Captions for 7/05 to 11/05

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1. Danny: And-a now, the love-a-ly Lennon sisters-a are-a gonna sing...
Pudge: Sorry, mate, I'm a Trotskyite.

2. Danny: We are Siamese if you please...
Pudge: From now on, decaf only.

3. Danny: Doooobie-doobie-doooo...
Pudge: Can I buy back my introduction to you?


Danny: ..And so the farmer has these 9 daughters, see...and uh, - did I tell you this one before?
Pudge: Only 15 times so far...

Danny: Hang in there Pudge,'s only a little while longer.
Pudge: *yawn* They've been talkin for hours! I don't think this live entertainment at congress gig was a good idea, Danny.


Danny: "Ooo, what does THIS button do?"

-Gold Demona

Danny: y'know in every boy's life there comes a time where a boy and a girl love each other very much...
Pudge: like you and Sawyer?
Danny: know what, forget about it.
- Grace

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