Welcome to the archive of updates past page! 

To reduce a little clutter on the 'What's New' page,  I moved all of 03 - 05 updates here. Now you can see how and what was updated in the past, blow by blow. Enjoy.  <:)

So What'd they add back then?
12/22/05 Happy Holidays! It's the last update of the year, - here's what's new this time.
Fan Art: There's 4 new images for ya! Brought to you by returning artist Luke Scott and new artists 'Kels' and B1. 
Fan Fiction: William Blissey returns with another episode of his 'Faith of the Heart' story.
Fan Fun: There's a new page with the Candid Captions from 12/05 up and don't forget to check out the NEW Candid Captions pic for 2006.
Production Art: Added more material to the character sketches, character cleanups and storyboard sections.

This ends the 8th year Unofficial Cats Don't Dance has haunted the internet, but the coming one promises to be one that will be very busy. 2007 will be CDD's 10 yr. anniversary so as 2006 begins I hope to set in motion plans for a commemorative project, finally scare up some material for the comics section, expand upon Sawyer's Plane Crazy page and a couple of new fan art/writing activities. Oh yeah. ;) If anyone has suggestions about what they'd like to see, complaints..etc. I'd like to hear them. The goal is to make Unofficial CDD a fun and informative place to visit, and although my skills are limited in certain areas, I may be able to implement at least part of an idea. Anyhoo, thanks for stopping in and best wishes for the new year. :)
NEXT UPDATE- 1st week in Feb so we can catch Valentines day  ;)


Welcome back! It's been a long time since the last update, but real life and other fun slowed things down. Anyhow, here's a rundown of what's new this time.

Fan Art: There's 7 new images , the ones by Chris and myself have a Halloween flavor. Taral Wayne and Alyssa return with Sawyer pics and 'Misk' has a cute pic of a certain kitty couple.

Fun Stuff>Fan Fun: A week before Halloween a Darla Dimple pumpkin design was added to the printables section.

There's a new page with the Candid Captions from 7 - 11/05 up and don't forget to check out the NEW Candid Captions pic too.

TheBacklot> Production Art: I did a little reorganizing on this page since parts of it were getting really lengthy. It's now been broken down into modelsheets, character sketches, character cleanups, Storyboard & Misc, and Maquettes sections for (hopefully) easier navigation. Check out Modelsheets, character sketches, Storyboard & Misc sections for some new additions.

If time and contributions allow, I hope to do a short update before Christmas, - deadline to send stuff is DECEMBER 20th . That's a wrap for now! :)

7/14/05 A whole new page decdicated to Sawyer! But first..
Fan Art:  There's 4 new images from artists Chris Silva and S.Pleger 
Fan Fiction: William Raymer closes one part of his Animated Earth series in The Wedding of Danny and Sawyer prt.5  and begins Animated Earth series II with 'Faith of the Heart'.
TheBacklot> Production Art: LOTS of new stuff! 14 new pieces, including Danny & Darla animation sketches, storyboards, background painting cut outs  and layout drawings.
Media>CDD Items: Have some nice photos of an adult CDD crew jacket in black denim and an alternate theater marquee
Fan Fun>Plane Crazy for Sawyer! : The Sawyer Cat nose art gallery is up at last! Many thanks to Mikala, Tim B, Taral Wayne and Kitt Foxx for their help with this project! :)
Oh yes, and there's a new CDD candid caption image to mangle- deadline is August 20th. The page for the previous image with captions is up too.

NEXT UPDATE - should be the end of August, so send any art, fiction, etc. by August 25th  please.

2/27/05 Hi! And welcome to the new year. :) There was a lull in material gathering during Jan. so the update is a little later, but there's some nice stuff.

Fan Art:  There's 4 new Sawyer drawings from artists  Erin Middendorf, Eric Schwartz, and Steve Gallacci...very nice! and one digital piece by S.Pleger. All are courtesy of Al Fishbeck. ;)
Then there's 6 new drawings all in one! A few of us over at catsdontdance_II yahoogroup collaborated to make this pic in a CDD Valentines Art Jam. Many thanks to artists  Tim Fay, Will, Mitch Marmel, Mikala Green, Al Fishbeck, Jessie, and June!
I also moved A LOT OF FAN ART (aprox. 28 images) to the fan art archives and holiday pages. The fan art page is quite a bit shorter now and should load faster. 

Fan Fiction: Added a link to another delightful story called 'Sawyer's Cleaning Day' by Chris and Indy. 'The Wedding of Danny and Sawyer prt.4' by William Raymer continues as Ash tackles the really fun part of any engagement...telling mom. >:)

Fun Stuff>Fan Fun: Candid Captions for Jan and Feb are posted here! The new pic for March is now up too, so you resident smart alecks can take a shot at it. DEADLINE IS MAR. 20TH.

