Cats Don't Dance International

Wow! Cats Do globe trot! I am always amazed at how widespread  fandom for this movie is. What I have here are a few media examples from the different countries where CDD has been distributed.

We currently have representative images from these countries
France Finland Holland Germany Russia Japan


CDD France

The DVD has French as one of the language options, but it did come out in French VHS . I found an alternate cover too.

CDD Finland

Here Cats Don't Dance is titled 'Showkatit' or 'Showcats'.


CDD Holland

CDD has a Dutch dub, done in 2000. The title is " Danny de Dansende Kat" - Danny, the Dancing Cat.

CDD Germany

CDD is titled "Danny der Katter"- "Danny the Cat".
Click here for the German media page, with song & sound MP3s, and lyrics in German with translations.

CDD Russia

I assume that's Cats Don't Dance in cyrillic... <:)

CDD Japan
The title is written in Katakana, to read phonetically as 'Kyattsu-Donto-Dansu'

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