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Randy Newman's "Laugh and BeHappy"


The CD soundtrack  
We’ve had many people ask where to buy the Cats Don’t Dance soundtrack or why they can’t find it in the local CD stores. Sadly, this is just another area where marketing for this film fell short. I bought my soundtrack back in 97 when first released, but even then I picked up the only one they had in stock. I continued to check around, but generally the best way to get it was via the net.

So where to find it currently? Again, the net is your best bet, although it seems that CDDs soundtrack is no longer ‘in print'.

Amazon offers the CD as a used item ( ouch but it's spendy), at Ebay or it’s sub-site, Half.com are also good places to look too.
Click on the CD cover pic to the right to go to the Amazon link with addtional info about availability.

CDD Song lyrics!
Our Time Has Come Danny's Arrival Song Animal Jam Tell Me Lies
I Do Believe Little Boat on the Sea Big And Loud Pt.1 & 2 Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

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Randy Newman’s CDD tribute song.
While Randy made things sing on screen with his Award winning songs for CDD, he was apparently all too aware of the management ‘fun’ behind the scenes. The result was a ragtime styled song called  “ Laugh and be Happy” – an expression of his empathy for the animators of CDD. This song is not featured on the CDD soundtrack, but is part of his 4 CD box set “Guilty : 30 Years of Randy Newman” (demo version, #31 on disc 3).
It can also be found on  Randy Newman's  new 2008 album, “Harps and Angels”.

Click here to download a sample of Laugh and be Happy!

As I looked at this impressive list of tracks, I have to say I was a little disappointed to not see even ONE song from Cats Don’t Dance. I think can’t help but think “ Tell Me Lies” deserved to be there. A special thanks to 'Manicknux' for the song material and Xy for the engineering the clip.
11/09 - Here's a link to a video in which Randy Newman discusses the origin of 'Laugh and Be Happy' and performs it:

Randy Newmans 'Laugh and Be Happy' video


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