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Here's where you can get your game on CDD style! We hope you will enjoy these fan created games and puzzles.

CDD Fangames
The CDD Fangame Christmas Edition 09 BETA

The CDD Fangame: Xmas Edition developed by Piggybank Games
Cats Don't Dance © Warner Bros.

Game Desc: Help Danny and Sawyer make their way through holiday havoc in this short, but sweet platform style game. On a side note, there is no volume control so set your speakers first.

Technical - For Windows only, has been tested in 32, 64 bit with XP, Vista and Win 7 OS successfully.
Game is a self executable aprox.7.5 mg download in .zip file format. VISTA USERS- It may be necessary to unzip the file using a third party extractor. We recommend 7-zip, an open source app which has consistantly fixed this problem.

Reporting bugs - If you find errors, or want to send us opinions or suggestions, please contact:
Nick at

Shelley at All feedback is important as it will help us refine this game and other future projects.

User Agreement- This game is for personal entertainment only, so please do not distribute, sell, or modify with illegal or malicious intent.
The creation software is Gamemaker 7, © Yoyo Games. YoYo Games Limited (“YoYo Games) is not involved in the creation of this Game except only that it was made using GameMaker 7.0 ans thus has no responsibility and excludes all liability for any trade mark or third party content.
Piggybank Games nor any of it's team are affiliated with Warner Bros. and are thus excluded from liability. It is acknowledged all 'Cats Don't Dance' and any other trade marked game elements are the property of their respective owners.

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