Imagine, if you will, that there are two Earths: the one we as real people live on, and one that the characters we enjoy on television and motion picture screens live on. This story takes place on Another Earth-the "Animated Earth."

Author’s Note: This chapter adds a new character to the A.E. family: Captain Lee Adama, also known as “Apollo,” from the SCI-FI Channel (US) TV series Battlestar Galactica. That series, its characters and related items are owned by NBC Universal Television. As with the Pokemon and Cats Don’t Dance characters seen already in this story, I do not own any of the Galactica characters I’ll use in this and future A.E. stories.


            The sun rose over Pallet Town on the day of Danny and Sawyer’s wedding. In a wooden area set to one corner of the Oak Pokemon Research Laboratory complex, Ash Ketchum’s old Bulbasaur was supervising the clearing of the wooden area in order to make room for the altar where Danny and Sawyer were to become husband and wife.

 In the distance, Tracey was filming the work being done by the Pokemon, while also overseeing the setup of the dressing tents for both the bride and groom. After that was done, Tracey smiled as a young man walked up to him. “The reception is coming together fine, Mr. Sketchit,” he said. Tracey smiled. Haijme Ipansuke[1] smiled in return. “Thanks, Hajime,” Tracey said. “Now, go see how Professor Oak is doing.” Hajime nodded, and then ran off to do as he was asked.

            Meanwhile, at Ash’s mom’s house, Danny and Ash were sound asleep, when the cawing of a Dodrio woke Danny up. Danny took his pillow and slammed it into one of Dodrio’s three heads. Dodrio took the act as a signal to move to another rooftop. Danny tried to go back to sleep, but found it impossible. So, he got dressed and walked to a nearby lake.

            Meanwhile, in a visitor’s residence elsewhere in Pallet, Sawyer smiled as she lay awake in bed and heard the cawing of the Dodrio. “I’m getting married today,” she said. Then, a devilish smile tugged at her lips. Reaching for the belt her Pokeballs rested on, she picked off one, which she labeled “Dodrio.”  “Dodrio, I choose you,” Sawyer whispered as she threw the Pokeball. A white light shot from the Pokeball, revealing Dodrio.

“Dodrio, follow me,” Sawyer said. Dodrio nodded its three heads, and then followed Sawyer as she walked to another room. Inside the room, Sawyer’s long-time friends Frances Fish and Tillie Hippo, as well as Misty and May, were sound asleep. Sawyer whispered, “Dodrio, on my mark, crow like you’re the Dodrio over by Ash’s house.” Dodrio nodded as Sawyer put on a set of earplugs. “1…2…3…NOW!

Dodrio let out a loud cawing that sent Tillie , Frances , Misty and May sitting straight up where they laid. Sawyer fell to the floor, laughing. Tillie, May and Misty threw their pillows at Sawyer. “Sawyer, if you weren’t getting married today, we’d get you  for that,” May said.

Professor Oak smiled as Tracey and Hajime walked up to him. “Professor, the area for the altar has been cleared,” Tracey said. “The reception hall has been set up,” Hajime said. “All that is needed is for the food to be put on the tables.” “Good,” Oak said. Putting his hands on his two assistants’ shoulders, Oak smiled. “Tracey, Hajime, the eyes of the world are on us this day. Let’s do it right.” Tracey and Hajime nodded, and then went back to work.

On a hill north of pallet, Danny sat, skipping stones on a nearby lake. Ash and Pikachu walked up to where Danny sat. “May I join you, Danny?” Ash asked. “Sure,” Danny said. Ash sat down and started to skip stones. “I remember when I used to skip stones on Lake Esteban near Kokomo . My friends and I used to skip stones and dream of our futures,” Danny said. “You know what, Dan? This is the lake where Misty and I first met,” Ash said.

“Are you sure, Ash?” Danny asked. “Very,” Ash said. “See that rock over there?” Ash pointed to a rock situated on the other side of the lake. “Misty was fishing over there when she plucked us out of there. I was trying to rush Pikachu to the Pokemon Center in Viridian City after we were attacked by a flock of Spearow.”