NEXT UPDATE - should be the end of April, so send any art, fiction, etc. by April 25th  please.

12/23/04 Merry Christmas! :D It's been a real rush time, but here's some goodies to look at inbetween unwrapping your gifts.
Fan Art:  5 new images this time. Welcome to new young artists Christina and Emmy. ;) Welcome back to Chris and another thanks to him for the idea for my Christmas image.
Fan Fiction:  William Raymer strikes again with Danny and Sawyer's wedding story prt.3, - I think the idea is catching to other characters there too.
Fun Stuff:  The new Candid Caption pic for Jan. is up now! Many thanks to those who contributed December pic captions. DEADLINE for new captions is
Backlot/Modelsheets: There's 12 model drawings ( you'll have to scroll down) for Danny's animal pals from Kokomo.
Backlot/Maquettes: Added new images of unpainted maquettes for Woolie, Cranston, Danny, and a painted TW.
Backlot/StaffPhotos: Added 5 photos from the CDD wrap party. These were part of Mark Tengs CDD site way back in 99. Figured it's time we saw them again.
Media/PromoItems: This month on ebay there were 2 CDD crew jackets for auction...I picked up the photos for both. One is a very nice detail of the Mammoth studio logo.
Links: This has been a time of comings and goings. On the up side..check out Tim Bs CDD on it's new host! On the down, -Sawyer's Place is leaving the net by choice of it's owner. CDD2 yahoogroup is also terminated, BUT it's very likely a replacement will happen in early 2005.
12/02/2004 The holidays are upon us! This is a quickie update that was meant to be up last week, but oh well.
Fan Art:  Only 2 new images, but Chris' 'Lil Stinker' was supposed to be in the last update, plus I did have fun coloring Al's Incredikitties pic.
Fan Fiction: Again, I missed someone last update, but new author Nikki is in this time with her 'Danny's Day' short story. Chris and Indy also revisit Kokomo with Danny in very thoughtful short story, 'The Road Not Taken'.
Fun Stuff: There's a new Candid Caption pic up for Dec.! The captions for last months are now here. Thanks to everyone who contributed.  Deadline for the new pic captions is 
DEC 20TH. :D
10/26/04 Well it's almost Halloween again! Here's a list of the treats:

Fan Art: 5 new images, 1 from me, others by returning artists Luke, and Steve Martin. Welcome new artists Cynthia and fan fic writer Chris Silva. You might check back a little later too...I did a art swap at Toonzone so a Sawyer picture from that one is still pending. 
Fan Fiction: WOAH.. it's a month of crossovers. First up is a wonderful homage to Disney's Robin Hood...with CDD style as only Indy and Chris could do. William Raymer also can do. The first 2 prts of his Animated Earth 'Wedding of Danny and Sawyer' brings the realms of Pokemon and CDD together.
The Backlot: In the PRODUCTION ART AREA there's 16 new modelsheets ( the Darla Dimple ones have great Halloween charm). Also 5 sketches of Farley Wink, and an alternate CDD poster painting that frankly scared me. <:) The previous sketch of Danny kneeling was also replaced with a better image thats much clearer and in the orientation as it was drawn.
Fun Stuff: Like the Danny pumpkin on the welcome page? Get the
Halloween Pumpkin Patterns for Danny and Sawyer here!
NEW PAGE ADDED.  The Fan Fun page now archives Danny and Sawyers' birthday pages. It also houses the newest event... CDD CANDID CAPTIONS. This event will run from now til Nov.20th. So if you're feeling funny, go take a look and send something in.  :D
Links: Added Indy's Ranger Museum to our contributors area....about time, huh! All dead links I could not find source for are gone, and a couple disabled til I get news. 


8/9/04 Sorry for the long time between updates! Here's what's new this time around.

Fan Art: 9 new images, 2 from me, others by returning artists Dennis Hu, Luke, Will, Jenn. Welcome new artist JP Morgan and Birdee.
The Backlot: In the PRODUCTION ART AREA there's 15 new modelsheets, 2 sketches, and a background painting.
Media: In the PROMOTIONAL ITEMS AREA there's an image of a CDD presskit cover and the 3 photos it included.
Fun Stuff: Another Danny and Sawyer wallpaper image, and some new CDD icons, -thanks Carole.
Links: Added an awesome Gene Kelly site and Lauren Faust's Galaxy Girls. I also terminated the Sues Animation Archive link until there is some notice about it reopening.

