Golden Ray Hotel

by Daisy E


It was Danny and Sawyer's two year anniversary and they were staying at the Golden Ray Hotel; they left their home and Danny drove for two and a half hours to get to there. They checked in to their room at quarter to two; Danny held Sawyer’s hand and slotted in the key card into their door- both animals were met by sweet singing, in front of them was a panda in a powder purple maid uniform, her hoover was on but Danny and Sawyer could still hear her pretty little voice. The two cats took a few seconds, just standing there smiling until Sawyer found the right time to clear her throat. The panda turned, switching off the hoover automatically, she blinked,

“Oh gosh,” the panda said, “I’m awfully sorry, Mr. Foxx told me that no one was checkin’ in until half two,”

“It’s alright,” Sawyer said as Danny moved from behind her and put both the suit cases on the new set bed,

“Besides, you have real talent,” Danny said, “Do you sing here too?”

The panda blushed, “No... Not me,” the room was silent for just a moment, “My name’s Miranda by the way,” she put out her paw to shake Sawyer’s,

“I’m Sawyer and this is my husband Danny,” Sawyer said nodding towards Danny, Miranda’s eyes grew wide…

“What’s wrong?” she asked the panda, Miranda looked from Sawyer to Danny,

“You’re famous,” she said, “You tell my boss that I was behind on my work then he’ll fire me!”

Danny blinked then nodded at Sawyer,

“It’s alright Miranda, we won’t tell...” Sawyer said. Miranda smiled in relief and unplugged the hoover, before she left she turned to them,

“Thank you for what you said about my voice... but it’s Penelope Chat who’s the one to watch, she’s singing tonight with her husband.” Miranda nodded politely to them both and then left. Danny unpacked the suit case and after an hour they both headed down to the pool.

            Sawyer lay by the pool, soaking up the sun in her red swim costume, Danny lay beside her reading a magazine and wearing dark blue swim shorts and blue framed sun glasses. Danny looked over at the bamboo bar and saw a pink pig serving a pale orange drink to a pretty white duck and her husband. “Gee they look familiar,” Danny thought to himself. The lady duck (who was sipping her drink) had a glittery, blue, frilly swim suit on and her husband was wearing blue shorts and a Hawaiian t-shirt. The lady duck was sitting at the bar where her husband was leaning against it looking at the pool. Danny lifted up his sun glasses and turned to Sawyer.

“Sawyer, do those ducks look familiar?” he asked her. Sawyer looked up and saw the two white ducks,

“Yeah, that’s Donald and Daisy... there’s a film shoot thirty miles from here, they’re in it... this is the nearest hotel to them,” Sawyer informed him; Danny nodded then went back to his magazine.  Sawyer and Danny stayed by the pool side until quarter to four where they both left Daisy and Donald in pool swimming quite happily.

            As dinner was being served at half pass seven, Sawyer and Danny ordered room service (chilled lemonade and sushi.) Time passed and at seven Sawyer and Danny were nearly, almost ready; Sawyer was lying on the bed in a dark turquoise ball gown where Danny was in the bathroom tying his green tie, Sawyer was tapping her feet happily as she listened to the radio, the song came to a finish and the happy, posh voice on the radio announced that actor Bugs Bunny and his wife Lola were now parents to a little girl who they named Meg. Sawyer smiled and wondered what it would be like if she and Danny had a baby; would it have his eyes, her fur? Would Sawyer stop her dancing to take care of the baby and would Danny have to work more? She shook her head slightly and stood up, looking at her handsome husband.

“How do I look?” Danny asked, puffing out his chest. Sawyer giggled.

“Handsome,” she replied, kissing him on the cheek. They linked arms and walked down to the dining hall.

