Before you read on, here's the answer to the #1 most frequently asked question - When do you update?
Currently, the major updates happen once to twice a year, which isn't too bad considering CDD is now over 10 yrs, old. This schedule can vary, however, depending on how many contributions we get and how much time I have to recruit or gather material. If you are interested in  submitting creative material to Unofficial CDD, check HERE.
If you just can't get enough of CDD art or want to be involved with CDD fandom, please consider joining the catsdontdance_II yahoogroup.  Group members get first notice of site updates, plus it's a great way to help out with the projects we do for the Unofficial CDD Fan-site. Okay, back to the program...
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So What's New THIS time??

Time for an update! There's been some changes here and there which I hope will make your visit to Unofficial CDD more pleasant. These changes are mostly code related, and tested well in the top 3 browsers, but if there's any problems please let me know at:   On to what's new...

Fan Art: Welcome to a lot of new artists from the halls of Deviant Art. If you like what you see, please visit their galleries, and see what else they draw besides singing and dancing animals. To make room for the newcomers, I've pared down the fan art page, but no worries, the art isn't gone..just moved to the Holiday and Fan Art Archives. <:)

Fan Fiction: Three new authors this time around, thanks Daisy E, Alycat and Reggie. A welcome back to Eric whose tale of two kitties concludes and to Nothere89 who has another short and sweet offering too.

Fun Stuff: In the printable downloads area, there's a new pumpkin stencil of Tillie. Just in time for next year.. <:)

Production Art: There's some more clean up art gleaned from a new influx of Kitty Letters and a CDD care package. In the same vein, -more mischief from the Kitty Letters in the theme of Halloween. :)

Media: In the CDD promotional items list, there's 3 pics of CDD promotional pieces that are quite interesting... I'd also like to pass along a tidbit a CDD shared with me for the CDD International sectin. On the Japanese CDD video cover the title is written in katakana - an alphabet to make the phonetic of the title 'Kyattsu-Donto-Dansu'. Finally, I stumbled upon a video of Randy Newman performing 'Laugh and be Happy' in which he also has a few words about CDD as well.

Comics: I added a one pager I did during Obamas election night, 'Time Would Tell'.

Cat Chat: Last, but certainly not least, a Cat Chat with CDD cleanup artist, Todd Jacobsen! A lot of interesting CDD tidbits and Todds excellent examples of the 'art' of cleanup. :)

That's it for now, but I hope to have a small update in December too. *crosses fingers*

10/08/08 Apologies for the very long hiatus, but here's what's been updated.

Fan Art: Welcome to new artists Osprey Hawk, Selina Patience, Kateartist and to returning artists PandaJenn, and Bloodyd-Chan. Nice work guys. :)

Fan Fiction: Three new authors this time around, thanks Eric, Ssellur, and Nothere89.

Fan Fun: There's a new Sawyer Wallpaper available, inspired by real life icon, Madonna.

Production Art: More model sheets of supporting animal cast, plus 3 for Sawyer and one for Tillie. There's also some nice new art iin the Sketch & Cleanups section featuring  Darla, Max and misc. human characters too. I recently got a whole new set of 'Kitty Letters' which has all sorts of 'creative' art from the CDD crew which I'm happy to be share.

Cat Chat: The interview with Annie Award nominated supervising animator of Darla & Max, Frans Vischer is here! A very nice read about a very nice fellow.

Things to come: There's still a thing or two that will be added at mid month, so do check back. One will be a printable pumpkin design featuring Pudge. I'm also working on a fan art piece and am happy to post more from other artists too. If they can be sent in by around Oct. 15th.. <:) Finally, I still think the CDD Catalog parody project has great potential and should be online this year. To those who've already contributed, many thanks! To those who think they missed, no, no you haven't ! Just visit the project page and see what needs doing or better yet, work up something new.

In closing, thanks for your patience and I'll try to get this show on the road again.

CDD's 10th anniversary year!
A VERY long time coming ( like the 10 yr. anniversary of CDD) , but here's what's been updated.

Fan Art: Welcome to whole new crop of DA artists - Bryon Dunbar, Flintheart, and bluekoinu. New artist Zootsuit and returning artists Jenn Morton, Bloodyd-chan and Chris also help make this a hefty fan art update -12 pics in all.

Fan Fiction: Lots of variety in Fan fic with new offering by William Blissey - 'The Legend of Darla Dimple' has been added in it's entirety. Darla Dimple also features in new author Dwayne Andersons' 'Little Christmas Angel'. Finally, for the Danny fans, we have 2 stories from young author Rachel, - 'Robbery' and 'Letter to Home' . :)

Fan Fun: The newest CDD fan art jam -'Silly Love Songs' is making it's mushy debut with enough sweet to rot your teeth in this season of love.

