Captions for 1/05 & 2/05

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Danny: Now look, toots, I'll go on being your hood ornament but it's been a week now! I've 
got to raise the price to fifty cents an hour...and two bathroom breaks, not just one! 

- Indy

Before starting his acting career, Danny had a brief stint trying to sell Yugos to a skeptical public.

- J.P.

Danny: Hey there, ma'am. May I have this dance?
Actress: Who is he kidding? 

- Foxx(acclaim7)

Bette Davis: If you think I'm going to tip you with all those paw prints on my hood, you got another think coming sonny! *sigh* Good valet parking is SO hard to find... 


"A little closer...a little closer..." Before he hit it big, Danny Cat eked out a living luring prey into range for the ultra-rare Chrysler Flytrap.


1. Danny: " I have heard of a face that launched a 1000 ships, this one could sink them."

2. Danny: "So this is from whom they got the idea for those huge anime eyes."

3. Danny: "Move along, lady, your blocking my light and stealing my scene."

4. Danny: "I haven't seen such a sour face, since Bernie drank a gallon of dill pickle juice."

5. Danny: "Purple isn't your color, try black."

6. Danny: "I would say, put on a happy face, but it might shatter."


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