My, but my grandmother Sawyer was a popular gal during WWII.. Last year I posted a few photos I had of nose art featuring her and since then others have come forward to share their photos and fond  memories of Sawyer. A hearty Huzzah! for such  generosity!
As I've mentioned before, Sawyer was very active in the war effort, not just abroad, but on the  Hollywood home front. A recent event expands on the latter. I was fortunate to obtain some scrapbooks  from  the writer/cinema historian who is working on Sawyer's biography segment of an upcoming tv series called "Women of the Golden Age". They had some fascinating  information and photos that expand on those early days of the war and beyond. A lot of the findings include recollections by my grandparents' close circle of friends. We are still sorting through it all, but I've posted a sample photo and some excerpts that I felt would make interesting reading.
Last but not least, I am delighted to share a very special story that my grandmother first told me when I was a very little  kitten. At the urging of my oldest son, I've had it transcribed and illustrated. We have his wife to thank for the suggestion it be added to these pages.
We hope you enjoy these pages too, for as grandfather used to say " I want everyone to have the fun that I have".

   William E. Cat

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