Over two billion people live, work, and play on this planet. Most of us are blissfully unaware of the fact that there is another Earth, on which live the people and animals we see on television and motion picture screens. This is the story of four of those individuals and the start of their biggest adventures. For two of them- Ash Ketchum and Misty Williams-they will take a step into the world of wedded bliss. And for the other two-Daniel and Sawyer Goldsmith-an even bigger adventure will begin….

Author's Notes and Disclaimers: This story is my creation, but the characters aren't. Cats Don't Dance and related characters are owned by Warner Bros. Pokemon and related characters are owned by Nintendo Co. Ltd. and The Pokemon Company. Battlestar Galactica (2005 TV series) and related characters are owned by NBC Universal Television. Other shows and their characters will be credited on a chapter-by-chapter basis.


Chapter 1

"The Grand Opening, Part 1"


    Danny stepped off the turbolift onto the Bridge of the Voyager and smiled as on the viewscreen, the familiar windmill of the Oak Pokémon Research Laboratory appeared. "Captain, the Oak Lab has cleared us to land," Lieutenant Harry Kim said. Captain Chakotay smiled. "Take us down, Mr. Paris," he said. Lieutenant Thomas Paris nodded. "Aye, sir," he said. Chakotay turned to Danny. "Where's Sawyer?" he asked.

    "Well, she's down in Sickbay, talking to the Doctor," Danny said. "I've already told her to come to Transporter Room 3 when she is done. By the way, will transporter travel harm the baby?" "If we program the transporter's biofilter to recognize the fetus as what it is, there'll be no problem," Chakotay said.

    Meanwhile, Ash smiled as Hajime and Tillie Hippo, who had moved to Pallet to serve as the Pallet Gym's referee, approached. "Ash, the Oak Lab would be the best place for your wedding, true," Hajime said. "But, there are a number of places that would be even better," Tillie said.

    "Hajime, Tillie, I want the next journey of my life to begin where all my journeys began," Ash said. "My original Kanto League journey, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn and the Battle Frontier began here. And my career as a Gym Leader and my life as a married man will begin here."

    The house Ash lived in until his quarters at the Gym were completed shook. Ash, Tillie and Hajime looked out the window and saw the Voyager land, followed by five Viper mkVII snubfighters. "Wow! I've never seen an Intrepid-class starship this close before," Hajime said.

    The whine of a Federation transporter beam sounded. Ash, Tillie and Hajime turned and saw three towers of transporter energy resolve into Chakotay, Danny and Sawyer. "Thank you, Captain, for ferrying Danny and Sawyer here," Ash said. "You're welcome, Mr. Ketchum," Chakotay said.

    Chakotay then turned to Danny and Sawyer. "We'll return in one week to pick you up and return to Hollywood. Chakotay to Voyager. One to beam up." Chakotay dissolved. A few minutes later, Voyager and the five Vipers took off.

    Sawyer chuckled when she saw Tillie in her referee's uniform. Tillie put her hands on her hips and put a disgusted look on her face. The look melted away as she started laughing. "Yeah, I do look stupid in this getup," Tillie said.

    Meanwhile, in Cerulean City, Misty was packing her bags in preparation for moving to Pallet after the wedding. "It's sad to be leaving my home," Misty said to Psyduck, an orange-colored Duck Pokémon with a perpetual headache, which was seated on her bed. "This will be for good, Psyduck."

    "Psy?" (Misty, aren't you gonna come back to Cerulean to visit?) "Yeah, I will. But, I will call Pallet my home for the rest of my life," Misty said as Violet, the oldest of the four "Sensational Sisters of Cerulean City" walked into the room. "But, Misty, you will always have Cerulean City in your blood," Violet said.

    There was a chime coming from the lobby. Misty ran to the lobby to a most unlikely sight: Jessie, once a member of the notorious Pokémon gang Team Rocket, now clad in a Pokémon nurse's outfit, a Chansey and a Blissey at her side. The Blissey wore a necklace with one half of an egg-shaped charm.

    "Hello, tw-Misty," Jessie said. "Jessie?!? What's this all about?" Misty asked, referring to the nurse's outfit, Chansey and Blissey. "Well, I quit Team Rocket and got my Pokémon nurse's degree a few weeks ago. The P.N.C. (Pokémon Nurses Council) assigned me to the Pallet Gym/Pokémon Center," Jessie said.

    "You're serious, aren't you?" Misty asked. "Wobbuffet!" Wobbuffet appeared from out of nowhere, wearing a nurse's cap identical to those worn by Chansey and Blissey. "Oh, my god," Misty said. "Any more surprises?" "Just one," Jessie said. "James and I got married in Ever Grande City a week ago."

