Captions for 3/05 to 6/05

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Farley: This script stinks!
Sawyer: This isn't the only thing, Farley. Change your socks, won't you?!

-Primus One

"Farley -- your puppet show just doesn't work without the sock puppets!"

- J.P.

1.Sawyer: Oh geez, he's had another night on the town...

2.Sawyer: Yikes! I thought I picked up that banana peel!

3.Farley: Aha! MISS SAWYER! I thought I said no gum chewing in the office!! 
   Sawyer: I'm busted...


Caption: I wonder how many fart jokes this one's going
to get.


1. "Just because the name is 'Right Guard' doesn't mean you can't use 
it on the left side, boss."

2. Sawyer's rendition of "The Low-Fiber Soprano" proved too much for 
Farley Wink's delicate constitution.

3. Farley's attempts at breakdancing were painful to watch at best.


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