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Catsdontdance_II yahoogroup
If you want to chat with other fans, share your CDD artwork and fiction, and get the first notification of our updates you might want to sign up at our Yahoo group. I also suggest saying something about CDD in the message box too.

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Catsdontdance yahoogroup
This was our first yahoogroup up until 6/03 when we started to run out of space. It is no longer the 'active' group, but an archive of all the CDD fun we had.


Van Eaton Galleries
As of 2/05 -This is one of the few places  that has any production drawings from Cats Don't Dance. 6 animation drawings to be exact.  The rest of their animation collections are outstanding too. GO, LOOK, DROOL !... 
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Official Warner Brothers Cats Don't Dance  A mirror of original OFFICIAL Cats Don't Dance site as it was in 97. Sadly, you won't find this at Warners Bros. online any more. 



Good ol Unofficial CDD. Here is a banner if you want to link us. Home of CDD happiness since 97!

A  CDD site with very nice web design. Check out the custom desktop images, music video, fan art and the beginnings of a great screencap archive.
Sawyers Office, - home to one of the largest screen capture libraries to date. Also home of the Cats Don't Dance web ring. 
Pats Sawyer Page at Animated Heroines, a nice little shrine.
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Contributor's Sites
The home of the incredibly cute art of Sue Katowich!
Redtango! Home of the Redtango kitty who has one of the most delightful animated intros I've ever seen. It gets better - there's lots of art and kitty themed merchandise too!
An indirect contributor - The Toonzone forums (especially the Drawing Board) has inspired many of our CDD fan projects. FAN POWER ! GO!
A contributor to our FanFiction page. An awesome talent and Rangerphile. If the Rescue Rangers has a spot in your heart, you must go here.
A contributor to the Anniversary and fan art pages. Wander by and check out more the portfolio of  Dennis Hu, student and aspiring animation artist.
A contributor to the Anniversary pages.Where Randy and Cindy fox hang out online. Home of Carspecken coolness.
A contributor to the Anniversary page. Home of a really cool online comic about Dandy, a dog with cattitude! 
The fun page of Joanna Davidovich.
Lots of toon happiness here.
The contributor Ross Snyder's homage to Minerva Mink. Lots of info, art and other neat stuff. 
Tim Kangaroos World Homepage of contributor Tim Fay, with his art and lots of other interesting stuff. 
James Rice Animation Collection  An animation collectors site with stills and cells.
A contributor to our Production Art section. :)
Iago and Zazu's Attraction of the Week  Want to know more about Walt Disney World attractions AND have fun? This is the place. Thanks for the fan fic 'Bored of the Dance'. 
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Talents of CDD

Where are they now? The crew of Turner Features have long since moved on, but here's what some of them are up to lately...

Lauren Faust helped bring Sawyer to life, and then went on to work on The PowerPuff Girls. Laurens newest venture also has a lotta girl power too! 
Wanna know more about Lauren? click here
A former Darla and Max animator, Mike Kunkel has now moved into the comics realm with his Eisner Award winning " Herobear and The Kid".
Gavin Dell was part of the Sawyer animation crew and continues to work in the animation industry as well as foster a few projects on the side.
John Eddings was one of the many cleanup artists who helped Danny look good on screen.  He continues to work in the animation industry.
Todd Jacobsen was also a cleanup artist for Danny and does awesome work on many other feature films as well. Want to know more about Todd's work on CDD? click here
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