The Film Cels

What are film cels? In a nutshell, they are a single frame cut from an original reel of film. They are quite tiny, - the size of 35 mm film, but not as tall, which makes them rather difficult to put in regular slide mounts. But here's the cool part....Besides being a wonderful bit of memoribilia,  they show the most complete film field size of the movie. No chops as in pan and scan, or letterbox . So for those purists who want see the 'big picture', I think this is probably the closest you can  get. 

One lucky day I happened to receive a huge collection of CDD 'film cels' from two very generous fans. They start from that moment where Danny is in the spotlight on the set of Lil Ark Angel , and follow thru the scenes until the very end credits of the film. Only recently have I had the means to scan and share them, but I hope you enjoy. Many thanks to Jim and Melody, and Epson technology for making this possible.  <:)

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LittleArkAngel You Should Have Stayed    


Scene: Little Ark Angel
CDD001.jpg CDD008.jpg CDD015.jpg CDD022.jpg CDD029.jpg CDD036.jpg
CDD002.jpg CDD009.jpg CDD016.jpg CDD023.jpg CDD030.jpg CDD037.jpg
CDD003.jpg CDD010.jpg CDD017.jpg CDD024.jpg CDD031.jpg CDD038.jpg
CDD004.jpg CDD011.jpg CDD018.jpg CDD025..jpg CDD032.jpg CDD039.jpg
CDD005.jpg CDD012.jpg CDD019.jpg CDD026.jpg CDD033.jpg CDD040.jpg
CDD006.jpg CDD013.jpg CDD020.jpg CDD027.jpg CDD034,jpg CDD041.jpg
CDD007.jpg CDD014.jpg CDD021.jpg CDD028.jpg CDD035.jpg CDD042.jpg

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Scene: You Should Have Stayed
CDD043.jpg CDD052.jpg CDD061.jpg CDD070.jpg CDD079.jpg CDD088.jpg
CDD044.jpg CDD053.jpg CDD062.jpg CDD071.jpg CDD080.jpg CDD089.jpg
CDD045.jpg CDD054.jpg CDD063.jpg CDD072.jpg CDD081.jpg CDD090.jpg
CDD046.jpg CDD055.jpg CDD064.jpg CDD073.jpg CDD082.jpg CDD091.jpg
CDD047.jpg CDD0.56jpg CDD065.jpg CDD074.jpg CDD083.jpg CDD092.jpg
CDD048.jpg CDD057.jpg CDD066.jpg CDD075.jpg CDD084.jpg CDD093.jpg
CDD049.jpg CDD058.jpg CDD067.jpg CDD076.jpg CDD085.jpg CDD094.jpg
CDD050.jpg CDD059.jpg CDD068.jpg CDD077.jpg CDD086.jpg  
CDD051.jpg CDD060.jpg CDD069.jpg CDD078.jpg CDD087.jpg  

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