Hello! Welcome to the  UNOFFICIAL Cats Don't Dance fan-site! 

Cats Don't Dance? What's it all about? In a nutshell, it's the story of Danny, a talented cat who wants to break into the movie biz in late 1930s Hollywood. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that Hollywood is looking for talented, PEOPLE, not animals. And some people like scheming child star Darla Dimple will do anything to make sure it stays that way. 

If you haven't seen CDD before, a good place to start is at the mirror of the Original Cats Don't Dance Site by W.B. The movie is currently on DVD as a stand alone and as a re-release paired with Quest For Camelot. Despite all the fun we have here on these pages, the best way to enjoy CDD is to just watch it. If you love old movies, spirited animation, and funny animals...Cats Don't Dance is a treat not to be missed.

It is our goal on this site to  pay homage to Danny, Sawyer and the gang, so...take off your taps, sit back and enjoy! If you have any questions or commentary, feel free to email us at     catsdontdance@comcast.net