Over two billion people live, work, and play on this planet. Most of us are blissfully unaware of the fact that there is another Earth, on which live the people and animals we see on television and motion picture screens. This is the story of four of those individuals and the start of their biggest adventures. For two of them- Ash Ketchum and Misty Williams-they will take a step into the world of wedded bliss. And for the other two-Daniel and Sawyer Goldsmith-an even bigger adventure will begin….

Author's Notes and Disclaimers: This story is my creation, but the characters aren't. Cats Don't Dance and related characters are owned by Warner Bros. Pokemon and related characters are owned by Nintendo Co. Ltd. and The Pokemon Company. Battlestar Galactica (2005 TV series) and related characters are owned by NBC Universal Television. Other shows and their characters will be credited on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Chapter 5-
"You are Cordially Invited…"

From all over the Four Regions, the best and the brightest trainers are gathering in Pallet Town for Ash and Misty's wedding.

In the Charicific Valley, ten Charizards-including Ash's old Charizard-set off for Pallet Town.

From Purity Canyon, in the Johto Region, the Clone Pokémon Mewtwo set out for Pallet. He wanted to celebrate an important milestone in the lives of two of the young humans who helped Mewtwo to discover his own humanity.

In Millenium City, the Pichu brothers-who have had many an adventure with Ash's Pikachu-set out to celebrate as only they can.

The final preparations were in full swing on Voyager:

Pikachu and Meowth were rehearsing their comedy act.

Sawyer was choosing the song she would sing for Ash and Misty's first dance. In the guest quarters she, Danny, Satoshi and Kasumi (the children) shared, Sawyer smiled at the red-haired woman on the monitor.

"Thanks, Kim. You're a lifesaver," Sawyer said. Kim Possible smiled. "So not the drama," she said. "That song fits both my relationship with Ron and Misty's relationship with Ash. Sorry I can't be there in person, but I've been confined to bed rest until the baby comes."

"Say no more, Kim," Sawyer said. "I've heard PokéTV's Shuukan Pokémon Hosoukyoku will dedicate a live episode to the wedding. So, you can watch it as if you were there."

In the Captain's Ready Room, which was converted into the groom's dressing room, Ash looked at William, Danny, Chakotay, Paris and Kim. "Ash, Danny, I want you to have these," William said.

In William's hand were two freshly-replicated Starfleet commbadges. Ash affixed his commbadge to his tuxedo, while Danny did the same.

The door chime sounded. "Come in," Chakotay said. Jaden, already in a tuxedo with commbadge on, walked in. "Everything's all set, Admiral," he said. "Ash, let's go make an honest trainer of you," William said.


"Captain Chakotay, Misty has requested that you serve as Acting Father of the Bride. Report to the Bride's Dressing Room," William said. "Aye, sir," Chakotay said. As he left, William looked at Danny. "I gotta head on down to the Holodeck 'cause I'm performing the ceremony," William said.

As he approached the doors, William turned back to Danny and Ash. "Ash, Danny, aren't you wearing the wrong thing?" he asked.

"Excuse me, William?" Danny asked. William turned to Paris and Kim. "Mr. Paris, Mr. Kim, correct me if I am wrong, but an admiral is allowed to issue field commissions?" William asked. "Yes, sir," Paris said.

Paris and Kim moved aside to reveal two Starfleet dress uniforms. William moved over to the Ready Room desk and pushed a button. "Ship's Log, Admiral William Todman recording, Stardate 60125.4. For exemplary service in the best Starfleet tradition, I hereby grant field commissions with the rank of Ensign to Daniel Ethan Goldsmith and Ashton James Ketchum."

After ending the entry, William nodded at Ash. "I gotta go. See you all on the Holodeck," William said. "Sir?" Ash said.

"Yes, Ensign?" William said. Danny handed Ash a PADD, which Ash tossed to William. "Your speech for the ceremony," Ash said.

William caught the PADD. "Thanks, Ash. Mr. Kim, notify Misty that I will be about five minutes late for the ceremony. Mr. Paris, initiate Code 626 as soon as my biosignature leaves Deck 1," William said.

As the doors slid shut behind William, Danny was putting on the jacket of his dress uniform. "What is Code 626?" Danny asked Kim, who was looking at a monitor. As soon as William's biosignature left the Bridge, Kim nodded at Paris, who tapped his commbadge. "Paris to Sito."

"Sito here," the voice on the other end said. "Report to Main Shuttlebay," Paris said. "On my way," Sito said.

In the Main Shuttlebay, William was leaning against the hull of a shuttlecraft, practicing the speech he would give for the wedding ceremony as Sito walked in. William gestured for a crewman to raise the Shuttlebay door. William asked Sito to follow him. As soon as William and Sito cleared the door, it came down.

