In early  1940, Sawyer Cat was just beginning her journey to stardom as were many  animal actors and actresses in Hollywood after the 'Mammoth Animal Act' of 1939. In 1942,  the journey took a  different turn.
Like many of  her colleagues, Sawyer rose to meet the demands  of WWII , at the home front and abroad.  Her efforts are now considered cinema and recording classics, and  her work with the USO is well documented.  My grandmother's musical inspiration was appreciated by many a seviceman, -human and animal alike.
However, it is the more indirect and 'creative'  expressions of appreciation that I dedicate this page to.
As smuggled Sawyer Cat singles played, artistic recruits adorned the cowlings of their buddies' planes with images of the Diva herslf. The images here are a sampling of the 'nose art' designs done during those war years.
Many thanks to the private collectors  who shared these  photos and sketch art with me. It is yet another facet of our family history that I happily embrace.

   William E. Cat