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Cats Don't Dance on DVD 2002, a review of what's really on it

Oh boy, am I eating crow on this one. While I admit it's great to not see the ghosting around the white elements that haunts my aging VHS tape, the DVD was still a bit of a disappointment. The mishandling of information about this release did not help either...hence my reason for writing this 'review'. The biggest hurt came from it NOT being released in wide screen. It seems we'll have to stick with the laserdisc if we ever want to see letterbox.  The 'Cat Concerto' short that was listed in many online summaries was also absent, but on the other hand, 'Pullet Surprise' wasn't on it either so nothing to have to skip thru. >:) It was also sad that there were none of the artsy kinds of extras so many DVDs tout. No outtakes, cut scenes, interviews with the talent, production art, model sheets or commentaries. There is a token cast and crew page, but there's only a list of the names and no real info. If you want detailed cast and crew info, check out the original WB CDD site, mirrored here.

So aside from the movie itself, what did they add? For computer only, the special features included a couple of low end windows type games. 
CannonPudge Catapult, is a  game in which Pudge is trying to drop Darla thru a trapdoor, by being shot from a cannon.

Darla Dodge CakeWalk, a game in which Danny shimmies up and down ropes trying to set up lights while not being hit by  light bulbs Darla drops on him from above. Both are good for about 20 minutes of diversion and you must install the Interactive player on the disc to run them.

Hooray for Hollywood is a trivia game - the kind you can play with a TV remote. You get it right and there's a clip from the film, you mess up and you get a brush off from one of the secondary characters.

Sawyers Songbook does have all 7 of the main songs and the film clips they are set in. No incidental music though, OR lyrics so you'll have to look to the soundtrack CD if you want those.

Danny's Hidden Meows are like little 'Easter eggs' scattered throughout the special features menus. You find one and guess what?...

The CDD Theatrical Trailer is also on the DVD.

Bilingual options are for French, English, Spanish, subtitling is also available.

There's a Desktop Theme Pack available to for download off the net. It features a wallpaper with Danny and Sawyer that looks like a pose taken from Stephanie Gladdens work - but a color detail on the characters made me cringe. <:) You also get 3 icons of Danny, Sawyer and TW. There are also 2 alternate desktop wallpapers that are on the disc too. I tried to figure out what was with the web 'chat room' and site, but there's STILL NO CDD page on WB's main site, which was where it ultimately lead me.

The bottom line? Cats Don't Dance on DVD is okay. It's not as 'complete' as I'd hoped, but still a godsend to those who have worn out their tape. It's no longer in stores, but you can find it online at Amazon, or do a search on Ebay.

Cats Don't Dance DVD release, 2006

I don't know what possessed them, but in May 2006 W.B. rereleased CDD on DVD. Not as a special edition with extras, cast and crew interviews and deleted scenes, but as a partner movie to Quest for Camelot.
I weep for you Danny, I do.  :(

I haven't picked up this new DVD set, but a general description of it can be found on Amazon. If you haven't picked up a Cats Don't Dance DVD yet..GET THE STAND ALONE WHILE IT LASTS!   It's DIRT CHEAP and you can avoid an unnecessary 'Quest'. 



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It was released in August of 97, with a minimum of fanfare, but I still see it out on the shelves at our Blockbuster video store. It was in the stores for only a short while in 97, so  to buy you must turn to the web.  Ebay almost ALWAYS has an auction for used VHS tapes, and it's usually at a low price.  A search at Amazon will snag you a brand new tape for around $15.

There is one??  Yes there was, and I did bite in hopes it might save wear and tear on my tape. Sounded like a good idea at the time and it was from an actual company… What I got was a marginally decent copy of the film on a single CD. The drawbacks were artifacts from compression, a slightly 'tinny' sound to the soundtrack and a slight fade in color quality in comparison to the tape. The artifacts were worst on scenes with fast motion , - the ending of Darlas 'Big and Loud' was especially bad on my copy.  While it might pass for a casual view it wouldn't pass for making screencaps or for quality control nit-pickers.  I have not included a link for purchase since the company I got mine from seems to have vanished, but frankly with the DVD now out, who cares.   >:)

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The Laserdisc  
If you’re into antiques, CDD also turns up on laserdisc from time to time on Ebay. This is STILL the  only way you can enjoy CDD in a widescreen format.

'CDD Film Cels'
Film cels are actually single frames of 35 mm film, cut from a master reel. They are often sold in sets of 45, usually for $20 or less. They are an interesting bit of memoribilia because they have the full field size of the film, not cropped in any way as letterbox or pan and scan is. To see some CDD film cel scans, check out the IMAGES gallery.

example of the widescreen format

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