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Animated Earth Chronicles: The Legend of Darla Dimple

DARLA (combined) 2

    I woke up. I felt the memories of both Sito Jaxa and the entity that called herself Darla Dimple after the accident in my mind. I looked around and saw a bald haired man in a Starfleet uniform.
    "Excuse me?" I murmured.
The man turned to me and smiled, then tapped a control on the desk he sat behind. "Sickbay to Admiral Todman. Please activate the Emergency Medical Holographic Channel," he said.
I then knew that I was talking to the only Mark I Emergency Medical Hologram to remain in Starfleet service after the Mark II EMHs were developed.
   "Todman here," a voice answered.
    "Admiral, please report to Sickbay," The Doctor said.
    "On my way," the voice I remembered as Admiral Todman said.
Ten minutes later, Admiral Todman hurried into Sickbay.
    "Admiral, our patient is awake," The Doctor said.
William walked into Sickbay, then paused as he saw me. His jaw dropped. "Sito?" he asked.
    "And Darla," I said.
Unsure of how to proceed, William tapped his commbadge. "Commander Tuvok, report to Sickbay," he said.
    "On my way," an unemotional voice said.

    A few minutes later, a dark-skinned Vulcan entered Sickbay. The part of me that was Lieutenant Sito remembered this man as Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Voyager's Tactical Officer. William pointed towards me and said, "Mr. Tuvok, I want you to perform a mind-meld on this individual, to see if our operation to reunify Darla Dimple and Lieutenant Sito was a complete success."
Tuvok nodded, then turned to me. "Will you permit the meld?" he asked, knowing that I would have to permit him to execute the meld on me. I nodded my consent.
The main surgical biobed was removed to make way for two chairs. I sat in one, Tuvok the other. Tuvok put his hands on my face. My eyes closed as Tuvok said, "My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. I am examining you in order to see if your two sides are one."

    As I felt Tuvok examining my memories, I felt his-his youth on Vulcan, his service on the U.S.S. Excelsior at the time of the Khitomer Peace Conference between the Federation and the Klingons, his failed attempt to pursue the Kolinahr-the ritual that supposedly purges all emotions from a Vulcan, his return to Starfleet service on the U.S.S. Yosemite, his time amongst the Maquis, his years lost in the Delta Quadrant aboard Voyager. I felt the meld break. As my eyes reopened, I heard Tuvok say to Todman, "The operation was successful, sir."
William smiled. "Thank you, Mr. Tuvok. Dismissed". As Tuvok left, William tapped his commbadge. "Todman to Goldsmith. Danny, report to Sickbay."

    A few minutes later, Danny walked into Sickbay, wearing a Starfleet uniform and the rank insignia of a Chief Warrant Officer.
    "May I have a moment?" I asked William. He nodded, then moved to join The Doctor in an adjacent room. Danny sat in the other chair across from me.
    "Danny, I must apologize for my actions 9 years ago," I said.
Danny shook his head. "Darla, what transpired 9 years ago was not entirely your fault. The accident on the Darladdin set caused serious neurological damage that took nine years to be discovered. I believe, and William agrees with me, that the part of you that was Lieutenant Sito was and is again your conscience and love of animals." Danny looked around Sickbay, to see if William or The Doctor were watching, then turned back to me. "Darla, between you and me, do you still plan on marrying William?" he asked.
I held up my hand, on which rested the engagement ring William gave Sito. "Does this answer your question?" I asked. "Danny, the second attempt on Ash and Misty's wedding is tonight at 1730, right?"
    "Yeah," Danny said. "I'm gonna be on duty in Transporter Room 3."
    "Excellent," I said. I tapped the commbadge Danny gave me. "Romano to Captain Chakotay. I need a favor tonight."

    That night, my redemption came full circle. I stood with Misty's wedding party as William looked at Ash and Misty and smiled. "Ashton James Ketchum and Misty Annabeth Williams, under the authority vested in me by Starfleet Command and the United Federation of Planets, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."
As Ash and Misty kissed as husband and wife for the first time, I smiled, then pressed the buttons on a keypad hidden behind a tree. In Transporter Room 3, Danny smiled as a message from me appeared on the display:

Stand ready to beam me there on my mark. Have the gown ready.

