Rainy Days

 by Roderick Sloan

It was cloudy in Hollywood and it was about to rain and the workday was over at Mammoth Studios. Everybody was about to head home including Sawyer, when she saw it was starting to rain.

'Oh great, "she said. Sawyer unfortunately didn't have an umbrella and knew that she would have to walk home in the rain and as soon as she started to walk home she bumped into somebody.

"Sawyer, are you okay?" asked the person standing in front of her. It was her very good friend Danny with an umbrella and wearing a trench coat.

"I'm okay Danny," said Sawyer.

Danny helped Sawyer up and offered to walk her home.

"So Danny, do you always carry an umbrella with you? "asked Sawyer.

"No, not all the time I heard that it might rain and I decided to bring an umbrella with me in case it started to rain today, "said Danny.

"Well, I'm glad you brought it with you," said Sawyer leaning against Danny.

As they continued to walk Sawyer felt something wrap around her tail and noticed Danny's tail wrapping around hers. She started to blush as they continued to walk together side by side.

When they got to her house, Danny walked her up to the door.

"Would you like to come in Danny?" asked Sawyer.

"Sure." he said.

When they got inside they hung up their jackets and Danny shook the water off of his umbrella. They walked over to the couch and sat down.

"So how did your day go today?" asked Danny.

"It went okay, the new movie we're working on is going great," said Sawyer.

"That's nice," said Danny.

"Would you like some coffee to drink?" asked Sawyer.

"Sure," said Danny.

Sawyer went into the kitchen and brought back two cups of coffee and sat down next to Danny.

"The rain sure is nice outside," said Danny.

"Yeah, it is," Sawyer.

"It kind of reminds me of back home in Kokomo when I was a kid. I would watch the rain fall outside and wait for a rainbow to form when it was done," said Danny.

"I like looking at the rainbow too," said Sawyer.

To Danny Sawyer was more beautiful than a rainbow, she was like an angel to him. Danny and Sawyer looked deep into each other's eyes their faces started to move closer and closer until, a bolt of lighting struck making Sawyer jump a little.

"Sorry," she said, " that lighting scared me a little bit."

"That's okay," said Danny.

Sawyer walked towards the window and noticed that the storm had gotten worse; there was thunder and lighting, and the wind was blowing pretty strong outside and she knew it was too dangerous for Danny to walk home in.

"Maybe you should stay here for the night," said Sawyer. " That storm looks like it's going to get worse."

"Good idea, it does look pretty bad out there," said Danny.

They walked back over to the couch, sat down and drank their coffee.

"So, Danny what was life like back in Kokomo?" asked Sawyer.

"It was great," said Danny. " I had lots of friends, and my family was very nice and kind. All of my friends and family were there on that day that I left for Hollywood."

"That's nice," said Sawyer, " kind of reminds me of the day that I left home for Hollywood, my friends and family were there too."

"Would you like to dance Sawyer?" asked Danny.

"Sure," said Sawyer.

Danny put some romantic music on her record player and they started to dance together. The two danced together holding each other in each other's arms slowly dancing looking at each other dreamily then they went into a dip the same way they went into when they first danced in the alley the day after Danny had arrived in Hollywood.

Danny and Sawyer looked at each other and that's when Danny kissed Sawyer as they both leaned up together, and then they disengaged with a blush on both of their faces.

"Wow," said Sawyer.

"I couldn't help myself," said Danny.

"So what would you like for dinner?" asked Sawyer.

"I don't know,- whatever it is your having?" said Danny.

"I was just going to have some soup," said Sawyer.

"Sounds great," said Danny.

Danny and Sawyer walked out into the kitchen, Danny set the table and Sawyer heated up the water inside of a pot and when the soup was ready Danny sat down with Sawyer and they talked about each other's lives.

"Sounds like your life was really nice," said Danny.

"Yeah, I know," said Sawyer.

Just then a bolt of lighting struck and the lights in the house went off. Danny found a flashlight in one of the kitchen drawers, then started to look around for the fuse box downstairs in the basement.

"The fuse box is over here, Danny," said Sawyer.

"Can you please hold this for me, Sawyer?" said Danny, handing the light to her.

Danny opened the fuse box up and looked at the circuits but couldn't fix it.

"Sorry Sawyer," said Danny, " but I can't just get it fixed."

"That's okay, we can just build fire in the fireplace," said Sawyer.

Danny got some wood and lit a fire inside of Sawyer's fireplace and sat on the couch with Sawyer and covered up together with a blanket to keep warm.

"This fire should keep us warm," said Danny.

"Yeah, you're right," said Sawyer.

As Danny and Sawyer sat on the couch together they thought about the day they first met each other, when Danny arrived in Hollywood he knocked Sawyer into a water fountain by accident, and when Danny and Sawyer were supposed to be in Lil Ark Angel together Sawyer didn't want to because he knocked her in to the water fountain, and when they both danced together in the alley and went into the dip, and when they sang and dance in the Chinese Theater and that's when they became famous stars.

Sawyer leaned close to Danny and smiled at him. Danny and Sawyer looked at each other and that's when Sawyer quickly kissed Danny. Both had a blush and a smile on their faces and that's when they knew they were both truly in love with each other. Sawyer set her head in Danny's lap and fell asleep and Danny smiled happily at her as he fell asleep with her.

The next morning the storm was over and Danny and Sawyer woke up to the beautiful day.

"Wow," said Danny, " the storm's over with."

"Your right, I wonder if the lights work now?" said Sawyer.

She walked over to one of her lamps and switched it on and discovered that the power was back on.

"Everything is back on," said Sawyer.

"Yep, it sure is," said Danny.

Danny and Sawyer looked at each other and smiled about when they slept together on the couch last night and Danny kept Sawyer company during the storm.

"You wanna go out for breakfast?" asked Danny.

"Sure," said Sawyer.

They grabbed their hats and jackets and went to the Brown Derby for breakfast.

Danny and Sawyer didn't know how far their relationship might go but they both knew that it would always be wonderful.

The End

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