny broke the silence. "Well, Sawyer, before all this, we were going to go to the park, weren't we?" Sawyer simply nodded. "Well, then," Danny said, "Shall we be on our way?" They stood up, and continued walking down the sidewalk.
Eventually, they got to the park, and they continued strolling for a while. They passed several other couples, human and animal, as they went on their way. Danny felt Sawyer come closer to him, obviously taking a cue from those others they had seen. "What do you say we sit down again, Danny?" she asked, obviously in a romantic mood. "Fine with me," he replied, as he found a bench, and sat down next to her.
Sawyer cuddled up to Danny, resting her head on his shoulder. As Danny put his arms around her, he felt her tail brush up against his body, making him feel almost like he was going to melt. Danny gently stroked the back of Sawyer's head, making her purr softly. Then, Sawyer looked up at Danny, and began leaning in toward him. Danny realized from the look on her face what Sawyer wanted. Slowly, he began to lean in toward her, his lips inching ever closer to hers. Finally, their lips met in a kiss.
Again, Danny felt that wonderful feeling he had felt when he kissed the night before. He knew, without any doubt, that this was love. His lips remained connected with hers for a long time; this feeling was so wonderful that neither wanted to let it go.
When their lips finally parted, the two cats lovingly gazed into each other's eyes. "Sawyer," Danny said sweetly, "you are the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on." Sawyer blushed, and then replied: "You're not too bad yourself, Danny."
The two rose from the bench, and continued walking through the park. They didn't pay much attention to where they were going, nor could they make out the scenery as well as they normally would; their minds were concentrating on each other. They went down the various paths, with no real rhyme or reason. They didn't care where they were going; all that mattered was that they were walking close together.
"Isn't it lovely out here?" Danny asked. "Absolutely," Sawyer replied. "This whole town is lovely. And now that things are looking up for you, maybe you'll get a chance to appreciate it more."
Danny did appreciate Hollywood more, now that he was no longer struggling to fight the system. Now he had a chance to take in the sights, the sounds, and the people. He was falling in love with this town...almost as much as he was falling in love with Sawyer.
"Hey, Sawyer," Danny said, an idea entering his mind. "Would you like to go see a movie?" Sawyer smiled, half sweetly, half sarcastically. "Why, Danny, I was thinking just the same thing. Let's go."
Danny and Sawyer walked through the town, until they reached a movie theater. They bought their tickets and went in. They settled themselves into their seats, and each put an arm around the other. They didn't pay much attention to what was on the screen at first; they didn't care about the newsreels and short films. But finally, the main feature started, and their gazes turned to the screen. This film was a musical; Danny and Sawyer turned to each other and smiled, both knowing that each other liked musicals the most.
They watched attentively, vastly entertained by the film. The plot was the same as most other musicals: it was one of those boy-meets-girl stories, with lots of comedy and romance, and of course, singing and dancing. Danny and Sawyer both realized that the romantic leads were very similar to them: the boy was almost the human equivalent of Danny, and the girl reminded them of Sawyer. "Just think," Danny said. "Someday, we'll be up there, in movies like this." They were both ecstatic at this, and almost couldn't keep their minds on the film; they were beginning to think about their up-and-coming careers at Mammoth Studios.
Soon, the movie got to the part where the young lovers realized they were in love. At the same time, Danny and Sawyer snuggled close, taking in the romantic mood by being romantic themselves. Eventually, they leaned in close, sharing a tender kiss. When they broke off, and turned their gazes to the screen, they saw the young couple kissing. This caused the two cats to look at each other and smile, loving the similarity between the romantic leads of the movie, and themselves.
After the movie ended, Danny and Sawyer left the theater. They walked down the sidewalk, singing songs from the movie, and doing a little dance. Then, Danny spoke. "Um...Sawyer? Do you want me to take you home now?" Sawyer knew Danny wanted to be courteous, but also knew that he truly wanted to be with her for a while longer. "No thanks, Danny. I'd really like to do some more with you. In fact, why don't we spend the rest of the evening together?"
"Are you sure?" Danny asked, not wanting to force Sawyer into anything. "Why not?" Sawyer said. "I don't have anything else to do today, anyway. Why, if you hadn't asked me out, I'd probably have just sat in my apartment all day! How boring is that?" Danny smirked. "Pretty boring, Sawyer. You're right. Let's go all out tonight. What do you say I take you out to dinner?"
Sawyer gasped. "Danny, I'd love that! But please, let me pay. I don't want you to have to go out of your way for me. You know, since you've only been here a week, and you don't have a job yet." Danny knew this, and responded: "That's fine with me, Sawyer. I kind of realized that."
Danny and Sawyer searched for a place to eat, and finally settled on a small, romantic café. The tables were lit by candle, and a band played romantic music for the patrons. "Oh, Danny," Sawyer said. "This is so romantic. I love it!" Danny smiled warmly at Sawyer. "I knew you'd like it. I think it's a great place for a romantic couple like ourselves to eat."
Sawyer giggled. "Danny, you're so funny sometimes." She kissed him quickly, causing him to blush. "And that's what I love about you," she continued. The two cats found a table and sat down. They ordered their food, and as they waited for it, Sawyer again tried to start up a conversation. "You know, Danny, out of everyone I've been with, you're the only one who really loved me."