    Danny looked over his shoulder at an officer holding a wedding gown and grinned. "I'll need you to stand by, Roxanne," he said. Warrant Officer Roxanne Goof nodded. "I'm ready, Danny," she said.

    Down on the Holodeck, Sawyer and I were singing for Ash and Misty, During the song's bridge, I tapped my commbadge. "Energize," I said. I resolved in the transporter room. Danny turned his back as Roxanne helped me into the wedding gown. As soon as I finished putting it on, I got back on the transporter pad. "Danny, put me outside Holodeck 3," I said.
    "Coordinates set, Darla," Danny said.
I shook my head and said, "No, Darla Dimple is dead. Please call me Joanna." I took a deep breath, then let it out. "Energize," I said. I dissolved, then resolved in front of the Holodeck doors. I tapped the Holodeck control panel. "Computer, prepare Sub-Protocol Romano M.W. 312 Beta," I said. "Sub-Protocol is active," the computer said. "You may enter when ready."

    On the Holodeck, William watched as the doors appeared, revealing me in my gown. He looked at Chakotay with one of those "if looks could kill" expressions as Chaoktay took the lectern. The look softened as he took my hand in his and we stepped forward together..
    "Originally, I was to oversee the wedding of Admiral William Todman and Lieutenant Junior Grade Sito Jaxa," Chakotay began,. "But, it was recently discovered that Sito was part of former motion picture actress Darla Dimple, separated as a result of an accident on a movie set 20 years ago. Yet, the love Lieutenant Sito and Admiral Todman shared was transferred to Joanna Romano when the two were recently reunited. And so, we are gathered here to join William Henderson Todman and Joanna Amelia Romano in the bonds of matrimony."
"Do you, William Henderson Todman, take Joanna Amelia Romano to be your lawfully-wedded wife? Do you promise to hold her, and only her, for as long as you two live?"
William looked at me and smiled warmly. " I loved Lieutenant Sito. And since she was and is part of you, I love you," William said. "I do."
Chakotay turned to me. "And, do you, Joanna Amelia Romano, take William Henderson Todman to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to hold him, and only him, for as long as you two shall live?" he asked.
    "With all my heart, I do," I said. "William helped me achieve my final redemption, and for that, I owe him the rest of my days."

    I turned to see Sawyer pull a Pokéball from the belt at her waist and opened it, revealing Chansey. "Chansey, the rings, please," Sawyer said. Chansey nodded, but before she could comply, she became bathed in white light, revealing Chansey's evolved form, Blissey. I had never seen a Pokémon evolution so up close before. It was beautiful. Sawyer repeated to Blissey the command she gave Chansey prior to the evolution. The newly-evolved Blissey pulled a plastic egg-shaped case from her pocket, then handed it to Sawyer. She handed a gold ring with "William" on the inside to William and a silver ring with "Joanna" on the inside to me. William took the engagement ring off my finger and put the gold ring on in its place. I put the silver ring on William's finger.
    "Now, we have a part of each other," I said.
    "So that if we're apart, we can still be together, no matter where we are," William said.
    "William Henderson Todman and Joanna Amelia Romano, under the authority vested in me by Starfleet Command and the United Federation of Planets, I now pronounce you husband and wife," Chakotay said. "Go ahead, sir."
William leaned in and kissed me as my husband for the first time. My life had indeed begun again. When our kiss broke, I heard the audience which had gathered originally to celebrate Ash and Misty's wedding cheer for us.

Moments later, we walked into Voyager's Mess Hall. Its Bolian administrator, Crewman Chell, had his crew put up a "Congrats, Newlyweds" banner. I heard the comm beep.
   "Bridge to Admiral Todman."
William tapped his commbadge. "Go ahead," he said.
    "Sir, we've got a runabout on final approach. It's got a few guests for the reception," the voice from the Bridge said.
    "Allow it to land, then escort our passengers here," William said.
I recognized the man who led the new arrivals into the Mess Hall. "Kurt?!?!" Ash and Misty obviously knew him as well. It was Kurt, the Pokéball Master of Azalea Town.
    "I bring greetings for both of the couples joined tonight. And, good news for you, Ash and Misty. Remember the G/S Ball?" Kurt said.
    "Did you finally solve the mystery of what was in that darn thing?" Ash said.
    "Yes, I did," Kurt said. "It was a species which was never cataloged before." Kurt opened the gold and silver Pokéball, revealing a green-colored Eevee-based Pokémon, which is known to live in the recently-discovered Sinnoh region. Kurt turned to William. "Admiral Todman, I cede naming rights to you," Kurt said.
William turned to Chakotay and asked for a PADD.