            As Sawyer and Danny approached the dinning hall two men in bow ties and shiny shoes opened the doors wide for them, Danny thanked them and Sawyer smiled. The two cats blinked widely as they were met by a wide range of animals and humans, old friends, husbands and wives, girl friends and boyfriends, the staff of the hotel were also dressed up; as Danny and Sawyer sat themselves down to a table near the stage Miranda came up to them- she was in a black, sparkly cocktail dress, red high heels and a red bow pinned near her left ear, she was holding a silver tray with tall glasses of champagne resting lightly on top,

“Hi,” she said to the well dressed cats,

“Hi Miranda,” Sawyer said smiling, “This must be a good turn out,”

“Are you kidding?” Miranda replied, “Mr. Foxx can’t stop shakin’, he’s never had this much since Daffy Duck came here with the entire cast of ‘You Drive Me Quakers!’” Danny smiled.

“Are Donald and Daisy Duck staying here?” he asked.

“I think so... yes, they are, my friend Ruby assigned to their room,” Miranda replied. At that moment an extremely pretty vixen came up behind Miranda, she was wearing the same thing the panda was wearing only her shoes and bow were purple, she had long, thick eye lashes and a natural smile,

“Miranda, Miss Chat needs you, something about her drink with not enough ice cubes in,” the vixen said, Miranda nodded.

“I’m afraid I have to go,” the panda told her friends, Danny and Sawyer nodded.

“We’ll be seeing you,” Sawyer said before Miranda and the vixen disappeared into the crowd.

            At half past eight Danny had just finished his second glass of champagne; Sawyer had eaten the last forkful of salmon. The atmosphere was relaxed and as Danny looked around he saw couples and families at tables. He also saw Miranda and the pretty vixen talking at the side; standing with them was handsome skunk wearing a dark red suit, who suddenly disappeared back stage. Danny was taken out of his day dream by the voice of a tall, mustached fox up on the stage,

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of our biggest get-togethers yet!” there was light applause when the tall fox grinned, “Well, what can I say, it is so nice to see so many familiar faces about in our crowd and some others a little unfamiliar, but I am sure after our first act they’ll be back for more,” some people laughed lightly and a group of tom cats and hedgehogs wolf whistled,

“May I introduce, Penelope Chat singing ‘Glitter’ and Mister Pepe La Pew on piano!” There was a delightful uproar from the crowd; the tom cats and hedgehogs had taken to standing on their seats as the red certain rose off the stage floor to reveal a gleaming white piano with the handsome skunk at the keys and a pretty black and white feline at the silvery microphone. Anyone with a pulse would admit that Penelope was beautiful; she was wearing a long, flared red dress with a red rose behind her right ear. She flashed a coy little smile, and fluttered her eyelashes at the crowd.  Danny heard the tom cats and hedgehogs hoot and whistle all around him.

The cheering volume decreased as Penelope smiled widely,

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, it is so nice to be back at the Golden Ray... right where I found my voice, this song is dedicated to all those who don’t have the courage to speak up for their love,” and with that the crowd fell silent and the piano started playing slow jazz ,


“Every time I feel your eyes on me,

My heart starts pounding hard…”


 Her voice was beautiful, light and perfectly made for jazz. Danny looked at Sawyer, Sawyer smiled as Danny rested his paw on hers. She always felt happy at his touch. Sawyer was madly in love with Danny who shared the same love for singing and dancing as she, and yet, why did she suddenly feel so empty inside? She hadn’t noticed this emptiness before their arrival at the Golden Ray Hotel.  Her memory drifted back to that afternoon when she was lying in the sun, when she was listening to the radio. The radio telling her Bugs Bunny and his wife were now parents. That’s when Sawyer knew. She smiled at Danny and leaned over to whisper to him; he nodded and then smiled back at her. Danny and Sawyer both shared the same emptiness; it was an empty space that could only be filled by someone. Someone who could share the love for singing and dancing; just like their mother and father.



Daisy and Donald Duck go to Walt Disney.

The pretty Vixen and Mr. Foxx belong to me (Daisy E).

Other characters mentioned belong to Warner Brothers.

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