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This is where I'm parking the results from the various 'Fan Activities' that happen on the catsdontdance_II yahoogroup from time to time. While group members often hear about ( and often help plan) these activities in advance, no one is required to join to participate.  I never ceased to be surprised how 'creative' people can be so, the possibilities are endless.  :)


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The Cats Don't Dance 'Catalog' project IS STILL ACTIVE 2008
As most Cats Don't Dance fans know, there was no marketing blitz when the movie came out. No line of toys by Mattel, no speciality plush by Applause, no happy CDD motif tees in the Warner Studio stores ( even the stores are extinct now). The only public merchandise ever created were the Subway kids' meal toys.  I say this just wasn't fair and in answer to the this oversight I invite artists & writers to help us create a catalog of CATS DON'T DANCE DREAM MERCHANDISE. This online catalog PARODY will debut DEC. 15th, 2008, so the there's a nice looong lead time til the submissions deadline of Dec. 10, 2008 
Below are a few examples of my works in progress, and other CDD fans have already contributed so we've got our foot in the door. So all you merchandising geniuses... if this sounds like fun, just follow your instincts and click HERE  for all the project details!
All Cats Don't Dance images © W.B.

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