The Candid Captions for August06-Feb07 are up and this page will be the last one as there's just not enough interest to keep it going.

NEWS FLASH! The CDD Catalog project is also REOPENED FOR SUBMISSIONS TIL DEC 2007. Yep, that's have only 8 months to come up with an image of your fantasy CDD merchandise item. Please visit the project page for more details.

Production Art: FINALLY, the homage to Sue's Rock community archives is up, wow but the Danny art is to die for. There's also a new scenes in the Storyboard page, plus more Sue's Rock material. ;) Before you go don't forget to check out some new maquette photos of Danny and Sawyer too.

STORYBOARDS: Boards for Big and Loud part 2 have been added and more Sue's Rock storyboards of 2 alternate scenes too - rockin' good stuff!

Things to come - more CDD fan projects like the year -long CDD Catalog Project, an interview with CDD animator Frans Vischer and hopefully a new fan comic series.

8/05/06 A long time coming, but here's what's been updated.

Fan Art:  4 new images this time. Welcome to new artists J. Scharman and Spiritwolf ! J. Scharman makes his debut with a Life magazine parody pic featuring Danny and Sawyer. Spiritwolf has a unique mix of toons in her Happy BDay to CDD producer David Kirschner. Mitch Beiro is back with a fun pic that is too much of a good thing. ;) Lastly, I had a go at making a fictional DVD cover about cats..
Cat Chat: A good sam shared their really cool CDD /Scott Bakula article. You can pick up the main page as a .pdf.
Fan Fiction: The final chapters of William Blissey's 'Faith of the Heart' series are up now with lots of action and surprises. In totally different genre, we have 'Still Dancing' - a touching Danny & Sawyer rememberance by Seanan, and the inspiration for J. Scharmans 'Life' magazine cover.
Fan Fun: The Plane Crazy for Sawyer project returns! In addition to the nose art, there's a couple of story lines to help you step back into CDD universe 'history'. Profound thanks to all the artists and writers who made it possible. I must also apologize about the illios for 'The Road to Entertainin You'. I will try and get those updated later in Sept. with full color versions.
The Candid Captions for March - July. 06 are up and don't forget to check out the NEW Candid Captions pic for August -Oct 2006.
Production Art: Check out some new maquette pics of Woolie, Max and Pudge.
Media: In case you didn't know, in May 06 W.B. released CDD to DVD once again as a part of a Family Fun combo with Quest for Camelot. Now that's a real 2 headed monster IMHO.
CDD promo items: More CDD crew tshirts. One has the Mammoth Studio logo and the other a supporting cast pic.

Enjoy the goodies and the rest of your summer. :)

2/28/06 Yippie! It's the first update of the year and it's off to a good start. Here's what's on the plate: 

Fan Art: There's 3 new images, -2 by returning artist Taral and one be yours truly. You might notice that the new art page is a lot shorter this time, but fear not! The 'missing' pictures have now been moved to the Fan Art Archives and the Holiday Art Archives.  A few people finally got to move out of the one shots misc. artist area and have their own listing in the archives now...nice going, Brian Harris, Al Fishbeck, Will Gifford, and Chris & Indy. :)
Fan Fiction: William Blissey has 2 new episodes of his 'Faith of the Heart' story.
Fan Fun: What better way kick off a new year than with a new CDD fan project! Fan created, 'Dancing with the Toon Stars' is a parody page of ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars' website, but with a CDD twist! Many thanks to all the talented artists and writers who helped make it possible. :) The first Candid Captions page for Jan/Feb. 06 is up and don't forget to check out the NEW Candid Captions pic for Mar/April 2006.
Media: Found images of all the CDD Subway items and a Darla Dimple Tshirt on ebay.

Production Art: Some nice stuff I think you'll like. First, some new maquette pics of Cranston, Francis, Darla, L.B.Mammoth. The second is a brand spank'in new page for STORYBOARDS that are of complete scenes vs. single panels. The first addition is the first part of the 'Big and Loud' scene.

Thus begins the 9th year for Unofficial Cats Don't Dance. Next on the list will be a revisit to Sawyer's Plane Crazy page which will be expanded on. To give some breathing room for this and whatever else may come...
NEXT UPDATE- Sometime late in May

Updates Archives If you want to read what and when things were updated in  9/03 - 12/23/05  Click HERE.