   "Personal Log, Admiral William Todman, Stardate 60135.7. Encode for transmission to President Charles Goodshow, World Pokémon Trainer's Congress, Indigo Plateau, Kanto Region. After five years of investigation into the infamous G/S Ball, Kurt of Azalea Town, Johto Region, has cracked the mystery and revealed a Grass-type Pokémon which has recently been discovered as living in the Sinnoh region. As a present pursuant to my wedding to Darla Dimple, who now wishes to be referred to by her real name, Joanna Romano, Kurt ceded naming rights to me. And so, please find enclosed with this letter, a picture of Pokémon #470, 'Leafia,' for use in future Pokédex upgrades. Signed, Vice Admiral William H. Todman, Starfleet Command, United Federation of Planets."

William wrote "Leafia, the Leaf Pokémon. Evolves from Eevee through maximum friendship and level-up at Moss Rock, Sinnoh Region"[1]on the PADD, then handed it back to Chakotay. "Send that off to Indigo Plateau, Captain," William said. "Aye, sir," Chakotay said.

A Voyager crewman walked up to William. "Admiral, the Runabout you requested-Runabout Tomarken-is in the Shuttlebay, and is ready for your inspection."
    "Very well, Mr. Otomo. My wife and I will inspect it before we take off for Risa," William said. Picking up a PADD from a nearby table, William wrote something on it I did not see on the, then handed it back to the crewman.
    "I want that on the commissioning plaque," William said.
    "Aye, sir," the crewman said.
The doors slid open once more, revealing a familiar face.
    "Apollo!" Ash exclaimed. Lee Adama smiled as he walked up to where Ash, Misty, William and I stood. "Glad you could make it, Apollo!" Ash said.

    "Congratulations on your Sealing, Ash," Apollo said. "I almost couldn't make it after Father made me the new Commander of the Battlestar Pegasus." As if to underscore this, Apollo turned so that the ship's insignia on his sleeve was visible. Indeed, in place of the Battlestar Galactica BSG-75 insignia was the insignia of Battlestar Pegasus BSG-63.
    "Congratulations, Commander Adama," William said. "Pegasus is a good ship. Treat her well."
    "Thank you, Admiral," Apollo said. "I understand you got Sealed tonight as well. To whom?"
I smiled and extended my hand. "Joanna Todman, formerly Darla Dimple and Lieutenant Junior Grade Sito Jaxa," I said in introduction.
Apollo had a perplexed look on his face. William said, "I'll explain later."
    "All right, here's out entertainment," Chakotay said. "Here come the funniest Pokémon in the world-Pikachu and Meowth!"|
As I watched Pikachu and Meowth perform, I knew what was next to come. After William and I inspected the Tomarken, we took off for Risa.


    As I am finishing this manuscript, we arrived on Risa. I found a horg'hahn, a wooden idol representing the Risan god of sensuality. That night, as William entered our guest quarters, I sat, waiting on our bed, and looked at that horg'hahn statue on the table next to the door. The door opened, revealing William.
    "You seek jamaharon," I said.
    "Joanna, calm down, girl," William said. "You went through a traumatic experience when we re-combined you. You may not be physically up to...this kind of activity."
    "The Doctor and Commander Ogawa gave me full work-ups before the wedding," I said. "So, the question is... are YOU up to this kind of activity?"
    "Computer, decrease lights to 1/4 intensity," William said.
That was all the answer I needed.

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[1]Note: The "Sinnoh" region is the setting for the new Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl video games and the related animated series, which are both due to come to North America in April and September 2007, respectively.