Imagine, if you will, that there are two Earths: the one we as real people live on, and one that the characters we enjoy on television and motion picture screens live on. This story takes place on Another Earth-the "Animated Earth."

Chapter 2: "Reunion of Old Friends"


Misty Williams, a former traveling companion of Ash, Pikachu and Brock, was just returning to Cerulean from the Mirage Kingdom incident(1), when a limousine pulled up next to her. The window rolled down. "Excuse me," a voice said. "Are you Misty Williams, the leader of the Cerulean Pokemon Gym?" Misty nodded. "I am Flanigan T. Fosworth, head of production at Mammoth Pictures. I am sure you are aware of the impending marriage of Daniel Goldsmith and Sawyer Dumas, two of Mammoth Pictures' most famous stars?"

"Am I?" Misty asked. "I have been a big fan of hers since she did a water ballet with Goldeen, Seel and some other water Pokemon in her last film." "Well, Mammoth Pictures wants you to help participate in the forthcoming wedding celebrations. Since Miss Dumas is a big fan of Pokemon, she has asked for some of the top trainers in the world to participate. A few are already in Hollywood, waiting for you." Flanigan smiled. "It is also my understanding that one of them has a few feelings for you."

Misty's face glowed as red as the jewel on her Starmie . "Ash." Misty smiled at Flanigan. "Can you give me a ride to the Gym, so I can collect my Pokemon, then we can get going?" Flanigan nodded.

Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, Ash, Brock, May and Max were reading The Daily Gab, a newspaper that had the latest entertainment news. The article on the front page announced Danny and Sawyer's engagement. Ash smiled when he thought about what Danny asked him earlier that day.

"Congratulations, you two," Ash said. "Thank you so much, Ash," Sawyer said. "If there is anything you need of us, just ask," Brock said. "Now that you mention it, there is one small matter you can help us with," Danny said. "Since Sawyer here likes Pokemon, I've decided to let her live her dream of being a Pokemon trainer. Earlier this morning, I called Professor Samuel Oak at the famed Pokemon Research Laboratory in your home town of Pallet. He has agreed that although she is a bit over the normal age of a person who gets their starting Pokemon, she can come to Pallet and get one."

"Oh, my goodness," Sawyer said. "Which starters does Prof. Oak give out?" Ash smiled. "Professor Oak gives out a Bulbasaur, a Charmander and a Squirtle as starters." Ash pulled out his PokeDex and showed Sawyer pictures of the three Kanto Starters. "Bulbasaur is considered the easiest of the three to raise, although I've had the pleasure of raising all three," Ash said. Sawyer smiled when she saw the picture of Bulbasaur. "Bulbasaur looks cute, though I like Charmander too," she said.

Max frowned. "Don't choose Charmander," he said. Sawyer looked at Max, askance. "Why not?" she asked. "Charmander is considered the most difficult of the three. If the flame on Charmander's tail goes out, it could die," Max said. "Oh," Sawyer said.

A few hours later, Ash was playing with his Pokemon on the lawn of Sawyer's mansion, when a Mammoth Pictures limo pulled up. Flanigan got out. "Mr. Fosworth, hello," Ash said. "Hello to you too, Ash," Flanigan said. "I found another trainer to join us for the wedding." The doors opened, revealing... "Misty?!?!" Pikachu's ears pointed skyward, then squealed in happiness. Pikachu ran to the limo, where Misty stood. "Hey, Pikachu," Misty said, rubbing Pikachu behind the ears. "Hey, Ash." "Hey, Misty. Don't think I can get used to seeing you without Togepi in your arms."

"I know, Ash. Listen, after Togepi left, I felt that I should do what I should have done a long time ago," Misty said. She moved over to Ash and kissed him on the lips.

Danny and Sawyer smiled as they saw Ash and Misty kiss. "Seems like they're gonna be next," Sawyer said. "Yeah," Danny said. "So, what Pokemon are you gonna choose from Professor Oak?" "I haven't decided yet," Sawyer said.

Meanwhile, deep in the Hoenn region, Jessie and James of the notorious Team Rocket sat across from a young girl with curly blonde hair. Her manservant sat next to her. "So, let me get this straight," Jessie said. "The twerps (Ash, Brock, Misty, etc.)and those darn cats you hate so much have hooked up?" "Yes," the girl said. A cat Pokemon hopped up on the table. "I hope we can both accomplish our goals. I learned to speak human talk from watching your movies," Meowth said.

"Yes," Darla Dimple said. "Our plan will work, won't it, Max?" Max nodded. "Yes, Miss Dimpool,"(Dimple) Max said. A bulbous blue Pokemon with a black tail popped up from out of nowhere. "Wobbuffet!" it said. Jessie grumbled, reached for Wobbuffet's Pokeball, then recalled it. "Finally, you'll get that Pikachu you've been after, and I'll have my revenge on that tabby for ruining me career!" Everyone except Max started to laugh maniacally.

What could Darla Dimple and Team Rocket be planning?

Find out next time...

1. See the Pokemon Advanced Challenge episodes "The Princess and the Togepi" and "The Togepi Mirage."

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