Imagine, if you will, that there are two Earths: the one we as real people live on, and one that the characters we enjoy on television and motion picture screens live on. This story takes place on Another Earth-the "Animated Earth."

Chapter 3- "Sawyer's Safari"


In the main research quarters of the Oak Pokemon Research Laboratory, Tracey Sketchit smiled as the Mammoth Pictures limo approached. "Professor! They're here!"

Ash knocked on the door. "Sawyer, you may want to stand back," he said. Sawyer walked up to the door. "What could be so bad?" she asked. She almost had to choke on those words as a huge mass of purple goo came crashing down on her.

"Muk, get off of her!" Professor Samuel Oak cried out. Muk turned its "head" to Oak, then moved off. "I'm sorry, Sawyer," Oak said as he helped Sawyer to her feet. "It's all right, Professor," Sawyer said. "I didn't listen to Ash's warning."

Finally, it came time for Sawyer to receive her starting Pokemon. On a pedestal in the center of the room rested three Pokeballs. Each had an imprint of a Pokemon type on it. Oak smiled at Sawyer. "So, Sawyer, which one do you want?" he asked.

Sawyer pointed to the Pokeball with the leaf imprint on it. Oak picked up the Pokeball and opened it. A white light shot from the Pokeball, revealing Bulbasaur. "Hello, Bulbasaur. I am Sawyer, your new trainer," Sawyer said. Bulbasaur walked up to Sawyer, sniffed, then started to rub against her leg. "I guess Bulbasaur likes you," Ash said.

Professor Oak then handed Sawyer a belt with five Pokeballs on it and a PokeDex. Sawyer opened the PokeDex and pressed the button marked "I.D." A picture of Sawyer appeared on the PokeDex's screen. "I am Dextette, a PokeDex programmed by Professor Samuel Oak for Pokemon trainer Sawyer Dumas of the town of Hollywood. My function is to provide Sawyer with information about Pokemon and their care. If lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced." Sawyer closed the PokeDex, then put it in her purse. Then, she recalled Bulbasaur into its Pokeball.

Outside, Ash was talking to Brock as Misty walked up to them. "Ash, Brock, what are you guys talking about?" Misty asked. "Oh, we're just remembering the incident with the Blissey in Happy Town(1)," Brock said. "So, are you two a couple now?" Ash and Misty blushed. "Yeah, I guess we are," Ash said.

A few hours later, the Mammoth Pictures jet landed for a layover in Celadon City. Ash and Sawyer decided to go to the famous Celadon Department Store to stock up on Pokemon medicines and other necessities. However, Ash intended to get something else. "Sawyer, I need to tell you something," Ash said. "You see, Misty and I have been friends on and off for seven years. Recently, Misty kissed me on the lawn of your mansion. I intend to take our relationship to the next level." Sawyer's eyebrow went up. "You don't mean..." Sawyer started to say. Ash nodded. "I'm gonna propose to Misty at the Safari Zone. I'm gonna buy an engagement ring at the Celadon Department Store, then propose the moment you catch your first Pokemon."

At the Celadon Department Store, Ash and Sawyer went to the jewelry counter, where Ash bought the ring. Meanwhile, back at Celadon Airport, Misty was talking to Brock. "Brock, if I tell you something, do you promise not to tell Ash?" she asked. "I promise, Misty. As one ex-Gym Leader to another," Brock said.

Misty opened her wallet. In it was a picture of Ash, taken shortly before the Mirage Kingdom incident. "As you know, Ash and I recently began a full-blown romantic relationship. I'm not gonna let him slip away again," she said. Misty pulled a Pikachu-print case. Brock whistled when Misty opened the case, revealing a gold and diamond ring.

"Does this mean what I think it means?" Brock asked. Misty smiled. "If you think it means I'm gonna propose to Ash, then yes it does," she said. "I'm proposing when we get to the Safari Zone. There's that nice tree in the center of the park. I'll propose to Ash there." Brock saw a limo approach. "Misty, put that thing away! Ash and Sawyer are back!" Brock said. Misty hurriedly put the case back in her satchel. 


At the gates to the Safari Zone game park, Ash was telling Sawyer how to play the game. "The warden will give you thirty Safari Zone-only Pokeballs. You get to keep whatever you can catch," Ash said. Sawyer was about to thank Ash when there was a loud explosion from the park. Ash, Misty, Brock and Sawyer ran through the gates and saw a giant robot, in the shape of a... "A Wobbuffet! You know what that means," Ash said. "What does it mean, Ash?" Sawyer said. A female voice boomed out from the robot. "It means to prepare for trouble," the voice said. Another voice-a male voice-followed. "And make it double," the male voice said.