Danny nearly gasped. "There were others?" he asked nervously. "Oh, Danny," Sawyer said, giggling. "It's not what you think. I've been here for several years, you know. And besides, I didn't get very far with them. Most of them just wanted me because of my looks. They didn't care about my personality. They usually just treated me like a trophy, a possession. In fact, there was one guy who just got together with me because he knew I was going to try to break into the movies, and he wanted a piece of the fame and fortune. When I didn't end up getting into the business, he got really impatient, and he dumped me."
"Wow," Danny said, astonished. "It must be really tough having some guy break your heart." Sawyer maintained the serious look on her face. "You don't know the half of it. Remember in the alley, when we were in the dip, and we almost...kissed? I walked away because I didn't think I could handle being in love again. I thought that love would only lead to a broken heart." Then, she smiled a loving smile at Danny. "I'm so glad I was wrong."
Danny smiled back. "I'll never leave you. You're the only woman I've ever loved...and anyone else would just pale in comparison to you. You're almost like an're that beautiful." Sawyer was flattered. She knew that Danny was sincere about every word he had said; she knew that he'd never break her heart.
After they had eaten their dinner and paid the bill, Danny and Sawyer left the café, and went on their way. "Hey, Danny," Sawyer said. "I've got an idea. What do you say we find somewhere to dance?" Danny loved this idea; he had only danced with Sawyer twice, and he was desperate to do it again. "That's the best idea you've had all day," he said. "Just show me the way."
Sawyer led Danny to a dance hall that she had been to before. Inside were many couples, human and animal. On a stage, a big band was getting ready to play music. "Sawyer," Danny asked, holding his hand out to Sawyer as the band started up, "may I have this dance?" Sawyer took his hand, and simply said, "Yes."
The band played a fast swing song, and so Danny and Sawyer followed suit with the best swing dancing they could do. Danny and Sawyer glided across the dance floor, their feet never staying put for one second. Danny spun Sawyer around, pulled her across the floor, and led her in a long succession of frantic moves. All the other couples took notice at the two cats; they could not believe how good they were. Sawyer couldn't believe how good Danny was, either; she had received professional lessons, but he had learned all his dance moves just from seeing movies over and over.
Finally, as the song came to an end, Danny spun Sawyer around again, and they went into a dip. Immediately, their minds returned to their dance in the alley, and how the dance had come to such an abrupt end. This time, they did things differently. Danny and Sawyer came closer and closer, until they kissed. The other couples cheered, wowed by these two cats with excellent dance moves.
Next, the band played a slow love song. Danny and Sawyer went into a slow dance, holding each other close. Danny gazed at Sawyer, taking in her amazing beauty. Every feature astounded him, from her soft, silky, snow-white fur, to her shimmering brown eyes, to her sweet, rosy lips. Those lips...
Danny again leaned in close, kissing Sawyer more tenderly and more passionately than ever before. It seemed like things were going faster than they should, as they had only known each other for a week, but there was just no doubt about it in either of their minds; this was true love. Even after the kiss was over, they remained in a passionate embrace, gazing into each other's eyes; their gazes said, without one word spoken, "I love you."
They continued to dance through the evening, but finally, Danny realized that it was getting late. "Sawyer," he said, "would you like me to take you home now?" Sawyer wanted to stay with him all night, but she knew it was not possible. "Yes," she said with a slight tone of disappointment in her voice. "I guess you can take me home."
They left the dance hall, and again boarded the trolley. Like they had the night before, they snuggled, but it was many times more affectionate this time. They had gone very far today, and both of them wondered why things were going so fast; they decided that it was because they were made for each other.
As Danny took Sawyer to her apartment, it felt like the previous night was happening all over again. When they got to her door, Danny took one last look at Sawyer for the night, before giving her one final kiss. "Good night, Sawyer," he said. "See you tomorrow." Sawyer, before closing the door behind her, said, "Good night, Danny."
Danny danced the whole way home. He had had almost as wonderful of an evening as the evening before; he and Sawyer had realized they were truly in love, and he had gotten to know Hollywood a whole lot more. He greeted the desk clerk as he walked into the lobby of the hotel, and happily went up to his room.
Once he got to his room, he took a look out the window. The view looked the same as it had all the other nights he had been here, but something felt different. Hollywood was still the dream factory, the magic store...but it was something more now.
It was his home.

The End

Special thanks to:
Shelley Pleger (DannyCat), for opening my eyes to the world of CDD fandom through her excellent web page.
Jason Thyrion (Zycho32), for inspiring me to write this fan fiction through his own works.
Patrick J. McCart and Guille Gomez (The G Man), for sampling this story while it was in progress, and for giving me limitless praise for the sections they previewed.
Mark Dindal, David Kirschner, and all the other people who worked on CDD, for putting together a fine animated film that I will enjoy until the end of time.

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