Oh yes, and don't forget to check back on August 18th, when all the contributions for Sawyer's Birthday will be posted in the Fun Stuff section. As of today there's still plenty of time for you to help her celebrate!

4/06/04 Happy Valentines and St. Patricks Days! We did update for 2/04, but it was quite small and frankly, I forgot to write it down here. My bad, sorry. This time I shall chronicle everything without fail.

Fan Art: 3 images, 2 from me and one from new artist Will.
Fan Art Archives:
If you noticed the last 9 images on the Fan Art page are missing, they were just moved here. 
Fan Fiction: 2 nice offerings from return writers M.Marmel and R.Sloan AND.. something new. Writer/artist Richard Gorey shares his insights of CDD in the first movie review we've posted to date.
The Backlot: In the PRODUCTION ART AREA, there's more modelsheets of Cranston(3), Tillie(2), Max(1), Flanigan(1), and Pudge(2). Also the mammoth studio logo in the cleanups area.
Media:  CDD INTERNATIONAL AREA.  I found an alternate French ( I think) cover of the CDD video.
Fun Stuff: Did a little reorganizing, which added 2 new areas. In Downloads, there's a bunch of icons for use in messageboards and LJs. There is also a wallpaper section, featuring some images sized for desktop use. Last but certainly not least there's a link to the Danny's Birthday Fan Project that we all did in March 04. Yay!
Links: A new section is starting up...Talents from CDD. All the former Turner alumni have been busy since CDD so if they have a website, I'll link it here to showcase their talents.

12/03 Merry Christmas Eve Folks! This is a small update, and an unprecedented one too as the fan fiction tribs outnumbers the art. Go fig.  Anyhoo, enjoy and see you all next year.<:)

Fan Art: 2 images , one from Luke and one from me. Christmas themed of course. 
FanFiction: 3 Stories! For the holiday, a fun little song parody by Xy. Also a warm and fuzzy welcome to new author Jeffrey Gray and the return of 'Indy with a sequel to his 'Cats Don't Direct' story ( linked to off site). Great reads, great job and thank you guys!!
The Backlot: In the PRODUCTION ART area, 5 more model sheets. 3 of Sawyer, 2 of Danny.

10/03 Hope you had a Happy Halloween folks! Got a few treats for you in almost all the sections.

Fan Art: 13 new images, some with Halloween themes! All new art is highlighted.
FanFiction: A spooky story start by new author 'Jenalla'.
The Backlot: In the PRODUCTION ART area, more new model sheets added! Also 2 sweet cleanup pages of Danny and a sketch of Francis. New additions are highlighted.
Media: For CDD INTERNATIONAL I found a Japanese CDD tape pic. Added a whole new page for German CDD songs MP3s and their lyrics with translations. 
In the PROMOTIONAL ITEMS area there's new photos of all the CDD toys except Darla. 
Image Gallery: More FILMCEL scans (51 I think) - the next short scene before tea with Woolie which I labled " You Should Have Stayed".

9/03 Well, guess what? As of today the entire site has a new look ( hope you like it), some new material, and a lot of reorganizing of the old. Here's a brief rundown of what's changed: 

Fan Art:    All the pics are new. All the images we had before are now in the ARCHIVES or HOLIDAY sections. The CELEBRATION art section is unchanged, except for some updated email linking.
Fan Fiction:    3 new stories! Also there are new versions of  both the Rhythm of the Night stories by 32. Fiction archives are now categorized by AUTHOR.
Comics:    Same material, couple of layout changes.
The Backlot:   Material has been reorganized into 3 sections. The PRODUCTION ART section now has modelsheets for all the main cast and plus a few new sketches and 2 storyboards.
Media: More reorganizing. New section added - CDD INTERNATIONAL  features scans and audio from different countries. PROMOTIONAL ITEMS now has the toys, books, and some cool CDD 'things'. AUDIO now has it's own page, and features the complete MP3 of Laugh and Be Happy, plus lyrics to all the songs on the CDD soundtrack.
Cat Chat: Unchanged, except they are now all on the same server as the rest of the site.
W.B. Mirror:  Found the .mov of the CDD trailer! The original W.B site is now truly complete.
Image Gallery: This used to be just the screencaps, but there's a new section devoted to Film Cels added too.
Fun Stuff!: Brand new section where the downloadable holiday cards are, and where the Flash stuff will go.
Links: Had to say goodbye to a few, but all the current CDD sites are listed as well the yahoo groups. Pick up our new banner too, will ya?   And do visit the CDD art and contributor's sites. :)