Josh and... Who?
Part V)
A short story about one of Danny's slightly older brothers.
written by S. Rodgers

It was early in the afternoon when Danny opened the door to his apartment, whistling as he gingerly lifted the small mail pile from the floor and walked into the kitchen.  It had been a good day at work, everything had gone a lot smoother than yesterday.  He and Sawyer were going to dinner that evening, just the two of them.  Danny was in a very good mood.  Sawyer, the very thought of her brought a smile to his face.  He'd fallen instantly in love the very first time he saw her, standing in that drabby old office, her work suit soaking wet!  Danny had to laugh as he pulled a chair out from the kitchen table and began sorting through the mail. Bill.. Invitation... Library over-due notice... Bill.. Joshua Cat... Bill...

Danny: Huh?

He flipped back and took out the letter with his brothers' name on it, dropping the rest carelessly onto the table as he ripped off the side of the envelope and pulled out a folded piece of notebook paper.

He opened it up and read: Dear Danny, How are you?  I haven't heard from you lately, at least not directly.  Mom say's you're working on another movie, that's great!  Did she write you back and tell you the news?  We had a baby!  Well, a kitten any way's.  But she's so cute, you should see her!  Timmy's pretty excited.  Speaking of which, Cora wanted to know, and so did I, if we could come and see you sometime?  Haven't since you left and all, we thought it'd be nice, and you could see Libby, the baby!  Let me know soon, we miss you around here.  Timmy's been doing very well, and he's got your spirit, I'll give you that much.  He and sis get along great together...

Danny just kind of skimmed over the rest of the letter, family matters and such.  Another baby?  Wow... Danny couldn't help but be happy for his brother, he was so happy.  There had been such a light in his eye's when Timmy was born, Danny remembered that day...

Danny sat with Ben and his father outside Josh and Cora's bedroom, waiting anxiously for news.  They had decided to have the baby at home instead of taking the four hour trip to the city hospital.  A good midwife and doctor was all you needed in Kokamo.  Suddenly, all three men jumped when the unmistakable sound of a kitten's cry came from the bedroom, and an excited cry that could be heard for mile's from none other then Joshua!

Josh's voice: A boy, a boy!!!

The door opened and Danny's mother stepped out, a broad smile on her face.

Mom: It's a boy!

Dad: So we heard!

He raised and hugged his wife, and at that moment, Josh burst through the door, his face lit up in such a way that none of them had ever seen before. It was pure, unmistakable happiness!

Josh: It's a boy!! I have a son!!!

He bounced around the foyer, grabbing Ben and Danny in a huge hug, then his parents. He was so excited!

Josh: Yippee!!!

He rushed back into the room, and Danny smiled...

Danny smiled to himself at the memory.  Little Timmy had been so small in his arms when it had FINALLY been his turn to hold him!  Oh, how he had longed then that soon it would be his turn.  He couldn't help but feel that secretly giving up Cora had meant giving up his chance to raise a family, to truly be happy.  He felt this way for a long time until not long before he left.  It had been easier not to think about once he did leave.  In fact, he hadn't really thought about it at all!  And when he had really started to get to know Sawyer, it didn't bother him anymore.  He was still young, obviously.  And whether Sawyer was ready for anything like that or not, he knew he wasn't.  He knew he could wait.  He had time.  Time? Oh no...  Danny whirled around to look at the wall clock.  4:56!

Danny: I'm gonna be late!!

Not bothering to figure out where the time had went, he grabbed a coat and hat and rushed out the door to meet Sawyer.


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