Meanwhile, Sawyer arrived at the Oak Laboratory. She was rush to the bride’s tent, where Professor Felina Ivy waited. “Sawyer, congratulations on getting married today,” Ivy said, holding a Pokeball in her hand. Sawyer opened it. “It’s a Pichu, the baby form of Pikachu,” Ivy said.  “It’s a present from the I.F.P.R.-the International Federation of Pokemon Researchers-in honor of you helping to further Pokemon research worldwide,” Ivy said. 

After recalling Pichu into the custom Pokeball, Sawyer turned to Misty and Tillie. “Misty, Tillie, help me into my gown. We’ve got a wedding to put on,” she said.


Back at the lake, Ash turned to Danny. “Dan, mind a little advice?” Ash asked. However, before Danny could respond, a familiar-unwelcome-voice said, “I’ve got some advice for you, kitty.” “Oh no,” Danny said. “Today of all days,” Ash said. “Team Rocket!” both said.          

A submarine in the shape of a Magikarp (a wimpy Fish Pokemon) appeared from under the surface of the lake. Jessie, James, Meowth, Darla and Max D. appeared. “Ash,” Danny whispered, “I’ve got a surprise for you.” Danny lifted his vest, revealing a belt with three Pokemon on it. Pulling one off, Danny threw it. “Scyther, go!”


            Scyther, who looked like a praying mantis with wings and blades where its hands should be, appeared. “Scyther, Swords Dance! Then, follow it up with Fury Cutter!” Danny commanded. The attack was blocked by Wobbuffet’s Counter.


            Far above the scene, a lone craft was patrolling the skies above Pallet Town . Seeing the confrontation between Ash and Danny and Team Rocket, he reached for a button on his craft’s controls. “This is Apollo to Professor Oak. Come in.” “This is Gary Oak.” “Mr. Oak, I’m patrolling over the Viridian Forest . I see Team Rocket fighting Ash and the groom!”


            Back at the Oak Lab, Gary ’s jaw dropped. “All right, Apollo. Hold your current patrol pattern. We’re sending a rescue squad to intercept Team Rocket.” As soon as the channel closed, Gary turned and saw Misty, Brock, May and Max B and Delia, her Mr. Mime in tow. “Guys, Ash and Danny are under attack by Team Rocket!”

            Brock nodded urgently. “Let’s go!” Gary put a hand on Max B’s shoulder. “Max, I know you want to be a trainer. So, I’m giving you this,” Gary said, giving Max B a Pokeball. It’s a Squirtle, one of the Pokemon that Sawyer did not choose. Use it well.” Max B took the Pokeball and ran to join Brock and the others.


            Team Rocket had Ash and Danny on the ropes. “Kitty, the only way you’re going to get to see your beloved Sawyer walk down the aisle is if you hand that Pikachu over to us,” Darla said.

            “Over our dead bodies, Team Rocket!” a voice from a nearby foggy area said. Misty, Brock, May, Max B, Delia, Gary and a few other trainers stepped out of the fog. “As you can see, Team Rocket, we’re a team too,” Danny said. “Team Victory is going to send ya blasting off!” At that, Pokeballs began to fly on both sides of the equation.

            “Pikachu, Thunder!” “Blastoise, Hydro Pump!” The two attacks combined into a conflagration that sent Team Rocket flying. But, as Max D and Darla disappeared, a silver shape blocked Jessie and James’ disappearance.

            Ash recognized the shape as it landed. “Lugia!” The Lugia Ash met on Shamouti Island [2] landed. “Hello, Ash. It has been a while,” it thought. “Hello, Lugia. Why did you save Jessie and James?” Ash asked. “Because,” a new voice said, “Jessie and James saved you on Shamouti and a few other occasions.”

            Danny smiled as Slowking walked up to him. “Ash has told me of you, Slowking,” Danny said. “Good things, I hope,” Slowking said. “Slowking, we can finish this conversation later. Right now,” Ash said, gesturing to Danny, “Danny needs a ride back to the Oak Lab.” Lugia smiled. “I could give you all a ride,” it thought. “Let’s go,” Danny said. “We’ve got a wedding to go to.” Lugia spread its wings and took to the skies.


