Captions for Mar-July/06

All Cats Don't Dance images © W.B.

1. Tillie: Wow everything looks prettier from this angle...

2. Tillie: What are yall youngsters doing????
Danny & Sawyer: Nooothiiing......

3. This is what happens when a hippo has too much sugar....


- Kelsey

1) Sawyer: If you hold me any closer, you'll be on the other side of me!
Danny: If Tillie comes any closer, that's guaranteed!

2) Tillie: Why does DK keep posting caption contests that suggest 
hideous methane emissions? Enquiring hippos want to know.

3) "It was just outside Barstow when the drugs began to take effect..."


1. Danny: Wow, these modern dance clubs are something else. I wonder if this 'slam dancing' is hard do?
Sawyer: I think we're about to find out...

2. Sawyer: Next time I will make the reservations!
Danny: I'm sorry, but I thought this 'Carnival of the Animals' cruise sounded like a real deal.

3. There were no seatbelt laws on the ark back in the good ol days.... 


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