Captions for Mar-July/06

All Cats Don't Dance images © W.B.

1. Dog: Thank god there can only be one of her!

2. Dog: Mom was right, I never should have left the kennel!

- Dwayne

1) Wakko Warner almost made it into 'Cats Don't Dance'; alas, his 
consumption of a full case of Koo-Koo Kola before his big scene 
proved his undoing.

2) "I've been mooned by a ten-year-old. My life is officially over."

3) "Y'know, that Letterman just keeps getting weirder and weirder and 


1.Darla: Hey Mr. Doggie, didn't I see you with Lassie at the Derby the other night?
Dog 1: I'm busted
Dog 2, his wife: You don't know the half of it..just WAIT til I get you home!

2. Dog 1: uh..... ?!
Darla: What's the matter Mr. Doggie, cat got your tongue?
Dog 2: *sigh* you moron.


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