Imagine, if you will, that there are two Earths: the one we as real people live on, and one that the characters we enjoy on television and motion picture screens live on. This story takes place on Another Earth-the "Animated Earth."

Before we begin Chapter 4, here is a note from the author.

Dear Readers,
This is the hardest chapter I've written for any of my stories. See, my brother, who lives in Pennsylvania now, got married recently. But, due to the fact that I live on the other side of the country than him, I couldn't have been there for him.
Now, I feel that I may never share happiness with anyone like my brother can now share with my new sister-in-law. But, until I take my own walk down the aisle, I will be able to continue my commitment to Unofficial CDD.
So, this is to Erwin and Summer Raymer of Nescopeck, Pennsylvania. May Blissey's luck be with you both.
William C. Raymer
Yuma, Arizona USA
January 6th, 2005

And now, on with the show.....

Chapter 4-  "Ash's Admission"
In the Fuschia City Pokemon Center, Ash, Misty, Brock and Sawyer were nervously awaiting word on whether or not the Chansey they brought in would survive. Sawyer turned to Ash. "Ash, I'll handle the Chansey. You have something else to do," Sawyer said. Ash looked down at the engagement ring on his finger, then back up at Sawyer. "Brock, will you let me know if there's any word on the Chansey?" Ash asked. Brock nodded.

Ash felt as if he was sent to the principal's office as he walked over to the bank of videophones set up in one corner of the Pokemon Center. Ash picked up the handset and punched in a phone number.

Back at the Oak Pokemon Research Laboratory, Delia heard a videophone ring. She moved over to the terminal and picked up the handset. "Hello?" Ash appeared on the screen. "Mom! What are you doing at Professor Oak's lab?" he asked. "Don't you remember that I help out here sometimes?" Delia asked in return. "Yeah, now I remember," Ash said.

"So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this conversation?" Delia asked. On the screen, Ash held up the hand his engagement ring rested on. "Ash, does this mean what I think it means?" Ash nodded. "So, who's the lucky girl?" Delia asked. "Will you hold for a moment?" Ash said. Delia nodded. She turned in her chair as the image on the display switched to a test pattern. "Sam! Tracey! Get down here! Ash is getting married!"

Meanwhile, back in the Fuschia City Pokemon Center, Ash walked over to where Misty sat. "Time to meet the parent," Ash said. Back in Pallet Town, Professor Oak and Tracey sat around the videophone terminal, waiting for word on whom Ash was engaged to. Finally, Ash's image reappeared on the screen. "Mom, Professor, Tracey, meet my fiancée," Ash said. A giant display screen behind the videophone terminal glowed, then revealed the image of Ash's intended. "MISTY?!?!?!" all three viewers said.

Back in Fuschia City, Misty smiled when she saw the shocked looks on Delia, Tracey and Professor Oak's faces. "Yes, Mrs. Ketchum. Ash and I are engaged to be married," Misty said. "Well, if someone has to become engaged to my Ash, I am glad it is you, Misty," Delia said. "Thanks, Mrs. Ketchum," Misty said. A chime sounded. "Ash, Misty, I think Nurse Joy is coming," Sawyer said. "We'll tell you more when we swing through Pallet on our way back to Hollywood," Ash said. "Bye, Mom."

After hanging up, Ash and Misty went to join Sawyer and Brock as Nurse Joy and another Chansey-a regular Nurse Chansey-came out of the examination room. "Miss Dumas, your Chansey is going to be all right," Nurse Joy said. Nurse Chansey handed Sawyer a Pokeball. Sawyer opened it, revealing the Chansey she rescued in the Safari Zone. Chansey waddled up to Sawyer and hugged her. "I think Chansey is saying 'Thank You' for saving it," Brock said. "Chansey, you can repay me by being the best Pokemon you can be," Sawyer said. Chansey lifted an arm to her head in a salute. "Chansey Chansey!"

Ash smiled as Sawyer recalled Chansey into its Pokeball. "Sawyer, we're supposed to stop by my mom's house when we get to Pallet Town so we-Misty and I-can explain to my mom about our engagement."

Back in Hollywood-at Danny's mansion-Max (May's brother, not Darla Dimple's manservant) went to get the newspaper. Unfolding it, Max saw the picture of Ash and Misty and gasped at the headline of the article accompanying the picture. "May! Danny! Get up! Ash and Misty are in the paper!"

Surrounding the dining room table, Danny was drinking a cup of coffee while May poured a cup of orange juice. Max read the article:

Max set the paper down on the table. "Ash and Misty... I knew it, I knew it," Danny said. The doorbell rang. Danny stood up and went to answer the door.

"Mr. Mammoth, to what do I owe this pleasure?" Danny said. Mammoth walked in. "I am sure that you are aware of the impending marriage of Ash Ketchum and Misty Williams," Mammoth said. "Of course I am," Danny said. "I just read it in the Daily Gab."

"Well, I am contemplating uniting with the World Pokemon Trainers Congress to put on an extravagant dual ceremony," Mammoth said. "Excuse me, L.B. I thought that you said in that statement with Mr. Goodshow that you weren't going to do that. Uh, before we proceed further, we should have the other three people in this picture here," Danny said. "My thoughts exactly," Mammoth said. "Please call me back when Sawyer, Ash and Misty return from Viridian City." "I will," Danny said.

Back in Pallet Town, Ash and Misty smiled as Delia ran up to them and hugged them. "Congratulations, you two," she said. "Mrs. Ketchum, I'd like to say luck is with your son and future daughter-in-law," Sawyer said. She pulled a Pokeball from the belt at her waist and opened it, revealing Chansey. "Oh, my gosh! You caught a Chansey! Legend states that happiness and luck will come to whomever is lucky enough to catch one," Delia said. "But, Mrs. Ketchum, I didn't exactly catch Chansey," Sawyer said. "Team Rocket attacked the Safari Zone. After we fought them off, we saw Chansey. It was hurt and needed help. So, I captured it and took it to the Fuschia City Pokemon Center. After Chansey was released, she showed her gratitude by staying with me." "Oh, I see," Delia said. "With the kindness you've shown Chansey, it'll show you kindness in return."

"Let's go back to Hollywood so we can start planning our weddings," Sawyer said. "Ash and Misty nodded. "We'll be in touch, Mom," Ash said as he, Sawyer and Misty left.

A few hours later, as Sawyer's limo approached Danny's mansion, May is playing Dance Dance Revolution against Danny (and getting decimated), when the door opens. "Danny, they're back!"

As soon as Ash and Misty came through the door, they saw Danny, May and Max, with frowns on their faces. Danny's voice changed into a perfect imitation of Desi Arnaz. "Ash, Misty, you have some 'splaining to do," Danny said. "Like where you're going on your honeymoon," May said. "We're thinking maybe Porta Vista(1)," Misty said.

As the conversation continues, Danny makes his way to the telephone. "L.B., this is Danny. Ash and Misty are back."

The preparations continue next time...

1. See Pokemon Banned Episode "Beauty and the Beach" (

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