Over two billion people live, work, and play on this planet. Most of us are blissfully unaware of the fact that there is another Earth, on which live the people and animals we see on television and motion picture screens. This is the story of four of those individuals and the start of their biggest adventures. For two of them- Ash Ketchum and Misty Williams-they will take a step into the world of wedded bliss. And for the other two-Daniel and Sawyer Goldsmith-an even bigger adventure will begin….

Author's Notes and Disclaimers: This story is my creation, but the characters aren't. Cats Don't Dance and related characters are owned by Warner Bros. Pokemon and related characters are owned by Nintendo Co. Ltd. and The Pokemon Company. Battlestar Galactica (2005 TV series) and related characters are owned by NBC Universal Television. Other shows and their characters will be credited on a chapter-by-chapter basis.



“A Matter of Honor”



            Sawyer Goldsmith had just told her husband, Daniel, that she was having a baby. “Sawyer, are you serious?” Danny asked. “Quite,” Sawyer said. “Oh, my gosh, this is amazing,” Danny said. “I gotta call Ash! He’s still in Pallet Town , isn’t he?” “Yeah, he is,” Sawyer said. “I got an e-mail from Ash stating that he and Misty were settling down and building a Pokemon Gym in Pallet.” Danny reached back into his pulled out his cell phone.




            On the site of construction of the Pallet Town Pokemon Gym, Ash smiled as he admired the picture frame on the portable office’s wall. In it were the 28 Gym Badges he got during his travels in the Four Regions-Kanto, Orange Islands , Johto and Hoenn. There was a knock on the door. “Mr. Ketchum, there is a Mr. Goldsmith on the horn from Porta Vista,” a voice said.

            “Thanks, Officer Jenny,” Ash said. Ash picked up the handset of the phone on his desk and pressed the flashing button on the base. “Pallet Town Pokemon Gym, Ketchum speaking.” “Ash, this is Danny.” “Danny! How’s life as a married man?” Ash asked, looking at the picture of Danny, Sawyer, him and Misty taken at the big wedding a month before.

            It’s just great,” Danny said. “Only, in about nine months, we won’t be getting much sleep.” “Sawyer’s pregnant?” Ash asked, incredulously. “Yes, I am,” Sawyer said. “Dr. Proctor made the diagnosis. I assume you remember him.” “Oh, yes. I do,” Ash said. “So, when’s the due date?” “Around September 8th,” Sawyer said.

            “We’re expecting to open the Gym about a month later,” Ash said. “So, are you gonna be able to make my wedding?” “We will,” Sawyer said. “The Voyager will transport the guests to the ceremony. And so Team Rocket doesn’t accost us en route, the Galactica will lend us their Viper squadron, led by our old friend Captain Apollo,” Sawyer said.

            “Well, I’ll see you in Pallet,” Ash said. “I’ll forward the date and landing coordinates to Captain Chakotay and Commander Adama, so they’ll know when to get you guys. Bye.” After Sawyer hung up, Ash put the handset back on the cradle. There was another knock on the door. “Come in,” Ash said.


            Hajime Ipansuke walked into the office. Ash smiled. “Ah, Hajime, it’s you. Glad to see you,” Ash said. “Ash, I finished my drawing of what the Rainbow Badge should look like,” Hajime said, handing Ash a piece of paper. 

            Ash smiled as he saw the concept drawing for the Rainbow Badge. “Good work, Hajime. Send it off to the badge-making company in Goldenrod City and they’ll take care of the rest,” Ash said. As Hajime turned to leave the office, Ash chuckled. “I wonder what the kid will look like,” he said. “Whose kid are you talking about, Ash?” Hajime said.

            Ash picked up the picture from his desk. “Danny and Sawyer are having a baby,” Ash said. “I just got a phone call from them. It must have been conceived on the honeymoon.”

            “It’ll be interesting, sir,” Hajime said as Ash put a huge green stamp reading “APPROVED,” then signing and dating the picture and handed the picture back to Hajime.




In the ship’s Command Intelligence Center , Lieutenant Gaeta looked up from his boards. “Sir, there is an incoming transmission on the civilian channel for Captain Apollo,” Petty Officer Dualla said. “Captain Apollo to CIC,” Gaeta said.

As Apollo walked into the CIC, Gaeta handed Apollo a handset. “This is Apollo,” he said. “Hey, Apollo! This is Ash,” Ash said. “Hey, Ash! How’s the Gym coming along?” Apollo asked. “Fine,” Ash said. “Listen, Apollo. I would have contacted you an hour ago, but I got a phone call from Danny and Sawyer. They’re having a baby.” 

“By the Lords of Kobol, are they sure?” Apollo said. “They are,” Ash said. “However, they’re still gonna come to mine and Misty’s wedding, which is the reason I’m calling you. The wedding has been pushed up to June 30th. Please adjust your mission plans accordingly.” “I’m sure Father, Starbuck, Dr. Baltar and President Roslin will be able to come,” Apollo said. “I hope so, Lee. See you then,” Ash said as he hung up.


            Back in Porta Vista, Danny was playing the newest version of Dance Dane Revolution in the resort’s arcade when Sawyer walked up to him. “Where have you been, Dan?” Sawyer asked. “Just clearing my head, Sawyer,” Danny said. “I mean, are we ready to have a baby?”

            “We will be, dear,” Sawyer said. “We’ve babysat for some of our Hollywood friends.” “Yes, but this—“Danny pointed to Sawyer’s stomach.”—is quite different,” Danny said. “Danny, we both knew what we’d be getting to when we got married. I’m ready if you are,” Sawyer said.

            Danny sighed. “Well, we better start getting ready if we’re to be prepared for September 8th,” Danny said. “Let’s go home.”



What surprises await our heroes and heroines on the road ahead?

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