CDD Promotional Items

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I wish this page could be bigger. While so many feature films enjoy full scale merchandising, with toys, games, comics, etc., Cats Don't Dance did not. The only items available to the public were the Subway toys and two children's books. The other items included where found on Ebay, and like places. Made only for the Turner studio staff, they were never meant for mainstream. Drat the luck.   ;)

Cats Don't Dance books, adaptations of the movie storyline.

CDDbook1.JPG 64k The cover of the picture book
CDDbook2.JPG 36k The cover of the novelization.

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Subway had the honor of being the food franchise tie-in for CDD.

CDD_SubwaySet.jpg 28k Montage of the Subway promo items, including the backboard display for the toys.
BigSubwayPoster.jpg 84k A Subway promotional poster
SubwayBag.JPG 92K Graphic from the "Kids' Pak" bag.
SubwayBag2.JPG 67k Maze game from the bag side panel.
DarlasToyBag.JPG 63K The Darla Dimple toy was not publicly released as there was a concern that it
could be dangerous to young children. 
DarlaToySmiles.JPG 53K
DarlaToySour.JPG 32K
Dannytoyfr.JPG 53K Danny windup toy. His arms twirl and spin.
Danntoyside.JPG 39K The Danny wind up toy, 3/4 view
Sawyertoy1.JPG 30K Sawyer has a wind up base which moves.
Sawyertoy2.JPG 28K Sawyer toy, 3/4 view.
Pudgetoy1.JPG 39K Closeup of Pudge windup walking toy.
Woolitoy.1JPG 41K Closeup of Woolie water squirter toy.
CDDToyGroup1.JPG 51k Group shot of Sawyer, Danny, Woolie,Pudge.
CDDToyGroup2.JPG 59K More overhead shot of same group as above.

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Various items made for the Turner crew, collectors, and advertising.

CDDBillboardLrg.jpg Photos of the making of a CDD billboard
cdd_popup.jpg A popup promotional book
CDDSericel1.jpg A painted cel of the CDD main cast created soley as a collectors item.
CDDSericel2.jpg A bonus on the back of the above cel, - sketches by storyboard artist Larry Scholl. Also note the W.B certificate of authenticity.
MammothlogoTshirt.jpg Mammoth Studio logo on crew tshirt
SCcrewTshirt.jpg Supporting cast crew tshirt 
DimpleTFront.jpg A crew tshirt - that reads  'Cats Don't Dance Crew. Big-'   on the front
DimpleTBack.jpg -And Loud!  on the back
CDDMarquee2.gif Alternate version of a theater marquee
CDDADenimFr.jpg Adult black denim crew jacket -front view
CDDADenimBk.jpg Adult black denim crew jacket- back view
TurnerJktLogo.jpg Close up of Turner logo on Adult denim jacket
CDDKidJacketFr.jpg A childs denim CDD jacket. Front view
CDDKidJacketBk.jpg Childs denim jacket back view.
CDDKidJacketlogo.jpg Mammoth emblem detail. Design same on adult and child jackets.
CrewJacket04Fr.jpg Adult varsity style jacket. Front view
CrewJacket04Bk.jpg Back shoulder view of adult jacket.
CrewJacketdetail04.jpg Detail of the logo on left front.
CDDPresskitCov.jpg Cover of the press material packet
CDDPKPhoto1.jpg A blk&wh photo that was part of the press kit
CDDPKPhoto2.jpg A blk&wh photo that was part of the press kit
CDDPKPhoto3.jpg A blk&wh photo that was part of the press kit
CDDTheaterTitle.jpg An insert for a theater marquee
3Cddmugs.jpg Coffee mugs! The title wraps around each one.
cddbuttons.jpg 2 Buttons, one has Sawyer in an alternate costume. Pretty!
CddItems.jpg Woolie button, hat and Pudge frisbee
Pudgefrisbee.jpg Close up of the Pudge frisbee
CDDTShirtFr.jpg Must have been a staff tshirt
CDDTShirtBack.jpg Back view of the same...
CDDcrewjacket1.jpg Awesome Mammoth Studios jacket!


A Mammoth Studios embroidered logo, not certain if it was from the above jacket or not.

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