            Meanwhile, in Sawyer’s tent, Sawyer was knocked to the ground by the wind gust generated by Lugia and Apollo’s ship landing. Sawyer smiled and went back to getting ready for the wedding.


            As the sun set over Pallet Town , the wedding began. Ash and Danny stood and watched as the groomsmen and bridesmaids made their way to the altar.  Backstage, Misty and Tillie smiled as Sawyer walked up to them. “Are you ready, my daughter?” Sawyer’s father, Oliver, asked. “Daddy! You made it!” Sawyer exclaimed. “Of course I did,” Oliver said. “I wouldn’t want to miss my baby girl getting married.” “Here Comes the Bride” began as the curtains parted. Sawyer took her father by the hand. Misty and Tillie picked up the train. Then, with a deep breath, Sawyer began to walk down the aisle.

            The audience-human, animal and Pokemon alike-stood as Sawyer and her father came down the aisle. As soon as Danny and Sawyer stepped in front of the altar, the minister began the service.

            “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight in the sight of God and these witnesses to join these two honorable souls-Daniel and Sawyer-in the bonds of holy matrimony.”

            “May I have the rings, please?” the minister asked. Sawyer lifted up part of her gown, revealing her belt of Pokeballs. Plucking one off the belt, she threw it. The light resolved into Chansey. “Chansey, the rings if you please,” Sawyer said. Chansey nodded, and then pulled out of its egg pocket a plastic egg-shaped case. Opening it, Chansey handed Sawyer a gold ring and Danny a silver ring. Sawyer recalled Chansey.   

            After Danny and Sawyer exchanged rings, the minister smiled. “Under the authority vested in me by the State of California and the World Pokemon Trainer’s Congress, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” Danny lifted Sawyer’s veil and kissed her. “Ladies, gentlemen and Pokemon, I present to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Sawyer Goldsmith,” the minister said.


            In the reception tent, Ash sipped from a champagne glass as Danny and Sawyer took the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. A man walked up to where Ash was sitting. Ash recognized him. “Captain Adama!”  Lee Adama shook his head. “I prefer ‘Apollo,’” he said. “Apollo. I’m sorry,” Ash said as he poured Apollo a glass of champagne.

            “Captain Apollo, I never got the chance to thank you for calling in the cavalry when Team Rocket attacked me and Danny this afternoon,” Ash said. “If it weren’t for you, I’d have lost Pikachu today.” “It’s my job,” Apollo said as he took a sip of champagne. “I saw you ship as you escorted Lugia back to the lab. It’s a Viper mkVII, right?” Ash asked. “Exactly,” Apollo said. “You seem to be up on your Colonial snub fighters.” “Naah, I just like to read,” Ash said.

            The limo with the “Just Married” signs on it was parked outside the main gates of the lab complex. Birdseed flew as Danny and Sawyer went through the gates, got in the limo and sped off to their new lives.




            Danny and Sawyer were on the beach, soaking up the rays of the sun, when they got the call. Danny’s cell phone rang. “Hello?” Danny, this is Dr. Proctor.[3] Is Sawyer there?” Danny handed the cell to Sawyer. “Hello, Doc. What’s up?” Sawyer’s face turned whiter than normal as she heard Dr. Proctor’s diagnosis. “Thanks, Doc.” Sawyer hung up, then handed the cell back to Danny. “Sawyer, what’s wrong?” Danny asked.

            “Danny, nothing’s wrong,” Sawyer said. “Something’s right.” With a smile on her face and a tear in her eye, Sawyer turned to Danny and said three words that would change their lives forever: “Danny, I’m pregnant.”

            TO BE CONTINUED IN


[1] The main character in an episode of  Shuukan Pokemon Housoukyoku (“Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station”) , a Japanese-only series featuring lesser-known Pokemon characters, entitled “Masara (Pallet) Town, The Setting Off of a Pokemon Trainer.” 
[2] See movie Pokemon The Movie 2000.

[3]See Pokemon episode A Chansey Operation.