Over two billion people live, work, and play on this planet. Most of us are blissfully unaware of the fact that there is another Earth, on which live the people and animals we see on television and motion picture screens. This is the story of four of those individuals and the start of their biggest adventures. For two of them- Ash Ketchum and Misty Williams-they will take a step into the world of wedded bliss. And for the other two-Daniel and Sawyer Goldsmith-an even bigger adventure will begin….

Author's Notes and Disclaimers: This story is my creation, but the characters aren't. Cats Don't Dance and related characters are owned by Warner Bros. Pokemon and related characters are owned by Nintendo Co. Ltd. and The Pokemon Company. Battlestar Galactica (2005 TV series) and related characters are owned by NBC Universal Television. Other shows and their characters will be credited on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Chapter 2-
"The Grand Opening, Part 2"

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"Begin the battle!" Tillie said. Danny reached for a Pokéball on his belt. "You ready, Ash?" he asked. "I am always ready," Ash said. Danny threw the ball. "Fievel, go!" Raticate resolved from the white light.

Ash smiled as he pulled a Pokéball from his belt. "Raticate. A good choice. But not good enough," Ash said. "Donphan, go!" Donphan resolved from the white light.


Delia Ketchum smiled as she watched television coverage of the grand opening. Sawyer smiled too as she felt the baby kick. "So, Sawyer, who do you think is going to win?" Delia asked. "Well, Donphan has the advantage against normal types like Danny's Raticate, but Danny has a few surprises up his sleeve. So, we'll just have to wait and see," Sawyer said.

Elsewhere in the complex, Ash's other Pokémon, Professor Oak and Tracey were watching the battle on the huge display screen in the main lab. Suddenly, there was a loud "MEOWWWW!" "Sam, call the Gym. We've got a baby on the way!" Delia said. Professor Oak pressed a button on the control panel he sat at.

"Donphan is unable to battle! Raticate wins!" Tillie said. Ash sent Donphan back into its Pokéball. "Not bad, Danny," Ash said. But, before he could send another of his Pokémon into battle, Tillie held up the two flags. "Stop the battle!" she said. "I have just received word that Sawyer has gone into labor."

"WHAT?!?!" both Danny and Ash said. "As we speak, two Chanseys are en route to Pallet from Viridian City to assist in the delivery," Tillie said.

At the Pokémon Center, Danny was about to rush into the med room but Jessie blocked the way. "Sawyer requested that you stay out here for the time being," Jessie said. "If that is what she wants," Danny said. As the doors slid shut behind Jessie,  Danny sighed and  joined Ash, Misty and Pikachu in the waiting room.

"Why wouldn't she want me in there with her?" Danny said. "Believe me Dan, if  Sawyer wants you there, she'll ask. Don't worry." Ash said.

A few hours later, Daniel sat impatiently in the waiting room twiddling his thumbs until Nurse Jessie arrived, followed by Blissey. Blissey waddled over to Daniel and presented the new kitten to him. As Daniel gently took the baby into his arms, he heard a voice whisper "Daniel, is that your baby?"

"Yes, Ash, isn't it beautiful," Daniel whispered and kissed the baby's forehead. "It's so cute," Ash whispered and felt the first kitten's creamy white fur.

"Jessie, is it a boy or a girl?" Misty asked, looking over Ash's shoulder.

"First, Misty, that one's a girl." Jessie said checking her list. "Second: It's not one, there are two. The doctor found out they were twins. The second one is a boy!" Jessie replied as Chansey arrived holding the other. Misty took it from Chansey and touched its nose when she saw the little bundle of joy which resembled Daniel. The baby slowly opened its eyes and smiled at Misty, reaching out its hands.

Danny rushed to the med center, eager to see Sawyer. Ash watched him leave and then looked back to his future wife holding the kitten. He smiled and then laughed softly. Misty looked at him with a strange stare and then smirked. "What is it, Ash?"
"I suppose it thinks you're his mother!" Ash teased.
Misty almost screamed at his comment but started laughing instead, which somehow startled Ash. That wasn't supposed to be funny, Ash thought to himself.

In the med center, Danny smiled at Sawyer. "Sawyer, why didn't you tell me that we would have twins?!" Danny exclaimed. "I wanted it to be a surprise," Sawyer smiled back. "Who besides you knew?" Danny asked. "The Doctor on Voyager knew. No one else," Sawyer said. Danny was all smiles as he was ushered out of the med center.

He was still smiling as Jessie took him back to rejoin his friends in the waiting room.. "Daniel, Sawyer will have to stay for about 2 more days. For health purposes." Jessie said and left the waiting room with the Blissey and Chansey following close behind. James arrived in a business suit and tie. Meowth was close behind with a collar around his neck. James was holding his leash in his left hand. Meowth smiled sweetly and offered his paw to Pikachu to shake.

"So Pikachu, how does it feel to have your best friend get married?" Meowth purred to Pikachu.

"Pika, Pika Pika, Pika Pikachu. Pika! (It feels great. I almost wish I was getting married myself!)"

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Meowth laughed. "Pikachu, have you ever thought about being a comedian?"

Pikachu laughed and nodded. "Pikachu. Chaa. Pikachu. Pika, Pi! (I might do comedy acts on Misty and Ash's wedding if you'll join me)"

"Really, Pikachu? Can I actually join you on stage?"

"Pikachu! (Definitely!)" Pikachu nodded and gave Meowth a high-five. "Pika Pika, Pika Pikachu! (We'll make a great team!)"

"You bet!" Meowth purred.

"Meowth! It's time to go get the groceries." James hollered. "Well, Daniel, I wish you and Sawyer good luck with your new children. I'm sure Jessie is happy too." Then Jessie came back with two pacifiers which she gave to the babies and two baby bottles which she carefully placed in a bag. Ash took it from Jessie. "Thanks, Jessie!" he said and led Misty and Daniel to the limo waiting just outside the Pokèmon Center.

"Danny, how about we resume the battle one week from today and hold my wedding a few days later?" Ash said. "You know, so that Sawyer and the kids can come?" "Good idea, Ash," Danny said.

The nest morning, Ash woke up to hear a knocking on the door. Ash opened the door, revealing a Delibird-a Pokèmon known for its delivery record. "Deli-Deli?" Delibird said, holding a bag with a newspaper in its wings. Ash put a few coins in the box around Delibird's neck. Delibird gave Ash the bag, then flew off.

Ash opened the bag, withdrawing the day's issue of the Daily Gab. Of course, there could be only one front page headline, considering the previous day's events.

Ash looked at the byline and smiled when he saw the name of the author. "William Raymer, eh? Well, maybe I should talk to this guy about being the exclusive reporter for my wedding," Ash said, reaching for the handset of a videophone.


"Raymer! You've got a vidphone call!" the editor of the Daily Gab said. William Raymer smiled as he picked up the handset of the videophone on his desk. "Daily Gab. William Raymer speaking," William said. "Mr. Raymer, this is Gym Leader Ash Ketchum, calling from Pallet Town, Kanto Region. How'd you like to be the only reporter to cover my wedding?" Ash asked.

"This could be the scoop of the century," William thought. "I'd be glad to, Mr. Ketchum," he said out loud.

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