Over two billion people live, work, and play on this planet. Most of us are blissfully unaware of the fact that there is another Earth, on which live the people and animals we see on television and motion picture screens. This is the story of four of those individuals and the start of their biggest adventures. For two of them- Ash Ketchum and Misty Williams-they will take a step into the world of wedded bliss. And for the other two-Daniel and Sawyer Goldsmith-an even bigger adventure will begin….

Author's Notes and Disclaimers: This story is my creation, but the characters aren't. Cats Don't Dance and related characters are owned by Warner Bros. Pokemon and related characters are owned by Nintendo Co. Ltd. and The Pokemon Company. Battlestar Galactica (2005 TV series) and related characters are owned by NBC Universal Television. Other shows and their characters will be credited on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Chapter 3:
"Phases of the Moon"

Danny smiled as he watched Sawyer sleep in her hospital bed in the Pallet Town Pokémon Gym and Pokémon Center. "I'm sorry, Danny, but visiting hours are over," Jessie said. "I'm sure Ash will let you sleep here at the Pokémon Center."

"I've already got quarters set aside for you, Danny," Ash said. "Pokémon Centers are for all trainers." "Thanks, Ash," Danny said.

The next morning, a Starfleet runabout landed in Pallet Town. William Raymer smiled in greeting as a young man walked up to him. "Mr. Raymer, I am Hajime Ipansuke, one of Gym Leader Ketchum's apprentice trainers. He is busy with Mr. and Mrs. Goldsmith, so he assigned me to be your guide," the young man said.

"Thank you," William said. Hajime looked at the runabout curiously.  "Is this your runabout?" he asked. "Yes, it is," William replied. "Admiral Janeway gave it to me a few years ago."

Meanwhile, in his quarters at the Pokémon Center, Danny was woken up by someone shaking him. "Chansey Chansey?" Danny opened his eyes to see a Chansey. The Chansey wore a wristband with "Sawyer" written on it.  Danny recognized that the Chansey standing before him belonged to his darling wife.

"Yes, Chansey?" Danny said. Chansey handed a note to Danny. Danny quickly opened it and read:

Sawyer can go home today, but Captain Chakotay called me this morning and said that Voyager has been called away on an urgent mission.
Professor Oak said you, Sawyer, [boy] and [girl] can stay at the Oak Lab until after Ash and Misty's wedding.

Nurse Jessie

Ash smiled as Hajime and William walked up to him. "Hello, Gym Leader Ketchum," William said. "Same to you, Mr. Raymer," Ash said as Danny walked up to where the three of them were standing.

"Actually, 'Raymer' is just my pen-name," William said. "My birth name is William Todman IV." "The last name is familiar," Danny said. "That's because my great-grandfather was Bill Todman, creator of a beaucoup lot of television game shows from the '50s up to the '70s," William said.

"Ah, I see," Danny said. "Oh, we decided on names for the children, have a look.." Danny handed an isolinear data chip to William, who put it in a PADD (Personal Access and Display Device) he held.

On the PADD's display, Danny and Sawyer's two children, a white (Kasumi) and an orange (Satoshi) kitten appeared.

Misty smiled as she saw William. "Mr. Raymer, I loved your interview with Edge after he won the WWE Championship at New Year's Revolution," Misty said. "It's a shame he won it the way he did, but he deserves it," she said. "Thanks, Misty," William said.

A beeping sound emanated from the PADD. William pushed a button.

To: Captain William Todman, Starfleet Intelligence
From: Admiral Kathryn Janeway

The USS Voyager has been captured by an alliance of Team Rocket and the
Cylon Empire. President Roslin and I both agree that the Galactica should be the ship to lead the effort to rescue them. But, I am placing you in command of the overall mission. Use any crew and methods you feel necessary.

Good luck, and Godspeed.
Admiral Kathryn Janeway

William looked at Ash, Misty and Danny. "Ash, is Sawyer medically cleared to leave the hospital?" "Yes," Ash said. "But, to paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi, I don't want Sawyer and Danny to risk their lives on a 'damn fool idealistic crusade.' They have children now, after all. But, I do have a few ideas."


The runabout landed on a helicopter landing pad. William watched out of the viewport as a wildly-dressed man approached to the runabout.

"Captain Todman, I am Dr. Vellian Crowler, headmaster of the Duel Academy. Admiral Janeway has notified me of what happened to Voyager," the man said. "I have arranged a Three-Way Duel, the winner of which will be our representative on your rescue team."

"Thank you, Doctor," William said. A pair of familiar voices came from behind William. "So this is the famous Duel Academy," a female voice said. "It's more ugly than I imagined," a male voice said.

William wheeled around and saw Danny and Sawyer. "What the---Danny?! Sawyer?! How'd you get here?!"

"It was me," Ash said. "We 3, -Danny, Sawyer and I-have people we care about on Voyager." 
"UGLY?!" Crowler said, indignantly. 
"Doctor, let's just get this triple duel out of the way," William said. "Each moment we waste is a moment the Rocket/Cylon Alliance slips even further away from us."

"So, I will need the records of the three students. I will delete the files of the two losers," William said to Crowler. Crowler handed William an isolinear chip.

William slipped the chip into his PADD. "Jaden Yuki of Slifer Red. Zane Trusdale of Obelisk Blue. Tyranno Kenzan of Ra Yellow. All top students," William said.

William noticed the exasperated look on Crowler's face when he mentioned the Slifer Red competitor. Ash whispered to William, "Dr. Crowler has had it in for Jaden Yuki since he was defeated in a duel during Jaden's entrance exam." "That's right, and Crowler has since tried to get Jaden expelled on a number of occasions, all without success," Danny added. 
"Ah, I see," William said.

The battle was fast and furious. But, Jaden Yuki emerged victorious. Crowler stood up and moved to the lecturn. "As much as I hate to say it, Mr. Yuki, I declare you the winner. Pack provisions for a week's journey and meet Captain Todman…" Crowler pointed to William. "…at the helicopter landing pad. The Runabout Nausicaä will depart in 3 hours."

Three hours later, Dr. Crowler escorted Jaden to the landing pad. A few minutes later  Jaden boarded, and  the Nausicaä soared into the sky.

Two hours later, the Nausicaä approached a fleet consisting of Galactica and about 25 other ships. "Danny, patch me through to the entire fleet," William said.

"You're on," Danny said. "Attention, all ships. This is Captain Todman of Starfleet Intelligence," William began. "Our mission is clear. The USS Voyager has been captured by the Team Rocket/Cylon Alliance. We must save Voyager. Now, here's what we're gonna do…"

Under impulse power, the Nausicaä approached a Cylon Base Star. William said to Danny, "I hope you don't take this seriously." "I won't, William," Danny said. "Opening a channel to the Base Star."

"Cylon Base Star, this is William Raymer Unit Number 15. Requesting permission to land. I have several high-priority prisoners aboard."

Will William's ruse work?

Find out next time…

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