    As if to prove what she said was the truth, Jessie held up her right hand. On her ring finger was a gold ring. "Con-congratulations, Jessie. When Ash finds out you've been assigned to the Pallet Gym, all heck's bound to break loose," Misty said. "You've got that right," another familiar voice said. Misty turned around and saw Gary Oak.

    "Gary! How've you been?" Misty asked. "Fine, fine. I wanted to give you a heads-up on Jessie." "And what a heads-up it is," Misty said. Jessie smiled. "Misty, do you want something to eat or drink?" Jessie said. "Only if Blissey doesn't spill it on me," Misty said, referring to the overly-excited Blissey dumping their dinners on Ash back during the Happy Town incident.

    "Blissey-Blissey-Bliss," Blissey said. Another familiar voice appeared from behind Jessie. "Blissey says that she has gotten much calmer in the years since you've seen her last," Meowth said.

    Back at the Oak Lab, Ash looked out the window and smiled as he saw the construction of the Pallet Gym progressing swiftly. In just a few days, the gala opening ceremony would occur, with his wedding to Misty occurring a few days afterward. Danny smiled as he walked up to Ash. "Cosmic thoughts, Ash?" Danny asked.

    "Just thinking," Ash said. "Did you know that Sawyer was supposed to compete in the grand opening exhibition battle?" "No," Danny said. "Well, with Sawyer pregnant, I don't have an opponent for the battle," Ash said. "Don't worry, Ash. I'll take her place," Danny said.

    Ash looked at Danny with a shocked look on his face. "You'll do… WHAT?!?!" Ash asked. "It's simple," Danny said. "You saw Scyther during the battle with Team Rocket before the wedding. I have two more Pokémon that you saw the Pokéballs of, and I caught three more Pokémon during my honeymoon," Danny said. "So, what do you say?"

    Ash thought for a moment, and then said, "Sure. No badges will be on the line, since it is an exhibition battle." Ash extended his hand. "Agreed. The honor of fighting one of the most famous trainers in the world is enough for me," Danny said, shaking Ash's hand to seal the deal.

    A few days later, dignitaries from all over Animated Earth arrived for the grand opening of the Pallet Town Gym and Pokémon Center. Ash smiled when he saw Misty walk up to him. "Misty!" Ash said as he ran up to her. "Hey, Ash," Misty said before kissing Ash. "Where is the Nurse Joy for the Pokémon Center?" Ash asked.

    A worried look crossed Misty's face. "There won't be a Nurse Joy. See, the Pokémon Nurses Council assigned a Nurse to the Center, but it isn't a Nurse Joy. It's a Nurse Jessie," Misty said. Ash had a perplexed look on his face, which intensified when he heard a loud "Wobbuffet!" echo around the arena where the grand opening ceremony and exhibition battle would occur.

    "May I have your attention, please?" a voice said over the microphone set up at the referee's stand. Ash wheeled around and looked in horror as he saw Jessie address the crowd. "At this time, I would like to introduce the president of the World Pokémon Trainers Congress, Mr. Charles Goodshow, and the president of Animated Earth, Ms. Laura Roslin!"

    Goodshow and Roslin, the former President of the 12 Colonies of Kobol, stepped up to the microphone. "Thank you, Nurse Jessie," Roslin said. "Today, we are gathered to open the newest Pokémon Gym and Pokémon Center in the Kanto Region. The man who will lead the Gym and its trainers against all comers is one of the best trainers in the world."

    "That is right, Madam President. Gym Leader Ketchum has graciously agreed to hold an exhibition battle to mark the inaugural battle at this Gym," Goodshow said. "And now, let us welcome his opponent for this exhibition battle. He is the star and director of the upcoming Mammoth Pictures film Cats Don't Dance…Or Do They? Please welcome Mr. Daniel Goldsmith!"

    Danny walked into the arena to thunderous applause. Roslin turned back to the microphone. "The Pallet Gym's referee, Ms. Tillie Hippo, will start us off," Roslin said. Goodshow and Roslin sat down to allow Tillie to step up to the microphone. "No badges will be on the line for this battle. The exhibition battle between Gym Leader Ash Ketchum and the challenger, Daniel Goldsmith of Hollywood, is about to begin. Each trainer will be allowed four Pokémon, with the challenger able to exchange Pokémon at any time. The Gym Leader will only be allowed to exchange Pokémon when his current Pokémon cannot battle. Are the trainers ready?"

    Both Ash and Danny nodded at Tillie. Tillie raised the red and green flags to the sky, and then dropped them. "Begin the battle!" Tillie said.

    The battle begins next time.

To be continued…

Author's Notes and Disclaimers: This story is my creation, but the characters aren't. Cats Don't Dance and related characters are owned by Warner Bros. Pokemon and related characters are owned by Nintendo Co. Ltd. and The Pokemon Company. Battlestar Galactica (2005 TV series) and related characters are owned by NBC Universal Television. Other shows and their characters will be credited on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

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