A panel on the robot's body opened, revealing a woman with long red hair and a man with short-cropped blue hair. The woman spoke. "To protect the world from devastation..." the woman said. "To unite all peoples within our nation..." the man said. "To denounce the evils of truth and love..." "To extend our reach to the stars above." The man and the woman jumped out of the robot. "Jessie..." "James." "Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light," Jessie said. "Surrender now or prepare to fight!" James said. "Meowth, that's right!" Meowth, who came from behind Jessie said. "Wobbuffet!" Wobbuffet said. Jessie recalled Wobbuffet into its Pokeball.

"Team Rocket!" Ash, Misty and Brock said in unison. "That's right," Jessie said. "And, we've grown by two. Darla! Max!" Darla Dimple and Max, wearing Team Rocket uniforms, appeared in the robot's cockpit. "Darla Dimple! Why have you joined Team Rocket?" Sawyer asked. "It's simple, kitty! I want revenge for what you and Danny did to my career eight years ago! And joining Team Rocket, I decided, was the only way to go. Isn't that right, Max?" Darla asked. "Yes, Miss Dimpool," Max said.

Ash and Sawyer nodded. "Team Rocket, you're not gonna get my Pikachu," Ash said. "We'll see about that, twerp!" Jessie said, throwing a Pokeball. "Seviper, go!" "You too, Cacnea," James said. Seviper appeared at Jessie's feet, but Cacnea appeared, hugging James' face. Brock threw two of his Pokeballs. "Mudkip, Forretress, help 'em out!" Brock yelled. Misty threw one of hers. "Starmie, you too!" Sawyer then reached for the Pokeball with Bulbasaur in it. "Bulbasaur, I choose you!" Bulbasaur appeared along with Mudkip, Forretress and Starmie. Ash told Pikachu to join the party.

Sawyer had an idea. "Brock, I have an idea. Let's combine our attacks! If what I've heard of Team Rocket is true..." Sawyer turned her head toward Team Rocket. "..we can kick their butts easy," she finished. "Good idea, Sawyer," Ash said. "Let's do it! Pikachu, Thunder!" "Mudkip, Water Gun! Forretress, Spike Cannon!" Brock commanded. "Starmie, Water Pulse!" Misty commanded. "Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!" Sawyer commanded. The attacks combined into a massive blast that destroyed the robot Wobbuffet and set Jessie, James, Darla and Max and their Pokemon flying. "We'll be back!" Darla said. "Yes, Miss Dimpool," Max said. "Shut up, Max!" Darla responded. "Team Rocket's blasting off again!" Jessie, James and Meowth said. A flash of light appeared in the sky where Team Rocket disappeared from view.

Ash, Misty and Sawyer went to survey the damage to the Safari Zone caused by Team Rocket, while Brock stayed behind to hit on the Fuschia City Officer Jenny. Sawyer heard a whimpering coming from a nearby cave. Sawyer looked and saw a Chansey. "Oh, Ash, Misty, look! It's a Chansey, and it looks hurt," Sawyer said. "Should I catch it and take it to a Pokemon Center?" "Yes, let's," Misty said. Sawyer took an empty Pokeball from her belt and threw it at the Chansey. As soon as the Pokeball stopped shaking and the red capture light went dark, indicating that the capture was successful, Sawyer moved over and picked up the now-occupied Pokeball.

Ash looked at Misty. "Misty, I love you and I don't want to lose you again," he said. "I feel the same way, Ash," Misty said. Ash withdrew a small blue case from his pocket, while Misty took the Pikachu-print case from her pocket. "Will you marry me?" Ash and Misty said at the same time. Sawyer smiled as Ash said, "Misty, I don't know what to say. But..." Ash nodded his head. "Yes, I will," Misty said. Ash put the ring in his case on Misty's finger, while Misty put the ring in the Pikachu case on Ash's finger.

A few minutes later, Sawyer, Ash and Misty arrived at the gates, where Brock was hitting on Officer Jenny. "Shall I?" Sawyer asked. Ash and Misty nodded. Sawyer moved up to Brock and grabbed him by the ear. "Officer Jenny has better things to do than listen to your corny pick-up lines!" Sawyer said. Ash and Misty smiled, then kissed.

Will Team Rocket end the plans for not only Danny and Sawyer's wedding, but now Ash and Misty's as well?

Find out next time...


1. See the Pokemon: The Johto Journeys episode "Ignorance is Blissey."

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