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A collection of song MP3s, lyrics and translations from Germany. Thanks Andreas!

Soundclip 'Miau?'

"Our Time Has Come' - 
Die Zeit ist reif  
  MP3only 2.7mb
"Dannys Arrival Song" -Hollywood" 

"Little Ark Angel"-
Schutzengel der Arche

"Big and Loud 1&2"-
Grell und laut 1&2


German soundclip 'Miau?'

This .wav is a brief exchange between the two leading cats as Danny has just read his part of the script in Little Ark Angel.  MIAU?
The first translation is in German. The second is an English translation of the first.

Danny: Miau? Das ist alles? Wo -wo ist denn der Rest?
Sawyer: Der Rest ist Schweigen.
Danny: Was, ich denke das ist ein Musical, da muß mandoch singen und tanzen und sowas.

Danny: Meow? That's all? Where, -where's the rest?
Sawyer: No rest. Nothing ( literal: The rest is silence)
Danny: What, I thought this is a musical, singing and dancing and like.


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