"Sito, since we rescued you on the Cylon Base Star, I have felt something in my life change. A hole in my heart, if you will. And, when you came into my life, the hole was filled. I hope you feel the same," William said.

"Yes, I do," Sito said. "I do not feel, however, that it is appropriate for me, a Lieutenant, to have a romantic relationship with a superior officer."

"Oh, come off it, Sito!" William exclaimed. "If two people are in love, let them be! We may be at opposite ends of the rank scale, but that's when we're on duty. And since we are Starfleet Intelligence now, we can basically say when we work."

"Sito Jaxa, will you marry me?" William said. As if on cue, a blue and white flying Pokémon landed on Voyager's fantail, a blue and white case secure in its beak.

"Thanks, Latios," William said after petting the Pokémon and retrieving the case. Latios cooed, then soared back into the sky.

William opened the case, revealing a gold and diamond ring. Sito nodded, then took her Bajoran earring off her ear and put it on William's ear. William put the ring on Sito's finger.

William tapped his commbadge. "Todman to Transporter Room 3. Two to beam to Holodeck 3." The transporter beam claimed Animated Earth's newest couple.

On the Holodeck, William stood at the lectern as Ash, followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Then, a Bellossom used its Petal Dance attack to spread flower petals on the aisle. Finally, Misty, arm-in-arm with surrogate father-of-the-bride Captain Chakotay, came down the aisle.

Chakotay put Misty's hand in Ash's, then moved to stand with the groomsmen as William began the ceremony.

"True love can take many forms and change many lives. It is this essence of true love that binds us all. It binds Daniel and Sawyer Goldsmith. It binds myself and Sito Jaxa. And tonight, it will bind two more loving souls. And so, we are gathered here tonight to join Ashton James Ketchum and Misty Annabeth Williams in the greatest bond one can experience in life-the bond of matrimony. If anyone present amongst us tonight has a valid reason for these two souls to not be joined, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace."

The ship shook. Four towers of crimson transporter energy resolved into Darla Dimple, Max and two other individuals Ash found dreadfully familiar. "Cassidy! Butch!"

"Hello, twerp," Cassidy said. "We have a proposition for you: a three-on-three Pokémon battle. If your team wins-oh, and you cannot participate, Ash-we will leave and you can resume this wedding. If we win, not only must you and Misty break up, but you must hand that Pikachu over to us. We give you 10 minutes to choose your team."

"I already have chosen," Ash said. "Admiral Todman, Lieutenant Sito and Ensign Goldsmith will defend me, Misty and Pikachu."

Darla gulped as she recognized the female Bajoran standing before her. "Hello, Darla," Sito said. Turning to Danny and her fiancée, she said, "20 years ago, we were a single entity. But, a horrible accident on the set of Darladdin and her Magic Lamp separated me into the two entities you see before you now."

"I see," Danny said. "What happened?" "An electric wire touched the tank as I was filming a swimming sequence. Darla-" Sito pointed to Darla. "-remained, while I awoke on Bajor, with few memories of our combined life."

"Then, after the Nova Squadron Incident of 2368 , I started to regain my memories. Then, after Admiral Todman and Danny rescued me from the Cylon Base Star, I finally remembered it all."

Sito picked up Ash's Pikachu and set it on the lectern. "I figure that Ash's Pikachu, using Thunder attack, puts out about 10,000 volts," she said. A knowing grin crossed Sito's face. "Ah, so that's it," Sito said as she turned back to face Darla. "That's why you don't want Ash to participate in the battle. If Pikachu uses Thunder in our vicinity, the shock could cause us to merge into a single being again."

"Well, I have an idea," William said as he stood between Sito and Danny. "If we win, in addition to allowing us to proceed with the wedding, Darla must consent to a merger with Lt. Sito."

"Agreed," Darla said. "Computer, randomly select three Pokémon stadium configurations-grass field, rock field, etc.," William said. "First field, now!"

The wedding chapel dissolved into a Pokémon battle stadium with scoreboard. The red R (Team Rocket's symbol) and the Starfleet delta appeared on the screen.

"Out first field will be an ice field," Tillie said after assuming the referee's podium. "Computer, randomly select a member of Team Rocket and a member of Team Victory to compete in the first round."

The image of Cassidy and Danny replaced their respective teams' symbols. "Cassidy of Team Rocket and Ensign Daniel Goldsmith of Team Victory, step forward," Tillie said.

"This will be a two-on-two battle, with the trainers to exchange at any time. Best two out of three falls wins the battle. Begin!"

The battles begin next time.


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