Captions for 12/04

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"Karate Chop! Hi-Ya!"

- from June

Sawyer: "Move along, people. Nothing to see here. Just a talking cartoon cat 
and a pile of books."
 - Deerock

No, Mr. Eisner, I certainly do NOT want to sign your
contract -- in blood, or anything else!"

"Alright, who put the volcano in the middle of the
street?! Geez, leave town for a week, they change

-JP Morgan

Sawyer: ooooh, I outta!

- Christina

1. "Same to you pal! Whatever happened to ladies first?"

2. "That does it! I need to stop breathing, this smog will be the 
death of me!"

3. "Francis, we need to get you to some water, FAST!"

4. "Danny! That wasn't funny,,,,, When I get a hold of you, there 
will be a new violin, in town."

5. "Farley, I don't want to hear it! Talk to the paw."

6. *cough* cough* hack* "Good Grief! *cough* "TW! what has gotten 
into you? I have never seen you move so fast!" *cough*

-Al Fishbeck

"Oh no, not YOU again! That creepy coyote guy will be sure to follow..."


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