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The following are some short stories, poems, or song lyrics, submitted by fans of Cats Don't Dance. These works are in no way authorized by Warner Bros., but are the brain children of their creators. They are put here for your enjoyment only. If you'd like to add to the collection, here are our submissions guidelines.

New Additions
The Golden Ray Hotel by Daisy E A happy anniversary for Danny and Sawyer
A Furry Embrace Part 2 by E.Litsenius Danny and Sawyer " I know you are what I want"
A Wish Gone Amiss by Alycat When you wish upon a star...
Love is Furever Part 1 by Reggie D Fanfic A mysterious new director has plans for Danny & Sawyer
A Trip to the Beach by Nothere89 Seaside fun for two cats in love.


'Zycho32' S.Rogers David & Frank Kocoureck
'Iago and Zazu' Mitch Marmel Patricia
'Raditz' Clay 'Vigilante'
'Zero Cool' Justin 'Xyanth'
'Indy' & Chris Roderick Sloan 'Jenalla'
Jeffrey Gray CDD REVIEW- R.Gorey William Raymer
Nikki Rachel Seanen
Dwayne Anderson Ssellur E. Litsenius


by 'Zycho 32'
Christmas Christmas is the season of love...
Forget me not...
I Walk Among Filthy Streets Filled With Shattered Dreams
What you get when you combine an active imagination with a wrecking ball.
Contains violence & swearing.
Let it Snow
Danny, Sawyer, Pudge and Jake all reminisce about snow, and get a surprise!
Now Is Forever
Danny and Sawyer go on a date.
Contains Romance & Mushy Stuff.
Rhythm of the Night (Danny)
Rhythm of the Night (Sawyer)
Danny and Sawyer sitting in a tree...
The same event from 2 different points of view
Thank You
A little slice of life story based on the song by Dido.
Max's Day Off
Who would think that a butler would have such an exciting day off?  Contains mild violence.
Hollywood Dreams - part IV
A Camera, Some Chaos, and a Trip On The S.S. Bathtub. (conclusion)
Hollywood Dreams - part III
A Camera, Some Chaos, and a Trip On The S.S. Bathtub.
Hollywood Dreams - part II
Our hero finds a niche in the biz.
Hollywood Dreams - part I
Another teen in Hollywood.  (Re-written)

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by S. Rogers
Josh and Who? - part V
Danny does a little reminiscing.
Josh and Who? - part IV

Danny makes a tough decision.

Josh and Who? - part III
Is it the start of a lovers square?
Josh and Who? - part II
Cora has a less perilous time with Danny & his sibs.
Josh and Who? - part I
High School days back in Kokomo.
Good teen fun.  err... clean fun.
Indy & Chris
Sawyer's Cleaning Day The boys help Sawyer with some spring cleaning!...riiight....  
The Road Not Taken Is it a wonderful life?
Robin Hood Oo da Lally! A CDD homage to Disney's Robin Hood.
Plunder and Dancing An awesome sequel to 'Cats Don't Direct', -Danny and Sawyer visit Cape Suzette!
Cats Don't Direct Mystery of a missing script! It's a job for the Rescue Rangers.
by David & Frank Kocoureck
Night Knight
"The night has eyes and those eyes are not friendly." Contains mild violence.
Tillies Terror

Has Danny turned to a life of crime?

It's One of Those Days
Danny and Sawyer get into a sticky situation.
William Raymer
Animated EarthII - Faith of the Heart Married life for one couple and wedding plans for another.
Animated EarthII - Faith of the Heart_Ch1 Whoever will take Sawyer's place?
Animated EarthII - Faith of the Heart_Ch2 Congratulations to the new feline family!
Animated EarthII - Faith of the Heart_Ch3 Duty calls
Animated EarthII - Faith of the Heart_Ch4 Team AE to the rescue!
Animated EarthII - Faith of the Heart_Ch5 Surprise visitors, a wedding, and an offer she can't refuse.
Animated EarthII - Faith of the Heart_Ch6 A hostile merger
Animated EarthII - Faith of the Heart_Ch7_EP The wedding singer

The Wedding of Danny and Sawyer

The Wedding of Danny & Sawyer Part 1 Animated Earth - where CDD and Pokemon collide. 
The Wedding of Danny and Sawyer Part 2 Part 2 of the wedding saga.
The Wedding of Danny and Sawyer Part 3 Part 3 -popping the question!
The Wedding of Danny and Sawyer Part 4 Part 4-Hey Mrs. Ketchum...guess what
The Wedding of Danny and Sawyer Part 5 Part 5 - The big day at last for Danny and Sawyer!

The Legend of Darla Dimple

AE-The Legend of Darla Dimple prt.1 The story of a little girl who was not as she seemed.
AE-The Legend of Darla Dimple prt.2 A fateful accident.
AE-The Legend of Darla Dimple prt.3 Their new lives apart and the end of a career.
AE-The Legend of Darla Dimple prt.4 Darla finds new friends to get back at old enemies.
AE-The Legend of Darla Dimple prt.5 A wedding crash with a unexpected twist.
AE-The Legend of Darla Dimple prt.6 The two as one.

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by Xyanth
The 12 Days of CDD A song parody brought to you in the spirit of Xmas and a slow afternoon.
Second Chance
A tough New Jersey orphan in Hollywood.
Contains mild violence.
by Jeffrey Gray
A Night To Remember Romance at it's finest... and fuzziest!
The Day After After being 'discovered' by Hollywood, Danny and Sawyer begin their own journey of discovery.
by 'Jenalla'
The Story of Jen Danny finds himself in trouble, starting with a pair of eyes...
by Roderick Sloan
Danny's Sister A Kokomo cat following in her brother's pawprints.
Rainy Days Who says rain has to ruin your parade?
by 'Iago and Zazu'
Bored of the Dance
Danny and Sawyer get peckish about a fowl
review.  Adult humor  (Very funny)

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Dwayne Anderson


A special Christmas for Darla Dimple
Mitch Marmel
Samurai Pizza(Cats Don't Dance!) A fun song parody!
Art by S.Pleger
Barry Manilow never would have imagined this.                       
Art by   Shelley Pleger

Danny's Day in Kokomo

Even a shining star can get homesick... 
by Patricia
Dannys Trip to Hollywood A quick synopsis of the movie.
by 'Raditz'
The Spotlights Only Big Enough For One Of Us Danny reunites with an old school friend.
by Clay
Tyed in Tangles - part 1 You always bash into the one you love.

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by Rachel
Robbery The gang from Mammoth Studios aren't just acting this time.
DannysLetterHome Danny keeping in touch with the folks back home.
by Seanen
Still Dancing The life and times of a Hollywood couple.   :)
by 'Vigilante'
Darla Returns (Part1) A look at events shortly after the movie, and the meaning of dreams.  
by 'Zero Cool'
Mammoth Mystery
P.I. Jack Page investigates a burglary at Mammoth Studios.
Contains violence & swearing.
by Justin
A New Start
You get in the movies by not watching where
you're going. Good clean fun.
by Ssellur
After The Show
The CDD gang has an encore performance.
by E. Litsenius
A Furry Embrace Prt. 1
A 'Getting to know you" tale for Danny and Sawyer
by Nothere89
A Day to Remember
The best laid plans of cats and men...

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